Can I Wear A Thong On A Cruise?

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Going on a cruise is something really amazing, we wouldn’t want to miss out on related activities that will end up as a memorable experience, moreover, it happens mostly once a year. The joy of enjoying the beautiful sunshine, taking photos, cruising in the Caribbean, are but a few of the interesting things that could happen. However, one needs to be prepared before embarking on such a vacation.

Quite a several stuff needs to be added to your cruise arsenal such as a swimsuit, sunscreen, toiletries, camera, and so on. But importantly, should you include a thong in your arsenal? Should you wear a thong on a cruise?

Well of course yes,  you may tag along with your thong,  there’s no big deal wearing it. There is no law against it. Depending on where you decide to sail from, you may come across others doing the same. In fact, we’ve seen several ships sailing even in the United States especially in the offseason of various European ports, and even smaller swimsuits are the norm.

So if you want to go along with your plan, then have at it. There are no official rules against this. Likewise, depending on where you decide to sail from, you definitely will come in contact with other cruisers on thongs. For example, when you take a cruise from Miami Beach you are most likely to witness a younger crowd very much comfortable wearing smaller swimsuits.

However, if you plan to wear a swimsuit capable of revealing more than most, we strongly suggest a little more discretion in special cases, especially if there’re lots of kids around the place, then you should probably put on a swimsuit that offers more coverage.

Ships these days have included special areas where only adults hang out, there is a good place to wear what you want. With special pools made only for adults, the people there would be matured to the extent of seeing a skimpy swimsuit or thong without blinking an eye.

Areas around the axis of Canada, including see part of the United Statswimsuitssuit, and thongs are mostly acceptable on any beach.  Hence, moving about in a thong bikini is not of major concern.

Similarly, as with anything you wear, always try to cover up whenever you’re headed indoors. However, they’re mostly rules on the right dressing in the indoor areas of most ships, including their restaurant and buffet. You should cover any swimsuit whenever you’re there.

In addition, when you visit an Islamic country, be careful and ask to be sure first before putting on a thong on a swimsuit. You could very well be thrown in jail if you go against established social law. Respecting and adherence to social norms in specific places is critical to a happy vacation and most importantly, is just the right thing to do.

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Is it illegal to put on a thong?

Generally speaking, you can tell if things are legally acceptable by examining the public indecent or indecency exposure law of a particular state.  If it only refers to the genital being exposed, that is to say, thongs and swimsuits are legal from a clear perspective from that particular state, however, some designated places may have rules that forbid them.

Be aware of the fact that we are not legal practitioners or scholars, and the legal determinations provided here are majorly based on an analysis of the jurisdiction’s criminal code.

However, the same laws are not applicable everywhere and they can be amended over time, so therefore you should research related laws or better still contact a legal practitioner knowledgeable about these laws to be aware of rules against wearing thongs in areas you are. If there are no laws against the wearing of thongs, then they should be free to do so.

Additionally, a ban placed on nudity does not imply that thongs are completely prohibited unless the jurisdiction specifies that the rule includes the exposure of the buttocks. Likewise, because thong and swimsuit are acceptable from a particular state legal perspective,  does not stop private establishments such as waterparks and hotels from prohibiting them.

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Again, you’ll need to contact the hotel administrator, waterparks, beach, or pool you want to pursue that. But thongs are legally allowed in most parks, recreational centers, pools, beaches, and so on, and nudity on the other hand is allowed in specifically outlawed by the Park’s authority, but again we suggest you contact the park or recreation area for such guidance.

What is wrong with wearing a thong?

Thong does amazing wonders for panty lines, but at times we get that feeling that it is bad for us. They may be too tight, sometimes they cling to the wrong side, and they just don’t feel so clean sometimes.

But is thong bad for our health?

This question in an actual sense depends on your proclivity for infections. If you’re healthy, then you shouldn’t be worried. The only worry here is, if you are prone to get easily infected, either vaginal or urethra, it may be difficult to get rid of it if you are always wearing a thong.

However, there are other characteristics of thongs that your health is t risk. Several thongs, especially the sexy lady types, are made of non-breathable materials, against cotton types. Generally, we should be wearing underwear made from cotton, which also includes materials of the panty and not just the materials on the crotch. 

This is because the fabric outside the crotch is not made of cotton, hence makes it less breathable, allowing more moisture to be trapped and more possibility of imbalance leading to infection. Likewise, even if the entire clothing is made of cotton, the skinny shape may lead to inherent health risks.

Your vulva (external female sexual organ) will be much more exposed to whatever you’re wearing. Because of the increase in skinny jeans and leggings (all of which have Spandex, Lycra, etc) moisture can also be trapped.

Additionally, the thin part of material close to your crotch tends to move around more, which possibly transfer bacteria and infections from one spot to another. The most common bacteria associated with this is known as E.coli, which is mostly found in the back part of your clothing, hence when you’re physically active, the bacteria from that direction.

All it has to do is move an inch and it is next to your vagina. Your thong most likely deposit colonic bacteria into your urethra or vagina. 

Putting on a thong while on your period create chances of these risks. Normally, the pH of your vagina is acid pH and blood increases your overall pH. Thus, when the pH rises, that is the opportunity for bacteria to have a better chance of increasing. However, if you are not prone to infections,  you should be fine to wear your thong during your period. If you have no infections and have not experienced any symptoms of disease or infection, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t put on your thong.

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While it comes with risk, thongs are originally safe to wear, you’ve just got to be cautious. If you purchase cotton thongs, ensure you always wash them and strive to maintain them personally, so that you will easily unnecessary infections or diseases. 


Are thongs acceptable at resorts?

Yes, of course, such things are a norm on the vacation resort. Similarly, a bikini is permitted, so is a thing. Likewise, in a cruise ship, it is however just a common courtesy to wear a coverup when strolling around the resorts and their environs. It is not much different than a regular bikini. If you can wear your bikini then you have your thong on. It is that simple!

Thongs are widely accepted, however, some people are easily offended if you sit on a chair or beach without putting on a towel to cover. Moreover, if you decide to sit on a chair without a towel, there could be sanitary concerns for yourself and others around, also you may be causing unnecessary wear and tear on your bikini.

Can you wear a thong in Fort Lauderdale?

Yes, you can. Thong and swimsuits are very common over there, more so far to women than men. However, toplessness is not very common but is allowed if you are discreet.

Can you wear thongs in Florida?

No, you aren’t allowed to. South-California’s beaches  21-ye are -old to wear thongs and another swimsuit, but if you put it on in Florida’s state beaches, you risk ending up behind bars instead of the surf. A few months ago, officials of Florida banned the wearing of thongs on state beaches, stating that these suites violate obscenity laws.

Even so, some cities around Florida had arrested several thong-wearers on municipal beaches.

Incidentally, the state’s ban on thongs worn by men and women has triggered heated debates and arguments far beyond Florida’s 560 miles of beach. The subject has been discussed several times on radio and television in talk shows.

Does wearing thongs makes you sexy?

Thongs have this super ability to make you feel sexy, no matter what you chose to wear over them. It gives you the feeling of confidence and makes you feel exceptionally beautiful. We’re talking about that feeling when you’re wearing a thong on the beach, knowing you can roam around all day while exuding sexiness and confidence. 

So yes! Thongs do make you look sexy and attractive behind the feelings you get and who says your crush wouldn’t feel the same ones you pass through.

Conclusion – Can I Wear A Thong On A Cruise?

Put on a swimsuit or thong if you feel like it, but you are very much likely to come across people wearing them in cruises around Miami and other popular South Califonia ports. However, we would suggest remaining in places where there aren’t lots of kids around, even though there are no regulations or standard rules regarding where you can have them on the pool or the pool deck.

Also beware of rules and regulations regarding wearing thongs in public places like the beach, parks, recreational centers, and the rest.

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