Can I Wear A Thong To Try On A Wedding Dress?

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We always want our wedding dress to look perfect, as it is one of the most important aspects or designs that makes a wedding worthwhile. One of the flaws of these white garments is that most of the time, they reveal your innerwear.

So you would want an alternative innerwear to put on while trying your wedding dress to avoid those underwear lines showing through your dress. That’s when the thought of thongs creeps in, will thongs be a better option?

This is a great thought, however, it could be quite embarrassing if you keep walking around the store trying new dresses with people watching. Therefore, when going on with this plan, we suggest that you come along with a slip to use as cover during the process.

You should wear a high-waisted thong, the one that fits perfectly high around your waist, to avoid it being cut off around the area of your bum. With this, the thong will surely fit up to around your bum as normal, but the waistband should also fit higher up so that it will fit with the curve around your waistline.

This will allow you to walk around without any visible panty lines or additional thong lines that may show up under your wedding dress. Wearing a thong during a dress trial isn’t a bad idea for the person helping you out.

The person will surely welcome the idea with pleasure because it is a good way to have a smooth outfit without any unwanted inner exposure. Just make sure you wear the right thing and the right way.

However, you can worry less about covering underwear lines while trying your wedding dress, after all, they’re possibilities that you might select a wedding dress that has a skirt beneath that will fill in as a cover for underwear lines.

Still, if you decide to go for thongs it wouldn’t be a bad idea, all we want is for you to feel very comfortable wearing that dress. If you don’t feel comfortable on thongs, then maybe you should go for regular panties and pick a dress that has a full skirt beneath to serve the purpose. A good alternative right?

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What is the best underwear to wear on a wedding dress?

It is very important to choose the right underwear for your dress trial so that you don’t make the wrong choice on D-Day. Lookout for underwear that is high-waisted, seamless, and skin tone to help you avoid see-through. Choose a thong that fits into the above criteria, of course, this is when you are comfortable moving around with thongs in front of others.

More importantly, underpants worn during the preparatory period under the wedding dress should be the ones you intend on wearing that day. 

If you chose to wear big underpants, you may discover they don’t work under dresses that are fitted, this will tell you to avoid them on that day so as not to be embarrassed. On the other hand, if the undies are colorful or with patterns, this may be revealing, they will likely become visible ones lights at the event hit your bum.

So why don’t you instead go for only skin tone and high-waisted undies, that won’t show up?

Full coverage briefs may likely square off your bum, making it look awkward, hence you should go for skin tone thong underwear which is very capable of preventing such problems on that day. Thong will also help you prevent VPL while avoiding any bulging or bunching up on that day as you walk down the aisle. 

The thong in question must be skin tone and high-waisted that should fit around your waist so that it won’t be cut off around the area of your bum. You should wear the ones that prevent visible lines to match your dress well.

Why do ladies wear thongs?

Women wear thongs for various reasons varying from; serving as an alternative for panties to being sexy or build confidence, etc. Nowadays, thongs have become a necessity for the wardrobe of most women. Some use it mostly at the beach or recreational centers, others wear them on normal days for comfort or as a fashion style.

However, these are just the basic reasons why most women have adopted thongs as their underwear. The primary reasons are explained comprehensively below.

  1. To avoid visible panty lines:

Why most women go for this form of undies is to possibly reduce any mark of a VPL. This you’ll agree is perfect wear to have on when you are wearing tight jeans knowing fully well that your panty lines are not visible. Although panty lines are not a major issue you should be worried about because most people don’t give a crap when these lines are visible, after all, it is understandable.

However, some ladies would rather prefer to have thongs on because there’s not comfortable with others seeing their panty lines when they have their tight jeans on.

  1. For Comfort

Deriving comfort from thongs depends on the type you are wearing. A pair of thongs made of simple fabrics such as cotton, satin, or lace will surely bring you comfort. So ever wonder why you’re not comfortable on thongs? that could be the reason. Most ladies wearing thongs testified to a perfect balance of comfort, some even said they’re free (as if they’re wearing nothing at all) compared to regular panties.

However, achieving this depends on you picking the right fit and fabric for your thong. You can select from an array of suitable fabrics that brings comfort such as lace, cotton, and even satin. But if you are gunning for durability, that is at the same time perfect for your comfort, then we strongly suggest you go for a hemp thong instead.

  1. Hip exposure

Yes, thongs are more than capable of exposing your hips and making them even sexier. Having, hips cleavage popped out is one of our standout points to prove how beautiful we are. That is one of the reasons why ladies choose thongs as the best bet to fulfill this. Tight thongs are essential for this mission and wearing them the perfect way will be a plus.

You can easily achieve this by choosing to wear a high-waisted thong which you will also need to pull the waistband up above your hipbone- this is to allow it to rest on your skin while revealing the crease between your hip and thigh bones. Watch as people admire your hip cleavage.

  1. Health factor

Thong is a wear that can guarantee you air around that area especially if you have rash or irritation on your bum, opting for panties when you’re suffering from this, may reduce the chances of quick healing even if you’re on effective meds.

However, wearing thongs will expose your bum to fresh air while making the rash or infection dry up faster; This is why some ladies would want to have thongs on, it could also prevent the chances of you having rash over that area, as the major cause of the rash is bored out of the heat. So why don’t you enjoy the breeze and at the same time reduce the chances of infection?

  1. It is sexy

Most ladies wear thongs because it gives them this feeling of sexiness. Truth be told, most men are arose by women on thongs; so wearing thongs might not just be a “feeling of sexiness” rather it truly makes you look sexy. You might have seen models on TV use thongs to portray sexy looks especially when they’re promoting brands that deal with the human body.

 So, it is a plain fact that thongs actually make you look sexy. But again, if you want that sexy look, try wearing a high-waisted thong which you will also need to pull the waistband up above your hipbone- this is to allow it to rest on your skin while revealing the crease between your hip and thigh bones.

When is the bad time to wear a thong?

In as much as thongs make you feel confident and sexy, there’re limitations to wearing them to avoid problems- issues that could affect you in the long run and make you regret ever wearing a pair of thongs. This is avoidable if you consider the following:

  1. When you’re wearing tight clothes.

If you chose to go out in tight clothing today, then you might want to change your thong to other undies. This is because, tight clothing such as leggings, skinny jeans, or workout wear is not ideal to be worn on thongs.

When jogging or walking too often, your crotch will likely become damp and warm; tight clothing and dampness are a perfect combination for bacteria growth. This may increase the rate of infection in your vagina or urethra causing a natural imbalance in the area.

  1. When you’re pregnant.

At most, for the sake of your baby, abandon thongs when you’re pregnant. This is because, during this period, your immune system becomes compromised which means you can easily get vaginal infections, which you may already know, can affect not only you, but your baby whose immune system is relatively weak at this stage.

  1. When your bladder leaks.

If you’re having health challenges such as bladder leakage, then you should stay out of thongs. This is because, the presence of your urine, which you may already know is acidic, mostly irritates the vaginal area of your skin causing infections, rashes, or smell. So why don’t you continue wearing your regular panties until you’re better?


Is it okay to wear a thong to try on wedding dresses?

Sure, as long as you’re comfortable moving around with your thongs especially if you will need to try more dresses. Likewise, It is good that you trying your dress with a thong so that you’ll know if it actually fits for wearing under your dress on your wedding day.

A good number of brides have disclosed doing the same thing. This they say is to ensure they’re well prepared for the D-Day.

Can I wear a thong to a dress fitting?

Yes, you can. Dresses, especially slim-fitted ones or those made out of a single layer of fabric appear normal if you wear underlies such as thongs that fit in smooth and flat. So you may need to wear a nude-colored commando thong to try such types of dresses.

However, as a bride, you shouldn’t be limited to just this option. They’re arrays of thong that could fit into that description which wouldn’t be a bad idea to try on.

Is thong revealing

Not all thongs are revealing underdresses. If you’re looking for underwear that isn’t visible under the dress, you should go for G-strings or thongs. This also depends on the way you wear it. Select the right ones that’ll effectively fit into your waist so that they will align with your skin, thus removing visible lines.

However, blue, red, or green-colored thongs sometimes are still revealing even when you get the right ones. We suggest picking white, black, or dull-colored ones to achieve this or better still, chose thongs that are skin-toned to serve this purpose.

Thongs are known to be the perfect undies to avoid panty lines, just wear them the right way.

Conclusion – Can I Wear A Thong To Try On A Wedding Dress

Remember that preparations before a wedding is key to a successful wedding. Every vital process must is observed during this stage to avoid any regrettable errors. This also includes knowing the right underwear to wear under your dress. If your mind is set on thongs, ensure you pick the perfect size, shape, and color for your dress and body.

If you’re not conversant with wearing thongs, we suggest you meet a person accustomed to wearing thongs for guidance or better still, watch tutorial videos online.

However, if you notice thongs are not ideal for your dress, going for regular panties isn’t a bad idea definitely. You should choose the best for your wedding and have a perfect ceremony. Happy married life.

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