Why Are Skirts So Short? Get Answers Here!

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As a lady, whether you’re a fan of skirts or not, you’d have one or two skirts in your closet. In fact, some guys put on skirts recently. However, skirts are available in a diverse lengths to suit your needs. This implies that not all skirts are short.

The fashion of short skirts prevailed after World War 1, but you can still decide to put on any length of skirt you are comfortable with. Perhaps you have ever wondered why some skirts are made so short. You’d find out the reason in this article. “Why Are Skirts So Short?”

Here are the reasons why some skirts are made short:

  • For better freedom of movement.
  • Personal interest.
  • It is easier to use the bathroom. 
  • For comfort.
  • It is fashionable.
  • It is easy to wear.

For better freedom of movement 

Truth be told, long skirts, particularly those made in pencil shape restrict movement a lot. Including skirts made with many textiles, not only do they hang on things, but they can also trip the wearer. 

But short skirts are made with fewer fabrics to allow better freedom of movement. This is why you’d see most sports skirts such as tennis skirts, including school skirts made with a very short length. 

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Personal interest 

We all have different wants, and also different styles of apparel that we are comfortable wearing. Most ladies prefer very short skirts to medium or long skirts, while some prefer medium short skirts to very short skirts or long skirts. 

A lot of brands know this, so they make short shorts to suit their customer’s interests. Moving forward, some people won’t even feel interested in putting on a skirt if it is not very short.

I have seen people who will go to the store to purchase material and take the material to a seamstress just to sew a very short skirt for personal use. So, some skirts are so short based on personal interest. 

It is easier to use the bathroom

The need to use the bathroom is sure to arise at least once or thrice a day. And in places where the bathroom is shared with other people, you’d have to use the WC (water closet) most efficiently without having to mess up your clothes. 

With a short skirt, you can do just that easily and abruptly. Plus, you won’t have to go through the stress of pulling and re-wearing. 

For comfort 

When obtaining a cloth, I’m pretty sure your comfort is always put into consideration. Most particularly, If you are purchasing the cloth for your daily activity, you won’t want them to make you feel uncomfortable. So, some skirts are made very short just for all-around comfort. 

If you have to sit for a long period, you won’t have to deal with the fabric of the skirt chewing into your skin because short skirts are made with little material. In addition, during summer when the sun is scorching, the short skirt will not make your leg sweaty due to heat. 

It is fashionable 

In terms of fashion, different styles of apparel that trends are called fashionable. And one of those apparels that are seen as fashionable recent is short and clingy clothes, not excluding short skirts. 

You won’t be criticized for putting it on, except you are putting it on in a traditional community. However, in more Western places, as long as you are comfortable putting on short skirts, you are good to go because it is the norm. 

It is easy to wear 

No doubt, skirts that are a hassle to put on can be really frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry. Also, on days when you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to wear anything that would be difficult to wear, short skirts are a good choice. You can easily slide your legs in the skirt and wear it. 

How should I wear short skirts?

Short skirts are beautiful and they look good on anyone, but you have to know how to put them on to avoid being uncomfortable. 

The following are the tips that will help you wear a short skirt. 

Tip 1

Pick a short skirt 

There are different types of short skirts, but to avoid exposing more than you don’t intend to, pick a thick flared skirt. If you are wearing a thick flared skirt, you’d be comfortable when you are wearing it. And it can’t be easily blown by the wind because of the thick fabric. 

Tip 2

Obtain a skirt that sits on your waist

The bands of skirts differ depending on each person’s choice. Ensure the thick flared skirt you are picking has a flexible waistband and sits on your waist. This kind of waistband will offer you the extra comfort you desire. Plus, if the band sits on your waist, it will help to elongate your body making you look extremely good.

Tip 3

Wear leggings below the skirt

You can wear leggings or tights below your short skirt, so even if the wind tries to lift it up, the leggings is already covering up your legs and your butt. When picking the tights to wear below your skirts, go for a darker color like black.

Tip 4

Put on a sweatshirt or free shirt

One thing about short skirts is that they can be easily paired with any cloth. Put on your favorite sweatshirt on your short skirt, or if you prefer loose shirts, pair them with your short skirt. In addition, you can wear a camisole and a blazer on the skirt, it will make you look corporate.

Tip 5

Put on your favorite sneakers

Wear your favorite sneakers, shoes, or boots with your skirt. Try to avoid heels because they will sort of lift the skirt more and reveal more of your skin than you want. 

Tip 6

Mind your moves

When you know how to move while wearing a short skirt, you have nothing to worry about. 

  • Move carefully and walk more on even grounds. Do not run, swing, or jump when wearing a short skirt.
  • Try bending from your knees when you want to pick up something from the floor.
  • Put your legs side by side when sitting. 

What are the disadvantages of short skirts?

Though short skirts could be a good choice or the present fashion trend, there are disadvantages to wearing them. So, before you decide to put on your short skirt, take a look at its disadvantages.

Here are the disadvantages of wearing short skirts:

  • Less coverage.
  • It can lift up.
  • You can’t sit in certain positions.
  • It gives a bad impression.

Less coverage 

If you’d agree with me, the number one disadvantage of wearing a short skirt is the less coverage. For instance, during cold weather, you need all the coverage you can get to feel warm and a short skirt cannot do that. 

All your legs would be exposed to the cold weather and you can’t cover up except if you have a long blazer with you. With short skirts, you can’t bend to pick up your stuff because it doesn’t have enough fabric to cover your panties when you bend. 

It can lift up 

Since it is short, it can easily be lifted during a windy day. For those that like going commando, this can be really embarrassing when you get exposed due to wind lifting up your skirt. 

Even if you are putting on panties, when the wind blows your short skirt, it will lift the skirt and reveal your panties. 

You can’t sit in certain positions

There are times when you won’t be comfortable with your sitting position, and you’d have to change it to feel comfortable. But when you are wearing a short skirt, you won’t be able to sit in certain positions. It will be revealing more than what you intend to show, and I doubt if you’d be comfortable with that. 

In general, short skirts practically dictate how you should sit and even stand. In this case, you have to be more aware of your body posture, how you’re sitting, and getting in/out of your car if you want to retain your modesty.

It gives bad impressions 

There is a saying of the folks that says “the way you dress is an expression of your personality”. For people, particularly the elderly ones, seeing a girl putting on a short skirt, it gives them an impression that the girl is loose. The girl will be called all sorts of names thinking she intends to flirt with anyone she meets. 

One thing is they don’t care about your actual intention, the short skirt has described the most known impression to them. This is why short skirts are not advisable to be worn for interviews, school exams, and other formal places. In addition, aside from giving bad impressions, you can be easily harassed. 

Conclusion- Why Are Skirts So Short?

Not all skirts are shorts, but there are a few reasons why some skirts are made in a short length. However, there are cons of putting on a short skirt, so you should take note of them before deciding to wear it. 

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