Why Are Skinny Jeans So Ugly? Get Your Answers Here!

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The availability of jeans in the fashion industry is unending. Interesting tight? Well, there are numerous types of jeans and one of them is skinny jeans. As a matter of fact, each of these jeans, including skinny jeans, trends at different times – meaning they are never out of style. 

Ever since the existence of skinny jeans in 1950, it has been loved by both genders due to their fit, but most people find them so ugly recently which is not true. Skinny jeans still retain their daring and appealing style – there is one reason why it turns out ugly when it is worn, which I’d discuss below in detail. “Why Are Skinny Jeans So Ugly?”

One reason why you find skinny jeans so ugly when worn is that they are worn on the wrong body type. Just so you know, there are diverse types of jeans for different physiques.

Skinny jeans can’t be worn by certain body types – most people don’t understand this. That’s why skinny jeans look unattractive when they are put on. 

Furthermore, ladies – mostly the slim ones, look absolutely perfect when putting on skinny jeans because of their body structure. Sadly, it is not the same for guys. The physique of men is naturally built, so when they put on skinny jeans, it makes them look ugly. 

Whilst these jeans look good on ladies, it doesn’t look attractive on those who are bigger in their upper body than in the lower part. This is because skinny jeans will put more attention on that body area.

In addition, if you have some parts that you wouldn’t want to reveal, and perhaps your shirt can’t cover them, kindly avoid skinny jeans. 


What are the advantages of wearing skinny jeans?

Although skinny jeans are seen as so ugly, there are advantages to wearing them for your outing or daily activities which you’d find out below. 

Here are the pros of putting on skinny jeans:

  • It can be easily paired.
  • It puts the spotlight on the parts you want.
  • Skinny jeans are for both genders.
  • Skinny jeans stretch easily.

It can be easily paired

There is nothing as good as having a pair of jeans that can basically be worn with anything. Skinny jeans can be easily paired with a wide variety of tops such as polos, shirts, blazers, hoodies, body hugs, camisoles, jackets, and many more. However, this depends on your body type. 

It puts the spotlight on the parts you want

If you are the type that has an 8-figure, you know well-shaped hips, a small waist, and other nice parts, skinny jeans can draw attention to them without any hassle. It will effortlessly do that for you.

Skinny jeans are for both genders 

One interesting thing about skinny jeans is that both genders can put them on. When a male wears it, it will reveal the nice built figure of the guy. And if a female puts it on, the lady will look as elegant as preferred. 

Skinny jeans stretch easily

You must have heard people say that they feel very comfortable when wearing skinny jeans. Trust me, there is no lie in that. This is because skinny jeans stretch as you put them on thereby making you totally comfortable while wearing them.

What are the disadvantages of wearing skinny jeans?

Whatever has an advantage would surely have a disadvantage which is totally natural. Just like I listed the advantages of skinny jeans, I would do that to the disadvantages below. 

The following are the disadvantages of putting on skinny jeans:

  • It promotes infection.
  • Skinny jeans are dangerous to a man’s health.
  • They are no longer trendy.
  • They are ugly.
  • Skinny jeans cause discomfort.
  • It restricts blood circulation.
  • They cause skin itchiness.
  • Skinny jeans are too revealing.

It promotes infection 

Skinny jeans are clingy to the skin- which causes a lack of airflow around the genitals. Lack of airflow will cause you to be sweaty around your private area. 

And medically, bacterias are known to dwell more in moist areas. Hence, due to this, the female putting on skinny jeans will be prone to infection which will require treatments.

Skinny jeans are dangerous to a man’s health 

These tight jeans had a huge risk on the man’s health. Actually, I’m still trying to reminisce on why a guy would put on skinny jeans. There is no extra room in these jeans that will make your genitals free. 

As a result of the lack of space, the guy’s testicle and bladder are affected. The guy would have to deal with infections and pains. Kindly avoid it.

They are no longer trendy 

No lie, jeans can never be out of style, and as aforesaid, they trend at different times. Unfortunately, now skinny jeans are no longer trendy. 

But if you are like me that still put on clothes that are no longer trendy, there is nothing bad in that because it is just a matter of time, and people will still pick it up again. But you might be seen as old-fashioned and you’d be stated at a lot – if you can deal with that, feel free to put it on. 

They are ugly 

Don’t get me wrong, skinny jeans are not totally ugly. But they are ugly when a guy puts them on. It just doesn’t look right when a guy puts on skinny jeans, including those with bigger torsos. 

Other types of jeans will look good on you instead of skinny jeans, kindly go for them. 

Skinny jeans cause discomfort 

I know I said skinny jeans are comfy because they stretch in the advantages. But trust me, they cause discomfort too, especially when you are wearing the one that doesn’t fit your body well. Also, when you wear them for a long period. 

It restricts blood circulation 

Skinny jeans are bad as they restrict your blood circulation in some parts of your leg when you bend. And according to medical reports, restricting blood circulation can harm the nerves and muscles in the leg.

They cause skin itchiness 

As aforementioned, tight jeans do not allow airflow, so when you put them on for a long period, your skin will itch. Also, the tight nature of skinny jeans will cause numbness in your leg. 

Skinny jeans are too revealing 

They are revealing in the sense that they highlight all your body features without leaving anyone. Skinny jeans bring out all your shape from your waist to your knee area, including the parts you do not intend to show. This is why most people do not really like skinny jeans. 

How should I wear my skinny jeans? 

Skinny jeans are a type of jeans that are attractive – only if you are wearing them properly. Below I’d share with you how to put on your tight jeans perfectly to look chic. 

Step 1

Select the right style 

Skinny jeans are made in a wide variety of colors – each color is good for different occasions. For instance, if you are going out for a night out with friends, pick a pair of tight jeans with light colors. But if you are going to a formal meeting, select jeans in dark colors. 

Moving forward, ensure that the skinny jeans you are putting on have a versatile look, so you can wear them for any outing you have – these are usually cotton. 

Step 2

The appropriate size is a must 

After knowing the style you want, the next thing is to pick the appropriate size that will fit you perfectly. If you would like to reveal your shape, go for the well-skinny jeans. 

You can also select skinny jeans of different lengths such as long, short, or the regular length – this is mostly an option for those with a pear shape. In addition to that, ensure the tight jeans you pick can stretch easily.

Step 3

Pick your preferred top 

As aforementioned, tight jeans can be paired with a wide variety of tops- which means you can put on your favorite top on it. You can either put on a t-shirt with light color during summer or a sweater when it is very cold, you’d look absolutely cool. 

Feel free to put on your preferred top with large imprints or your sweatshirts. You can also look more formal by wearing a camisole and a jacket or blazer on your tight jeans

Step 4

Wear the footwear of your choice

Your outfit is not complete without nice footwear. One thing about skinny jeans is that they don’t select footwear, you can put on what you are comfortable with. Put on your sneakers, boots, sandals, and footwear. You are good to go. Don’t forget to pair it with a matching bag. 

Conclusion- Why Are Skinny Jeans So Ugly?

Skinny jeans are not ugly, you probably have been wearing them wrongly. Also, your body type matters when you choose to wear tight jeans. Kindly put in mind the advantages and disadvantages of skinny jeans before you decide to wear them. 

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