Can I Wear Polo Shirts To Gym?

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Typically, when going to the gym, you should feel comfortable in whatever you choose to put on. Whilst that is a must, wearing the right clothes could help you reach your daily exercise goals.

The number of questions about the wearing of polo to the gym is quite alarming, hence, I decided to take it upon myself to provide an answer to the question. So, Can I Wear Polo Shirts To Gym?

Of course, you definitely can wear a polo shirt to the gym. Although it is not the right cloth you should put on when you are gyming. But as long as you are comfortable while wearing it, you are good to go. 

In addition, the polo shirt you choose to wear to the gym should not be restrictive, as it can pose a health risk or get you injured. But there is a tendency that you would be stared at when you get to the gym with a polo shirt. 

This is because it will sort of look weird to those gyming experts. That being said, Just make sure you get the right cloth and always interchange it with your polo shirt. 

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What should you not wear to the gym?

Not only does reaching your goal matter, but putting on the right gyming gear is more important. With the right cloth, you will be safe, kept cool, and improve your workout. So, below I’d list the things you shouldn’t put on to the gym. 

Here are what you should not wear to the gym:

  • Clingy apparel.
  • Loose-fitting outfits.
  • Perfumes or colognes.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Shabby footwear.
  • Cotton apparel.

Clingy apparel

When gyming, you need all the space you can get. Not only around you, but with the cloth, you are wearing. If your clothes are too clingy to your skin when you are working out, you won’t be able to breathe or move properly. 

And when you are unable to breathe and move when working out, there is no way you’d be able to reach your daily goal. Get clothes that are very free, such that you can move in any direction without being restricted. 

Loose-fitting outfits 

Truly, the gym is a place where you’re allowed to put on literally anything you are comfortable with. Most times, loose-fitting outfits (known as baggy clothes) might seem like the best option to go to the gym with because you’d feel comfortable in them, but let’s look at the flip side of it. 

Loose-fitting outfits have a big tendency of getting caught in the machine you are using to work out. Once it gets caught in the machine, you could trip and get injured.

In addition, with loose-fitting outfits, it will be very hard to work on your body posture because the excess fabric will be obstructing your view. 

Perfumes or colognes 

Of course, no one wants to smell bad while working out. But the use of colognes or perfumes while working out will increase your perspiration. The more you work out, the more you warm up, and the more you sweat. 

Using perfumes or colognes to the gym could be offensive to your gym mates, thereby making them uncomfortable. Rather use roll-ons or deodorants. 


Not to forget, you are going to work out and you will perspire a lot. So, the need for cosmetics is not important. If you are sweating when you have your makeup on, the sweat will slip into and sting your eyes. 

Hence, it is not advisable to put on cosmetics in the gym. If you still insist on using your makeup, ensure it is the one made for a workout. 

Shabby footwear 

When you’re working out, you need footwear that offers arch support and strong soles to establish a very solid base. But shabby footwear cannot help you do that because the soles are bad and there is no support anymore. So, you can easily get injured in your joints which can be very bad. 

In this case, it is advisable that you get new shoes every year for your workout depending on how often you go out to exercise. You can have more than one, which is a very good choice. 

Cotton apparel 

Typically, cotton materials are known to absorb liquids, but they are not abrupt drying. When exercising, you need apparel that is fast-drying and moisture-wicking. 

So, avoid apparel manufactured with 100% cotton textile. It can weigh you down when gyming because of its inability to dry or wick away sweats. 

Instead of cotton apparel, go for synthetic clothes that are abrupt-drying and moisture-wicking. Furthermore, if the apparel you choose to put on is already smelling really bad even after washing it, ensure you get a new one for your exercise. 

What should I wear to the gym?

The gym doesn’t have a dress code per se, but it is good to be aware of the precise apparel to wear so you can receive the support you need when exercising. I’d share with you the clothes you can wear to the gym below.

Here are what you should wear to the gym:

  • Shorts.
  • Tank tops.
  • Tights or running pants.
  • Socks.
  • Sports footwear.
  • Sweatshirts.


The best gym wear you can obtain and wear is shorts. Although with the amount of shorts options available, it is very important to pick the appropriate size.

Pick shorts with mid-length, so you don’t reveal more than what you are supposed to.

Tank tops 

Instead of going for a polo shirt to the gym, you can obtain tank tops. However, you need to make sure the tank top you are picking isn’t too tight or too revealing. 

You always need to make sure that the top is made with moisture-wicking and abrupt-drying fabrics, so you can be kept cool and dry when exercising. Though if you are not a fan of tank tops, you can wear singlets. Singlets yeah, but not revealing singlets.

Tights or running pants 

Tights or running pants are a good option if you mostly do the body lifting exercises, or if you jog often. When it comes to tights, pick compression tights like the Nike Pros and so on. These tights will help your muscles when you are doing your exercise. 

But due to the fact that some compression tights reveal the body shape, you can put on a short on it for coverage. 


The issue of socks is based on personal interest, but in most cases, it is very much advisable. The socks you choose to purchase should be sports socks as they are much better than the normal ones. 

You can either go for the chunky type, ankle type, or the compression type whichever one you prefer. However, due to sweat, dust, and dirt, black socks are preferable.

Sports footwear 

Footwear is made in different types depending on what you intend to do with it. Sports footwear such as trainers is made with a diverse type of support to help the athlete when racing or training. 

Hence, this type of footwear is preferable at the gym. It will support your ankle and joints when you are gyming. Go for a darker color of trainers for the gym. 


Sweatshirts are also applicable for the gym, so you can purchase them for your workout. Although you can wear sweatshirts during the winter season as they will keep you warm for the weather, and will make you comfortable while working out. 


Can I wear polo t-shirts with joggers?

Of course, you can put on polo t-shirts with joggers. When it comes to style, putting on t-shirts with joggers is never wrong or right as it depicts your preference. Polo t-shirts are often seen as casual wear, however, it depends on how you show them off. 

You can put on your polo t-shirt, longer with slim-fit joggers, as it looks excellent that way. In addition, the polo t-shirt for men looks really elegant with many other combinations like when it is dressed with jeans and also with shorts as well.

Can you wear a polo shirt with gym shorts?

Oh, yea! You can wear a polo shirt with gym shorts. They look absolutely great when you pair them with shorts. You can put them in a casual setting environment, including the gym. you can decide to pair your outfit with any footwear of your choice.

Furthermore, the polo shirt can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. And it can be paired with long pants. 

Conclusion- Can I Wear Polo Shirts To Gym?

Polo shirts are applicable to wear to the gym, regardless of how weird they may look to others. There is some apparel you shouldn’t and should wear to the gym, and I have listed them in this article. 

Polo shirts are good clothes to put on with any bottom of your choice, including shoes. Other information you need to know about polo shirts was also discussed. I hope this article has provided the answers you need. 

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