How Often Should You Buy New Pajamas?

Pajamas are intimate just like our undies – although the only difference is that you can put on your pajamas to bed twice or thrice before laundering. Typically, after constant wear, your pajamas would need a change – but How Often Should You Buy New Pajamas? You will find out in this blog post, keep reading. 

The amount of times you should purchase new pajamas depends on how often you put on your present ones, and how you maintain them.

If you don’t wear your pajamas frequently, you can purchase new sets once every year. But if you put them on frequently, new sets of sleepwear should be obtained after 6 months. 

Furthermore, some people purchase new pajamas every month or two months – when their favorite brands release new designs. Then, they donate the old ones they had to the Salvation Army or other donation stores.  

But pajamas can be quite expensive and not everyone has the funds to purchase new sets every month or two months. So, it is better to obtain new sleepwear after 6 months or a year. 



How long should pajamas last?

Pajamas should be able to last for two years or three, technically. But due to sweats, bacteria, and other types of germs that attach to sleepwear, it is advised that you change your sleepwear after 6 months if utilized frequently. Or a year if used once in a while.

By doing this, the wearer will be free from germs or flu-causing viruses that may want to cling to the skin. 

Pajamas are very similar to our towels and undies – which means they require the same maintenance and would almost last the same time. So, you should treat your sleepwear properly as they can gather a lot of dirt and sweat. 

How many days can you wear the same pajamas?

The number of days you can put on the same pajamas depends on how you perspire, and your present health condition. If you are the type that perspires profusely all through the night, then you can only wear the same pajamas once and wash them for the next use. Likewise, if you are sick. 

In fact, it is advisable to have two pajamas, so you can interchange them when one is in the wash. Moving forward, If you do not sweat excessively at night and you are well, you can put on your sleepwear two to four times at most before washing. 

The main reason why how you perspire is important in the number of days you can wear your pajamas is because sweats can easily build up, and up and cause bacteria and other germs to grow and transmit to your skin – which can make you ill. 

What should you consider when buying new pajamas? 

Selecting your pajamas may seem easy, but the truth is that obtaining pajamas that fit your needs can be just as fussy as choosing an evening dress. This is because good sleepwear promotes a goodnight’s sleep.

If you want a simple, effective, yet chic sleepwear- I would advise that you keep the factors that will be listed below in mind to make the right purchase. 

Here are the factors to consider when purchasing a new pajama:

  • Longevity.
  • Comfort.
  • Textile.
  • Flexibility.
  • Fitness.
  • Maintenance.
  • Style.


There is nothing good as buying sleepwear that won’t easily wear out, and also performing what it promised for a long period. I have heard a lot of people say, there is no way you can know how durable a pajama is unless it is purchased. Well, that is untrue! There are ways by which you can know if sleepwear will be durable. 

  • Examine all the ends where the thread was used, most especially, the seams. 
  • Do not purchase pajamas tailored with synthetic. And obtain handcrafts as they receive utmost attention than mass production. 

Every sleepwear, including all your apparel, should be well-examined to get perfection. 


What is sleepwear without comfort to make you have a goodnight’s rest? A pajama that cannot offer comfort shouldn’t be obtained. If the sleepwear you purchased warrants that you have to keep twirling collars, popping buttons, and stretching out the elastic, you can’t get the good sleep you want. 

But to avoid any stressful arrangements, be sure of what you want in your sleepwear. Do you want pockets in them? Collars? Rounded neck? Buttons? Also, examine to see if the elastic feels too tight or if there are belts in the pants. 


Pajamas are tailored with different textiles, which means the material used is very important. Choosing the type of fabric that will suit your lifestyle depends on you. Most sleepwear is tailored with cotton because they are skin-friendly, airy, and comfy. 

But the issue with cotton is that it doesn’t protect against heat properly, and can reduce your body temperature during winter. Some other types of pajamas are made with flannel which is known for warmth. 

But due to its bulky composition, it cannot be worn in warmer weather. The best textile is silk. Silk pajamas will offer the warmth and total protection you need during both warm and cold weather.


The kind of pajamas you choose to obtain should be versatile- you should be able to pair them with other apparel. So, instead of purchasing coordinates, obtain separate tops and bottoms. And of course, you should be able to put on your pajamas outdoors, not only indoors. 

In fact, you can include mobility in your sleepwear by utilizing the top as a regular top. Cotton pajama sets for women have become a modern trend, and you can step into the fashionable pile with jeans or casual skirts even during the day.


Before selecting your choice of pajamas, ensure you take your time to examine the size chart. And take the required measurements to make sure you are selecting the right one. Women mostly have diverse body shapes, so you may want to select the pajamas that complement the body- either apple or pear types. 


Regardless of the number of times you choose to wear your pajamas, you need to launder them to be neat and ready for another use. Sleepwear made with regular materials is machine-washable, but those made with soft textiles such as silk, need to be hand washed and dried on a clothing rack. 

You shouldn’t avoid quality materials because of the special derivatives attached. The number of times required for you to launder your pajamas is similar to their durability and functionality. 


You don’t have to stick to one type of style, trust me, there are diverse types of imprints and patterns of sleepwear you can choose from that will surely suit your kind of lifestyle. Brands are fair when tailoring pajamas as they know we all have different choices when it comes to fashion. 

Explore when selecting the sleepwear you want. Ensure you browse through different types of pajamas with an abundance of colors with other types of imprints. 


How often should I wash my pajamas?

Depending on your choice, if you picked a pajama without layers, you should wash it every day. But if your pajamas have layers, you can wash them after two or four uses. As aforementioned, pajamas are intimate just like our undies and towels, so they should be treated the same way. 

The way you maintain your sleepwear determines its longevity and how often you should purchase a new one. Also, maintaining it properly such as using the right detergent, drying, and storing it properly is very vital.  

How many pajamas should a woman own?

A woman should own at least two to three pairs of pajamas. This way she will be able to interchange in between washes. In fact, some people purchase different pajamas for different weather- summer and winter. 

Personally, I find that interesting as you will get to purchase different styles of sleepwear that will suit you and offer the comfort you need in the present weather condition. 

Why do people wear pajamas?

People wear pajamas for utmost comfort, and they wear them to sleep at night. Pajamas are made to be very comfortable to sleep in, unlike regular clothes. 

Aside from the fact that sleepwear is worn by people to sleep at night, some people put on pajamas due to the psychological effect that it offers- which is hampering productivity. 

In addition, a lot of people have gotten so used to wearing pajamas, mostly immediately after they are back from work. This is because it helps people mentally prepare for bedtime. 

Conclusion- How Often Should You Buy New Pajamas?

How often you should purchase new pairs of pajamas depends on how you use them and how they are maintained. This implies that the maintenance and usability factors are very important. Your pajamas should be able to last for a long period which is why you should examine them before buying. 

The factors you should consider when buying your pajamas have been discussed in detail in this blog post. And I hope you take note of them to purchase the right sleepwear. 

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