Why Do My Thongs Roll Down?

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Why Do My Thongs Roll Down? Have you ever had an issue with your thongs rolling down? Even when you think they fit properly on your hips or waist, they still manage to slip down?

This could be happening because the band of your underwear may have loosened. Well, there are other reasons why your thong may be rolling down but the most common reasons are;

  • Wrong size of thongs
  • Your bum could be shrinking
  • It has lost its elasticity

Wrong size of thongs

One of the reasons why your thongs could be rolling down is because you may have bought a big size. When it comes to purchasing underwear, it is important to get the right size. Imagine walking in a park full of people, and you are trying to hold your underwear from falling; this can be embarrassing.

Your bum could be shrinking

Your thongs could also be rolling down due to your bum shrinking. I know it sounds strange, but it could be true. Due to our body changing over time, our underwear may not fit properly compared to before.

People, especially those who engage in regular physical activity, may notice their bum shrinking. Our bum are composed of fat which means that if we engage in strenuous exercises, our bodies will shed some of it. This can cause your thongs to roll down.

It has lost its elasticity

Another probable reason why your thong may roll down is that the waistband may have lost its elasticity. Specific individuals, particularly those larger in stature, may notice their underwear falling because the underwear waistband reaches its typical maximum.

How to prevent thongs from falling

Size matters

One sure way of stopping your thongs from falling is by buying your size of underwear. You don’t expect to wear oversized underwear and expect it to stay put, no it will roll down.

Follow the washing guide of your underwear

The elastic band on your thong may have been lost due to washing it constantly with a washing machine. Some thongs are delicate and should be washed gently. So next time, read the manufacturer label on the underwear to guide you on how to clean it.

Don’t buy cheap underwear

Avoid buying cheap underwear. Most of this cheap underwear is manufactured with low-quality material.

Use thong with elastic built

Thongs with elastic bands can stop your thong from rolling down. Thongs that aren’t loose around the waist can be held in place by a waistband with high-quality elasticity.

Purchase underwear with top seams

Top seams can help with this; it supports the waist. So purchase thong underwear with top seams.

Try brushed fabric

To keep your thongs from sliding down your legs, choose brushed materials to give grip against your skin.

High waist underwear

High-waist thong underwear is one of the ways to keep your underwear in one place. 


Stitching your underwear can also stop them from rolling down.

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Factors to consider before buying a thong

Choosing the right thong underwear that suits you can be challenging at times, but we’ve come up with some factors to consider before buying a thong.

Fabric choice

Underwear is the closest thing to your skin. It is critical to carefully select a thong based on your usage, weather, and occasion.

If you’re looking for a thong for everyday use, we recommend a cotton thong. Cotton material is breathable, skin-friendly, and comfortable.


Thongs are an underwear style that does not limit your outerwear. It can be worn underneath almost anything. However, you must exercise caution when selecting designs and styles. Wearing thongs helps you remove panty lines if you wear them under a fitted skirt or a bodysuit dress.


When it comes to lingerie, most women are unconcerned about color. The most common reason for this is, ‘I’m going to wear this inside; who’s going to see it anyway?’ Ladies, in case you didn’t notice, some of your panties are sometimes quite visible.

It will be visible if you wear a pink printed thong under a white pencil skirt. So, ladies, take your time when selecting the perfect thong underwear. Choose a bare color for white and light-colored outfits. Choose a color that complements your natural skin tone.


Size is a significant factor in determining how we appear. Whether it’s outerwear or innerwear, the proper fit can significantly affect an appearance.

When it comes to finding a well-fitted pair of jeans, most of you test at least 2-3 different styles or sizes. Isn’t that right? And that makes complete sense because we all know that we spend our days in regular denim jeans nowadays.

Why not do the same with your panties?  Getting the perfect size for your underwear matters. You can’t wear tight or loose panties; you’ll feel uncomfortable.

It is necessary to select the proper size of the thong. Choosing a smaller size will cause the back string to dig too deeply into your skin, resulting in a painful and uncomfortable experience for you. Selecting a larger size, on the other hand, may result in your underwear rolling down or extra fabric gathering on the back.


The essential purpose is to hide embarrassing panty lines and make your outfit look stylish and smooth. A low waist thong can also be used to prevent panty peeks when wearing low waist jeans.

Reasons why women love thongs

  • A pair of thong underwear is ideal for those who enjoy wearing skin-tight clothing. These garments do not show the pant line.
  • Thong underwear contributes to the look of no back coverage. It draws out your inner hotness and instills confidence in you.
  • Thong will assist you in emphasizing your natural appearance without providing additional coverage. This is due to the absence of fabric at the back.

How to hand wash your thong underwear

When it comes to caring for intimate apparel, personal hygiene and intimate apparel go hand in hand. Some detergents can irritate the skin or harm the delicate textiles commonly used in underwear.

Thong underwear, despite its form-fittingness, can be challenging to care for and clean. Most underwear has a washable cloth care label; for thongs, this usually means hand washes only.

Even though most washing machines have delicate cycles and underwear bags, which provide additional protection, some underwear cannot be washed with a washing machine because of how soft they are.

Step 1

Fill a washbasin with cold water or a plastic tub with it. Several drops of handwashing detergent should be added to the water.

If your detergent recommends using the cap as a measuring guide, you’ll probably need to fill it halfway. If you’re washing more than one thong, check the label for the recommended detergent amount.

Step 2 

By circulating the water with your hand, you can dissolve the detergent. Most delicate wash detergents don’t produce suds, so keep that in mind.

Step 3

Dip the thong in the solution for the time recommended by your product. Although most hand washing detergents recommend deodorizing for three to five minutes, check the instructions for your specific product.

Step 4

Unless the thong is made of open-weave lace or another delicate fabric, it is best to deodorize it by dipping only the underwear panel closest to your skin into the solution, rather than soaking the entire thong.

Step 5

Release the water by repeatedly squeezing the thong. Remove the detergent from the thong by running cold water over it and rinsing it until clean. Repeat this process until the thong underwear is entirely free of handwashing detergent.


Do men wear thongs?

Yes, studies have shown that about 1 to 2 percent of men own a thong at a point in their life.

Is thong underwear comfortable?

If you want to enjoy thong underwear, you have to pick the right one and the correct size. If you choose a  size that’s not your size, you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable.

Is there other underwear that rolls down?

Yes, tights, boxers, and briefs are also underwear, and they can also roll down if they’re not your exact size and are made of non-compressive material. To avoid your underwear from falling, buy your actual size or body-hugging purchase underwear.  

Why does my underwear give me a wedgie?

It’s either your underwear or your pants are too tight for you; either way, you need some breathing room in your underwear for free airflow.   

How tight should underwear be?

Underwear is supposed to be comfortable and compact, and it should fit whatever you need it to. It should not limit your mobility. Always get them in your correct size to avoid discomfort.

What is causing my thong to roll down?

There are so many reasons why your thong is rolling down. It could be that your underwear’s elastic band has loosened, or you’re wearing a bigger size.

Why Do My Thongs Roll Down – Conclusion

When purchasing your underwear, you must pick the correct size to avoid embarrassment and discomfort. Don’t also forget that your underwear needs care, so wash and dry them properly.

Remember, your underwear is all about convenience, and confidence, and you should feel the same way about it.

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