Why Are 12 Month Pajamas So Tight? Read More!

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Every parent’s joy is to see their baby sleep well – especially while wearing pajamas. Perhaps you’ve been wondering why toddlers – mostly 9 months and 12 months, pajamas are made tight. A lot of parents have been wanting an answer to this question, so I’d respond in this blog post. “Why Are 12 Months Pajamas So Tight?”

Here are the reasons why 12 months’ pajamas are made so tight:

  • They are more comfortable.
  • Mostly of high quality.
  • Very stretchy.
  • They are less ignitable.
  • Not treated with fire-proof substances.

They are more comfortable 

Your joy as a parent is when your baby is at peace – comfortable while at sleep. Unlike the long-made pajamas that are made baggy with intolerable textiles such as synthetic fibers, tight pajamas tailored for 12 months are very comfortable. 


And made with less unbearable materials such as lycra, organic, and bamboo textiles. With this type of sleepwear, your 12 months will be happy in her pajamas as they are very comfortable. Plus, the fabric used is skin-friendly. 

Mostly of high-quality 

If you will agree with me, baby items, including their clothes, are often pricey. Imagine using a lot of funds to purchase your 12 months or 9 months of sleepwear, only to find out that they are made with low-quality materials. 

However, 12 months pajamas are made so tight, yet in high-quality materials that can be easily washed. If you notice when your baby’s pajamas are unpacked the fabric is often tender on your skin. 

Very stretchy 

12 months pajamas are tight because that way, they can be stretchy when your baby puts them on. Though they often look small at first sight such that you’d think your baby will be uncomfortable in them or won’t fit in, they are tailored to stretch out to the baby’s shape for utmost comfort.

However, the level of stretchiness depends on the fabric used in tailoring the sleepwear you purchased. I would advise you to go for pajamas made with lycra as they stretch 5 to 8 times more than their actual size. 

They are less ignitable 

12 months sleepwear is styled so tight so that they can be less irritable, as there won’t be any space in between your kid’s body and the textile used. As discovered, fire requires oxygen – more oxygen to ignite. And if there is no oxygen, there is no way fire can burn. 

If eventually, the pajamas ignite, they will not burn continuously as there is no air. This explains the disadvantages of baggy sleepwear for kids which is – baggy or loose-fitting pajamas are prone to fire as there is enough air to ignite them. 

Not treated with fire-proof substances 

A 12 months skin is very delicate and fire-proof substances or chemicals can harm the baby’s skin. Plus, it can result in crucial health concerns for your toddler. 

In addition, since the 12 months’ sleepwear is styled tight and cannot ignite easily, there is no specific need for fire-proof chemicals. As explained earlier that baggy sleepwear is more prone to fire, these PJs would need fire-proof substances instead of tight sleepwear. 

Are baby pajamas supposed to be tight?

Of course, absolutely yes! All toddlers’ sleepwear is supposed to be tailed tight. In actual fact, they should be clingy to the baby’s skin just like their undies. And of course, you do not need to be worried about the tight nature of your kid’s PJ, this is because snug-fitting sleepwear is comfier, skin-friendly, and stretchier than baggy ones. 

Due to the little space in between your baby’s skin and the textile used, the PJ would be unable to ignite as there is no oxygen to promote that. Plus, there are no added chemicals that can damage or irritate your toddler’s skin. Also, you would be surprised to see that your baby is happy and jumpy while putting on clingy sleepwear. 

What to consider when purchasing 12 months’ pajamas?

Since it has been confirmed that children’s pajamas are meant to be tight, that isn’t the only facet you should look at when you are buying your child’s sleepwear. 

I’m pretty sure that you’d love your toddler to look fashionable and chic when wearing her or his PJs. So, there are a few things you’d need to keep in mind when obtaining that kind of sleepwear. 

Here are the necessary facets to consider when obtaining your 12-month PJ:


Whilst size is very vital when obtaining an adult’s PJ, it is also a huge factor you should consider when buying your toddler’s sleepwear. Fortunately, most kids’ PJs are often labeled with the size, and as aforesaid, you should purchase tight sleepwear for your kids. 

Although, you would have two options: loose-fitting and snug-fitting, and you are free to go for any fittings you prefer for your kid. But I would advise that you obtain tight PJs. 

In addition to that, the pajamas can be snug-fitting but not small. If it is small your baby will be uncomfortable. Plus, the buttons are the leg area will pop open because the sleepwear is too small for your baby. 


Just like adult pajamas are tailored with diverse textiles, it is the same for toddlers’ sleepwear. And as discussed earlier, not all textiles are good for a kid’s skin- which means you have to watch out for the type of fabric you are choosing. 

Most toddlers’ PJs are styled with synthetic fabrics like polyester, but this kind of material makes a child of 12 months or 9 months uncomfortable. 

The most preferred materials you can go for are lycra (as informed earlier, this material stretches 5 times or more than its main size), you can also go for organic or bamboo cotton textile. These textiles are better when purchasing snug-fitting sleepwear for your kid. 


The length of PJs for older kids is different from the ones for 12 months as you can’t expose these kids to the harsh weather because they are delicate and still growing. 

You should purchase sleepwear that is excessively long for your kid such that you’d have to know the tip. Instead, obtain pajamas that you have strings on each side that you can pull together. However, ensure you are sure of your baby’s height, so you can know what to buy. 


When purchasing your 12-month PJ, you would want to make sure that the PJ has a tag on it that states important instructions such as – “no fire-proof chemicals added to the sleepwear.”

“Kids’ pajamas are better off snug-fitting for safety.” “It is less flammable.” In fact, the tag often includes washing instructions, size, fabric type, recycling method, and other production information. 

With the tag on the sleepwear you are purchasing, you can be assured that there is no chemical that can irritate your 12 months added to the apparel. You’d also be rest assured that the pajamas you are obtaining for your baby are tight. 

How tight should 12 months pajamas be?

12 months tight pajamas should be able to accommodate two fingers in between without any hassle. Although it is advisable that 12 months pajamas should be tight because they are more comfortable, stretchy, and of high quality, they should not be too tight such that your baby’s breath or blood circulation would be restricted. 

In actual fact, your baby would tell you by crying that you are putting on something tight on her. To be sure that the sleepwear is not too tight on your baby, try putting two fingers in between the openings. If you can’t do that without excessive pull, then the pajama is too tight. 

But if you are about to put two fingers, then your baby is just fine in the sleepwear. It is very important to know your baby’s size before purchasing any sleepwear, so you don’t end up obtaining the extremely tight one. 


Are footie pajamas bad for babies?

No, footwear pajamas are not bad for toddlers. Sleeping well is very medically advisable for both young and old. While a baby would sleep for 10 to 15 hours in 24 hours, you would want to make sure that he or she is kept comfy during the sleeping hours. 

Footie pajamas are not a bad choice when you choose to keep your baby comfortable while sleeping. They are known for keeping the baby warm during cold weather.  Although they are meant to be snug to the baby’s skin, that way they can offer the comfort your baby desires. 

Conclusion- Why Are 12-Month Pajamas So Tight?

Simply put, 12 months pajamas are tailed so tight because they are comfy, less flammable, stretchy, and without any harmful chemicals. They are advised to be bought for your kids, but you should ensure that they are not extremely tight. 

In other words, you should be able to put two fingers in between the fabric when your baby is putting on the sleepwear to be sure it is not tight. To purchase your toddler’s sleepwear, you need to know some important factors and they have been shared in this blog post. 

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