Are Polo Shirts Attractive? Find Out!

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Not all guys used to fancy polo, and about 60% were probably forced to put on polo shirts during childhood. But now, it sort of looks like the new fashion trend, although you are not sure if they look so good. Questions like do polo shirts look cool? Will I look good in a polo shirt? and many more are being asked on the internet.

However, I would answer the popularly asked, likewise, other questions in this blog post. So, “Are Polo Shirts Attractive?”

Of course, polo shirts are so attractive. In fact, they are deemed as fashionable attire by guys. Polo shirts are the embodiment of plainness, yet attractiveness. Thus, utilizing them for office purposes, exercising, sports, and other occasions are an excellent choice.

Although when employing them for the workplace or any conventional occasion, you just need to obtain the one that fits well with your suit and would enhance your appearance in front of others. 

In addition, polo tops are accessible in diverse sleeves- short-sleeve and long-sleeve, and you can obtain whichever type you like or are comfortable with. Moving forward, I doubt if the long-sleeved polo top will look attractive, just pick the short-sleeved polo shirt.

And if you are not so sure of how you’d look when you put on the polo top for a formal event, you can often put them on to the gym or other casual places. 

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Why should I wear polo shirts?

For people that might still be doubting the attractiveness or classic impression of polo shirts, there are reasons why they should be your initial choice of cloth for any occasion. I’d share those reasons with you below for more information.

Here are the reasons why you should put on polo tops:

  • They look high-class.
  • Polo tops are manufactured with soft fabrics.
  • They come in diverse appealing styles. 

They look high-class 

One great aspect about polo tops is the fact that they are plain and have a single symbol on the chest that looks unbelievably amazing. Apart from this, their collars are a highlighting part that can highlight your neck and provide a better outlook for you. 

Also, it appropriately clings to the torso to flaunt your body features. Therefore, obtaining the one for you is an obvious and useful choice that you can make.

Polo tops are manufactured with soft fabrics

If you must agree with me, when purchasing any cloth either top, skirt, etc, you’d always try to search for the textile utilized if it is skin-friendly or too hard. Fortunately, polo shirts won’t even let you go through the stress of touching the textile or reading descriptions for the sort of cloth utilized. 

This is because they are all manufactured with very smooth fabrics that are not only skin-friendly but high-quality. Also, they are portable, hence, it will be a simple task for you to put on these polos. 

In addition, you can put on polo tops anywhere even when it is hot because the material gives air the free will to pass through to keep you cozy. 

They come in diverse appealing styles 

Finally, another greatest benefit of putting on polo tops is that they come in diverse appealing styling choices. This implies that you can choose anyone you prefer, according to the event or environment- either formal, casual, or business-casual. 

However, the most generally utilized polo shirt style is the short or half-sleeved style. And trust me, this polo shirt looks so dashing when it is worn with jeans. Although they also look so good when you pair them with other bottoms like mid-length shorts, joggers, and so on. 

What should I wear with polo shirts?

Polo shirts are the most universal apparel you can have in your closet because they can’t be worn with any bottom and footwear. However, for those that are not so sure of what to put on with their polo shirts, I’d share a few tips to help you below. 

Here are what you can put on with your polo shirts:

Any type of shorts 

During summer, everywhere is always so hot, you definitely can’t put on clothes that will make you uncomfortable. So, polo tops and any type of shorts you have is a good option. Pick a unicolor polo top and shorts to build a streamlined vogue. In general, just go for any style or color of these outfits. 

Do not tuck it in if you are wearing it in a casual environment that way you’d be more confident and free. 


If you work out or go to the gym often, joggers and polo shirts are a very good choice. You will be very comfortable while doing any of your sports or exercises because they are both lightweight and manufactured with light fabrics. 

Although ensure the polo shirts you choose for your workout or gym aren’t made with 100% cotton. Polo shirts made with only cotton will absorb all the sweats but won’t dry fast, making you uncomfortable working out. 


One of the best bottoms you can have in your closet is sweatpants. This bottom is so comfy, lightweight, and skin-friendly. It is made to keep you cool and dry when worn during winter. 

With your sweatpants and polo shirts, you can decide to pair them with your favorite sneakers (low-top sneakers to be precise). Ensure that both the sweatpants and polo shirts are fitted and not baggy such that you would look sloppy. 


Everyone loves denim jeans because they can be paired with any cloth, and of course, you will look so good in them. Likewise, your denim jeans can be paired with your polo shirts. So, when you are going out with your friends for a hangout or any party, you can wear this outfit and you will look absolutely cool. 

Don’t forget to pair them with your trainers or any footwear of your choice. The jeans shouldn’t be baggy, and the polo shirt should be fitted. If you like, you can carry your cross bag.


One reason why you can put on your polo shirt in a formal business setting is that you can pair it with your work jacket or blazers. 

With these two pairs, you will appear attractive, yet professional when you go to your workplace. You just have to make sure you choose a dark color for the jacket and a bright color of polo shirt that will stand out in between the jacket and in the crowd. 

Are polo shirts considered fashionable for men?

Oh, yea! Polo shirts are regarded as fashionable outfits for men. Honestly, they are basic clothing that I doubt if they can ever be in and out of fashion. Polo tops are versatile and a nice option for any occasion.

A lot of people stay away from putting on polo shirts because of the general belief that they look casual, but with the right fit and styling, polo tops are the perfect top you can have as a guy. 

Furthermore, big logos, color-block or brightly colored polo shirts or the brand printed across the front are not very trendy, a minimalist look is more fashionable are more trendy.

Note- The key is to choose a style that fits well and has a nice fabric. You can go for polo tops made with cotton or linen blends, as they tend to be the most comfortable and breathable.

Are Polo shirts considered formal? 

Polo shirts are not totally considered formal attire. Rather they are considered business-casual, casual, and semi-formal outfits. But in cases where the professional environment is friendly, you can then consider the polo tops as formal, if not, you will have to stick with the normal formal outfit. 

In addition to that, when going for interviews, irrespective of the flexible dress code, you can’t or shouldn’t put on a polo shirt. You have to put on a formal outfit, plus, you can’t even wear jeans to a job interview regardless of the company or type of job. 

Furthermore, there are some companies or diners where their top for both males and females is polo shirts. 


Are polo shirts still in style?

Of course, polo shirts are still in style. One thing you should always know is a polo shirt is a classic attire that is beyond what is in fashion. They have been in vogue since 1930, and trust me, they have been part of the basics that can’t go in and out of fashion. 

One or two polo shirts will always be found in anyone’s closet which is to tell you how popular and permanent they are in fashion. Although those with big logos are no more in style, the ones manufactured with simple logos will always be seen everywhere.

Conclusion- Are Polo Shirts Attractive? 

Polo shirts are attractive due to how simple and elegant they are. You can put them on with any bottom and footwear you have. Just make sure you pick the exact size of the polo top, and also the one manufactured with high-quality textile. 

The reasons why you should put on polo shirts have been discussed in detail in this blog post. I hope you get the answer you need. 

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