Why Are Women’s Water Polo Suits Thongs? (Reasons)

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Why Are Women’s Water Polo Suits Thongs? Women’s polo sport suits are usually thongs because of their lightweight, keep the hip and thigh flexible, and, to avoid tugging or dragging by an opponent. These are some of the reasons why the organizers of the sport opted for this costume rather than the most common swimming costumes commonly used.

Water Polo sport is one sport that is widely loved and recognized around the world. Over the years, it has gathered millions of spectators and can get them glued to their TV, or having them being physically present at the sports complex. It is that sport that one can never get enough of because, in a way, it awakens one’s inner competitive nature.

Among the mind blogging features that encompass the women’s water polo sport, one peculiar feature stands out which is the costume used by these women while sporting. The thong bikinis are the most used and widely accepted wear for the women polo sport.

At this point, we are going to hastily go through these reasons one after the other for better understanding.

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Reason’s Women’s Water Polo Suits Are Mainly Thongs?

1. Light Weight

It is no longer news that each sport’s costumes are chosen because of the physical work that is needed by the players which would help in facilitating the progression of the sport. For instance, let’s imagine a professional wrestler putting on a rugby costume. Can we see how absurd that would be?

This is to show that such wear isn’t fit for wrestling because it needs costumes that would grant the professional wrestler free access to combat with his opponent. Hence, the need for skimpy and light wear is highly recommended for wrestling.

At such, the women’s water polo sport suit should be light-weighted suits that would allow for freedom of movement. With light-weighted suits, the player can move as freely as she pleases. Nothing is holding her back. She does whatever she pleases provided it is within the rules governing the polo sport.

Moreover, the women’s water polo sport is such that is carried out in pools. Hence, it is named to be “water polo sport”. Ordinarily, they require a suit that is extremely light so it doesn’t act as a blockage.

Any other suit other than thongs might interrupt the players in the process of playing. They surely would not be able to move their legs as fast as they can and might also stop them from swimming freely while in the game. And as we all know, if the players cannot move freely, then they won’t get the game right.

To add, a complete suit that may involve wearing a two-piece swimsuit can hinder the player from comfortably playing the sport as expected. For this purpose, the organizers concluded that to best achieve the purpose of this sport, it should allow for light-weighted polo sport suits for the ladies.

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2. To Keep Hip And Thigh Flexible

What is a women’s water polo sport without flexibility? The hands, hips and the thighs are the three (3) major part of the body that is used in playing the water polo sport. As such, complete swimwear won’t do justice to it. It is best to put on a high-cut one-piece suit or thongs that promotes flexibility.

Aside from that, one other advantage of wearing thongs for the water polo sport is to free the hips and thighs of whatever may hold it hostage. You need the legs to be free so you can play the game fairly.

Since you are going to be using those parts of the body to play the water polo sport, the only permitted wear that is recommended, is thongs. With thongs, one would be more relaxed and comfortable to play.

That is why the idea of using different swimming wear for this particular sport isn’t welcomed. For example, wearing a short would hinder the hips and the thigh’s mobility. You won’t be able to move the legs as you should because of the shorts that you have on. It won’t give you the freedom that is required with a sport like this.

A water polo sports player can’t kick, dive and jump with swimwear that covers almost the entire legs. Such wear is not fit to be worn for such kind of sport. It certainly would be accepted in other sport that may not require much exposure of the legs.

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However, for this, thongs are the best bet or a one-piece swimsuit, that rides up to the ass allowing for flexibility of both the hips and the thigh. Aside from this, the game can’t be played with any other swimwear aside the aforementioned.

3. To Avoid Tugging Or Dragging

The majority of the sports that exist in the world, involve tugging at one point or the other. Since the water polo sport is a game that has to do with chasing a ball in the water, there are bound to be tugging or dragging.

This is always expected and for this purpose, the need for players to wear thongs that are body fitted was highly consented to. With thongs, the percentage of an opponent pulling or yanking one’s suit off its position would be slim. In other words, when the thongs are a bit tight with it hugging the body, it would become so difficult to tug, yank or pull.

Nonetheless, this is not to say that the thongs aren’t tugged at. They sure are. But it is lesser compared to others. The tendency of an opponent pulling your thongs is not as high as other competitive sports like Rugby, Football, and the rest. So with the thongs as wear for the water polo sport, the individual is a little bit safe from tugging or pulling.

If you notice, I used the words, “a little” because there are a few awkward moments where the women’s boobs may be out from aggressive tugging or pulling. These are some of the embarrassing moments or situations in which the players do find themselves.

What Are The Best Type Of Thongs For Women Water Polo Sport?

Below are some thongs that will be perfect for any water polo sport. They include;

1. St. Tropez Sheer One Piece Thong

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A glance at this would cause you to fall crazily in love with this suit. This is one best one-piece thong for a water polo game. The high cut and backless design made this suit stand out in all ramifications.

To add, it comes with a retro styling that brought about the perfection inherent in the suit. Wearing such for a water polo sport would give you all the freedom you need to play the game without stressing or encountering hindrances.

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2. Viottiset Women’s Cutout High Cut One Piece Thong Swimsuit Bikini Monokini Bandage

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This thong is a perfect description of the word, “drop-dead gorgeous”. What is there not to love about this suit? None. The quality, design, and shaping are the most important features that become a highly purchased suit.

If you are looking for wear that is exquisite and outstanding compared to other thongs for water sport, then you should consider this suit. It fits just right for all body types.

3. RELLECIGA Women’s High Cut Low Back One Piece Thong Swimsuit for Women

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Unlike the usual thongs we see every day, this is far different because of the quality, brand, and design that led to the birth of this lovely thong suit. The fact that it is versatile and can be worn for other swimming purposes aside from water polo sport makes it even more attractive.

What Other Type Of Swimsuit Can One Wear For Water Polo Sport Aside Thongs?

If you would love to know what other type of swimsuit that can be worn to play water polo sport, then you could switch to a two-piece swimsuit. Such kind of suit can be managed alongside the thongs.

Nevertheless, it is not recommended for players of water polo sport to wear two-piece swimsuits because of the tugging, yanking, or pulling.

But if it happens to be those random game stuff with friends or family, the two-piece swimsuit wouldn’t be bad. Just so you know, there would likely be tugging but it shouldn’t be much of a big deal since it isn’t a sport scenario.

Why Don’t Men Wear Thongs During Water Polo Sport?

Men do not wear thongs because of their genitals. Well, this sport happens to involve tugging or pulling in a bid to get the ball from an opponent, it was decided that men shouldn’t put on thongs since their genitals can easily be exposed.

Hence, they tend to put on something comfortable and body-fitted to stop the opponent from successfully tugging off the player’s wear.

Why Are Women’s Water Polo Suits Thongs?- Conclusion

To conclude, the need for thongs to be worn by women during water polo sport is to prevent inflexibility, to allow for free movement of one’s body, and to avoid tugging or pulling at all costs. If the tables were turned and costumes are swapped with other swimwear categories, then the women polo sport would seize to exist.

Furthermore, the women’s water polo sport suit is necessary for a fun, fair and competitive game.

If you would love to check out some women’s water polo sport suits for yourself or anyone around you, kindly click on the provided links for more details and information.

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