Why Are Polos Longer In The Back? Find Out!

Polos are the most common, yet versatile apparel you would see in any man, including a women’s wardrobe. The simplicity of these shirts is unique and exact, but you must have wondered why the back is extended more than the front.

If you need an answer, then you are on the right blog post. Let’s get right into it. So, “Why Are Polos Longer In The Back?”

Simply put, the reason why polo hems are made longer in the back than the front is so that they can remain fitted when you bend over. Polos are versatile such that you can put them on as both casual and dapper outfits. While wearing them as a semi-formal outfit, you have to tuck the hems in your pants. 

And it is only natural that the brims tuck out from your trousers when you are walking or attempting to pick up your stuff.

But so that it won’t be that way, the manufacturers of polos made the back lengthy more than the front to make the wearer rest assured that their shirt would remain fitted regardless of their motion. 



Are polos supposed to be long?

Polos are not supposed to be long, but they are supposed to be lengthier in the rear than in the front. The long length should stop somewhere around the central crotch of your pants zipper. If it is too lengthy, it will bunch up when you tuck it in. Even if you don’t put it in your pants, a shirt that is too lengthy will look weird on you. 

Whilst too long is not decent, a polo top that is too small will also not look appealing. The size of a shirt plays a huge role in getting the ideal fit, including the balance you prefer.

Should polos be tucked in?

Tucking in your polos is based on personal preference, and the environment you’d be visiting with the top on. If you are visiting a casual environment, you may not need to fold in your polo. But for semi-formal or business-casual places, you have to put in your top. Even if you are putting it on to school, your polo top should be tucked in. 

In addition, polos look good when folded in. Not only will you appear decent, but it will also add a more classy touch to your look. Although this is only assured if the top is well-fitted. If it is baggy, you can’t rock your top if you tuck it in or not. 

How should polos fit?

When a polo fits perfectly, you will be as classic and unique as you want. Below I’d discuss in detail how a polo top should fit. 

  • Aligned shoulders seam.  
  • Hems length.
  • Shirtsleeve.
  • Flat collar.
  • Slim chest.

Aligned shoulders seam

For a shirt to fit appropriately, the shoulders layer must rest towards the verge of your shoulder bone. If the seams aren’t as described, the shirt would either look big or tight. Use a measurement tape to measure your shoulder line, so you can purchase the right size. 

Hems length 

A typical polo hem size is often longer at the back than at the front. This is to stop the shirt from coming out of your pants when you are walking after putting the hems in. However, how you determine to show the size of your polo relies on how you prefer to put it on. 

You either put the hem in your pants or out whereby it stops in the middle point of the crotch, overshadowing your belt. The shirt shouldn’t be longer or shorter than that.


A well-fitting polo sleeve makes the shirt look absolutely perfect. While a wrong-fit top sleeve will make the shirt look sloppy and unattractive. Polos are designed with two types of sleeves which are: long and short sleeves. 

Most of these sleeves are made too loose which makes the polo look unappealing. This is because your arm would appear so small in between the fabric that the trimmed line on the polo won’t appear as it should. 

Obtain a shirt with a slim fit and short sleeve that clings carefully to your arm muscles, and also stops a few inches away from your elbow. 

Flat collar 

The collar of your shirt should settle flat on the rest of the neck area either after it is buttoned up or not. Plus, you should be able to put on your polo easily. 

If you notice that you have to pull the collar together just to button it up, then the shirt is small. Try to go for another size, but it shouldn’t be too big.

Slim chest 

A polo should be slim on your body, not too loose or tight. The textile of the top should be so clingy on your body such that it will bunch up. There should still be a free space in between your body and the material. Try picking up two inches of the textile, if you are able to do that, you are good to go. 

What is the correct length of a polo shirt?

The appropriate length of a polo shirt stops at the mid point of the hips or crotch. When talking about the length of a shirt, it comprises the sleeves and you should always take note of it. The sleeves of the shirt should be 10 cm above your elbows. 

The polo you are obtaining should not be too long or too short. It must be perfect so it can fit you the way you want. But if you are not so sure of the length of polo shirt to go for, pick a shorter length than the longer one. 


What is it called when a shirt is longer in the back?

Shirts that are longer in the back are called drop-tail or longline shirts. They are called these names because they extend at the back towards the hips area, leaving the front short. In fact, some of them extend to the leg area. These types of clothes are trendy in the fashion industry and are mostly casual outfits. 

Furthermore, polo hems are also lengthier in the back but they stop at the middle crotch area of the pants which makes them unique. They are effective for both casual and semi-formal. 

Is it okay to tuck a polo into jeans?

Oh, yea! It is totally okay to tuck your polo into jeans. Typically, polos look much better when tucked in. When it is tucked in, you can put it on to a business area or semi-formal places. 

Just ensure that the pole hem is not too long, and after tucking it into your denim, it should stop at the pocket area fitting properly without any bunches. Also, you can make use of a belt to look more elegant, and be sure that the color of your top matches your jeans and footwear. 

Is polo still in style?

Of course, polos are still in vogue. This implies that you can put on your polo shirt anywhere, and you won’t appear weird as long as you’re putting on the right fit. For more detail, let’s go into history. Polos were first used by polo sports players in 1859 in India and now, they are worn by anyone as gym tops, sports tops, or daily wear. 

The style of polo utilized in the 80s’ didn’t really change, but you can tell that it has upgraded. Polos are one attire that remains in vogue because they are now the norm. However, those polos with bigger symbols are not as trendy as those with small logos. 

How many polos should a man own?

A man should own about 5 polos in his closet. The 5 shirts should be 2 long-sleeved polos and 3 short-sleeved polos. If you have this amount of polos, you will be able to interchange when one is in the wash. 

In addition, you can put on the long-sleeved shirts during winter, while the short-sleeved polos can be worn during summer, including winter but with a jacket on. You can put on either of the two to an informal or business environment, tucked in or not. 

Conclusion- Why Are Polos Longer In The Back?

Polos are applicable for any environment you choose to wear them to, but it will be a hassle if you have to always put in your polo hem while you walk.

To prevent this, the producers of polos chose to tailor the hem a bit longer at the back than at the front. So, when you tuck your polo into your pants before leaving home, it won’t tuck out when you are performing your daily activities. 

The way your polos should fit has been discussed in this blog post, likewise, other information will be useful for you. I hope you get the answer you need in this article. And of course, you can put down your comments in the comment section below. 

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