Can Fat Guys Wear Tank Tops? Find Out!

All apparel is made for everyone either fat or slim – the difference is just the size of each for both genders. Tank tops are among those apparel that is tailored for individuals, but is there specific types of body sizes or shapes that can put it on? This will lead us to our main question that says “Can Fat Guys Wear Tank Tops?”

Of course, fat guys can put on tank tops. In other words, there are no specific types of body sizes or shapes that tank tops are made for. As aforesaid, tank tops are tailored for all individuals, but you just have to pick the right size. 

There are unique tank tops made for fat guys that have nice imprints on them – the choice of imprints depends on you, there are tank tops without imprints too. However, you need to keep in mind that tank tops will reveal more of your skin. 

If you are going to be wearing your tank tops outdoors – probably at the gym or the park, you’d have to deal with a lot of stares because the top is revealing mostly your arm and the shape of your belly that contains the fat.

But if you can ignore all the staring and murmurs, you can put on your tank tops outdoors – anywhere you want to go. Plus, you can pair them with a jacket or blazers for more coverage. 



Is it okay for guys to wear tank tops?

Oh, yea! It is certainly okay for guys to put on tank tops. They are mostly worn outdoors during the summer, but you can pair them with your blazers, underneath your shirts, or jackets. 

Tank tops are a great choice for the gym because they are without sleeves – which means you won’t have to bother about sweats or stains from swears on your tank top. Plus, they will keep you cool all through. 

In addition, you can put on a tank top underneath your suit for a formal meeting. Although you need to make sure the tank top you’re wearing is very classy. If it is like the regular tank tops you wear out to the gym or park, you’d look unprofessional at the formal meeting. 

What are some specific dressing tips for overweight men?

A plus-size dressing can be a bit tricky, but with the right pick, you’d get to look elegant and attractive regardless. There are a few dressing tips I gathered to help overweight guys look appealing on their favorite apparel. 

Below are some specific dressing tips for plus-size men:

Tip 1

Consider the large places on you

Before picking any apparel to wear, you have to consider the large parts on you – either your arm, butt, belly, or all the parts. When you consider them, you will definitely select a cloth that will look fit on you. 

Tip 2

Pick colors that compliment your skin

You’re probably wondering what colors have to do with a plus-size cloth. As a guy, you’d want to make sure you are attractive to everyone, mostly to the other gender. But as you know, not everyone is cool with plus-size men. 

And you won’t want to make things worse by wearing a color of cloth that will make you look extremely weird. So, the color of the cloth or top matters a lot. Pick vibrant colors if it matches well with your body skin – if not, go for other colors. 

Tip 3

Choose the right style 

Whilst the color of your apparel matters, style is also important. If your belly is the plus-size area, kindly avoid putting on plain round neck tops. Why?

  • It will make your belly look bigger than its actual size. Of course, you won’t know but others will see it. 
  • It will also make you look older. Trust me, this is the part you don’t want. 

Tip 4

Put on your pants over your stomach

Truthfully, being fat isn’t something so bad, but a big, fat, and drooping stomach is not sexy when it is hanging out from your top. So, it is best to tuck it in your pants and use a belt. With the issue of a belt, you don’t have to put the belt pin to the last hole whereby you’d be unable to breathe. 

Tip 5

Avoid basketball shorts 

No doubt, basketball shorts are very comfortable to put on. But they are not advisable to be worn by overweight guys. This is because they make the private area look smaller and move out of control. Instead of basketball shorts, put on knee-length cargo shorts or cargo pants.

 Both cargo shorts and cargo pants are breezy and very comfortable. Trust me, with either of these bottoms, you’d look elegant – especially when you are pairing them with a t-shirt. This pair looks great on any plus-sized guy, at any age. Plus, there are different types of colors you can put on. 

Tip 6

Put on colored boxer briefs 

Boxer briefs are better for fat guys because they are more longer than regular briefs. They don’t ride up so bad, and they provide the utmost support to the genitals. Although you just have to select the right size. The right size of your boxer briefs is everything – just avoid white colors. 

In addition, don’t be afraid of patterns or colors. Use them both moderately until you feel confident stick to the basic primary colors, then build as your comfort grows.

Tip 7

Try to avoid tank tops

Tank tops are very comfy, no doubt but if you are hairy on your chest, kindly avoid them. It is best to go for sleeveless shirts.

Tip 8

Groom yourself properly

Just because you are a man and overweight does not mean you don’t need to love yourself. Overweight people need to groom and maintain their skin’s health and moisture. 

Keeping your neck free of skin tags due to the fat rubbing can be removed for free and simple. Dark spots on your skin can be lightened. All things can be improved but you must desire to always look and feel your best.

Tips 9

Ignore anyone’s opinion about your weight

Always keep in mind that everyone also has something to say – and they feel right because they are not in that condition. You don’t have to listen to anyone’s opinion about your weight or your dress.

Trust me, what matters the most is your comfort. If you are not comfortable with what you’re wearing, you can’t be happy. Feel free to dress in your best, whilst following the right tips to help you stay cool. 

Dress for the wonderful person on the inside. Be who you want to be and look like who you want to look like in the mirror. Just do you. Truly that is the only rule.


Can overweight guys put on slim-fit shirts?

Of course, overweight guys can put on slim-fit shirts. There is nothing wrong with a plus-sized guy putting on a slim-fit top. You can definitely put on your regular fit even if you are overweight. 

The choice should be based on your preference or interest and not your body size. As aforesaid, what matters the most is your comfort. Without you being comfortable in your cloth, you can’t look good as you want. 

In addition, for a perfect look with your slim-fit shirt, tuck in the shirt, and put your Jeans or pants on your belly (if it is big). Then, use a belt and you’re good to go. 

Should tank tops be tight or loose?

Tank tops should not be too loose or tight. When putting on a tank top, the size matters because it will determine how you look when you put it on. The right tank top should be clingy at the chest area and loose all through the remaining parts of the body. Ensure the tank top you’re picking isn’t clingy all through the body – you will look totally off. 

Whilst the size of your tank top is vital, the length plays a huge role. So, you don’t look weird when putting on your tank top, the length should be similar to that of the longer back of a polo – which is the middle part of your bottom zipper. Anything longer that will be unattractive. 

Conclusion- Can Fat Guys Wear Tank Tops?

There is nothing wrong with fat guys putting on tank tops. The same way a tank top will look good on a slimmer guy, it will look the same on a fat guy. The most important thing is picking the right size. 

To help plus sized guys dress perfectly, I prepared dressing tips which I have discussed in detail in this blog post. Whilst it is advisable to follow the dressing tips provided, ensure you dress like you to feel comfortable. If you don’t feel good about what you’re wearing, there’s no way you can enjoy your day. 

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