Is It Ok To Wear A Shirt While Swimming?

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Seeing people inside a swimming pool wearing shirts is not something we are used to. Why is it so, why don’t we see people jumping into the pools with their shirts on, are there disadvantages of swimming with your shirts inside the pool, is it just convention or there are safety and other concerns about this practice? These questions and more will form the bulk of what I will address in this post.

So, Is It Ok To Wear A Shirt While Swimming? Yes and No! Yes, because it is practically possible to wear a shirt while swimming. No, Because it is not advisable and it is in fact prohibited in most public swimming pools.

As explained in the section below. Wearing a shirt in a pool will increase your chance of getting drowned, introduce germs into the water and will also introduce clothing fibres to the pool filtration system, these clothing fibres can be a hell of a task to remove. So, to avoid these problems, take off your shirts before you get into the pool!

Can I wear my shirt to swim?

The way to look at this is to ask yourself why most people do not wear shirts while they swim. The thing is swimming with shirts is not allowed in community pools for safety and health reasons.

First, by wearing a shirt in a swimming pool, you increase your risk of drowning because your shirt will soak up water, increasing your weight, thereby increasing your weight.

Again, shirts will likely pollute the water in the pool by introducing germs and clustering the filtration system with loose strands. The only allowed cloth in a swimming pool is a swimsuit.

The most important law in a swimming pool is safety. It is not uncommon to find shirts banned in most swimming pools. The rule is not just for shirts alone. All kinds of normal wear are equally prohibited from the swimming pool to reduce the danger of drowning and enhance the quality of pool water.

However, if you own a private swimming pool, you may decide to break the rule and do whatever you like there. However, this is not advisable, it is recommended that you use standard swimming clothes when swimming especially if you are not an expert swimmer.

As an amateur swimmer, you don’t want to take the chances by wearing something that will increase your weight, reduce your mobility and put you at the risk of drowning. Also, removing tiny T-shirt clothing fibres from your pool filtration system can be a big task to accomplish. The summary is to swim in your swimsuit only.

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Why would one want to wear a shirt to swim?

As odd as it sounds, a lot of people do prefer to swim with their shirts on due to some reasons which include:

1. Protection from Ultraviolet Exposure:

Wearing extra clothing is an effective way to protect your skin from excess UV exposure especially if you are prone to sunburn. Of course, not everybody skins sunburns at the same rate.

The rate at which your skin sunburns will depend on your skin type and the Melanin Level. If you are wondering what melanin is, it is a brown pigment that protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

This means that people with darker skins have more melanin than people with fairer skins. So for fairer people who have low melanin, they have to find ways to protect themselves from UV rays and the options available to them are Subblock and long clothes.

For Swimmers, Sunblock is not a good alternative because it is greasy and oil and these conditions are very uncomfortable to swimmers. Again, the process of applying layers upon layers of sunblock can be strenuous especially if you are a swimmer that wants to stay long inside the pool.

The only option left for some swimmers who aren’t comfortable with sunblock is to wear a shirt to protect them from the damaging effects of UV rays.

2. Public Scrutiny

Shirts provide a level of comfort for people who are very shy or are very conscious about their bodies. It Is a fact that most swimsuits can be more revealing than most kinds of clothes we wear for social outings.

At some point, the clothes are so revealing that it is hard to tell the difference between the swimsuits and the underwear and this can be uncomfortable for some who are conservative.

Majorly, people who battle with bodily insecurities such as hairy, acute acne, body mark, overweight, underweight etc usually find it hard to expose their body while swimming. Again, some people are too modest and find exposing their bodies quite inappropriate This is another reason why some prefer wearing a shirt while swimming.

What happens if I still wear my shirt while swimming?

If you are wearing your normal shirt while swimming, you will notice that you will become heavier especially if you are wearing a cotton shirt. This is due to the absorption of water. You will also notice that your pace will reduce as your new weight (yourself and your wet clothes) will decrease your pace in water.

Can I float in my shirt while swimming?

Is it possible for my shirt to go over my head while swimming? This will depend on the type of shirt you are swimming with. If you are swimming with a shirt that has a button, the shirt may go over your head if the button is not firm enough.

Again, if the shirt is too big for your size, there is a possibility of the shirt going over your head. Furthermore, if the shirt is very light, there is more chance that this will happen. Finally,  a very strong wide tide can also cause the shirt to go over your head while swimming.

Can one drown from swimming with their shirt?

Well, to be frank, this is actually rare but the chance is there especially if you are yet to master how to swim. Wearing a shirt during swimming will add to your weight, decreasing your movement and in some rare cases can lead to drowning. This is why it is best to go swimming in a standard swimming suit.

4 Best lightweight shirt to wear while swimming

1. BALEAF Men’s Short Sleeve Solid Sun Protection Quick-Dry Rashguard Swim Shirt

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This is made from 100% polyester material. It is specially made to protect the wearer from the sun’s harmful rays. The fabrics are quick-drying, lightweight and breathable. It is perfect for athletic wear and comes with a boardshorts connector loop at the bottom helm that attaches the hash guard to boardshorts to prevent it from riding up.

2. TSLA 1 or 2 Pack Men’s Rashguard Swim Shirts

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This is specially designed for water sports and surfing. It offers 50 SPF/PF sun protection. It is designed to be durable, high-density fabrics and offers protection against rashes, abrasions and harmful ultraviolet rays. The material is stretchable with water shedding capability. The manufacturer advises that it should be washed separately before wearing.

3. Speedo men’s Uv Swim Shirt Short Sleeve Loose Fit Easy Tee

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This is also made from 100% polyester and offers UV block with UPF 50+ protective fabric. Its low moisture absorption for fast comfort makes it possible for the fabric to dry easily. The long-lasting soft and durable fabric makes this material last swim after swim without compromising shape or quality. It is also designed to be soft and breathable.

4. BALEAF Men’s Short Sleeve Rashguard Swim Shirt

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The swim shirt is made from a mixture of Nylon and Spandex in the ratio of four is to one. It is made from an excellent quick-drying and breathable material and offers premium sun protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It comes mostly in black colour and is designed with a raglan sleeve and adds enough room to move.

Is It Ok To Wear A Shirt While Swimming – Conclusion

I hope I was able to answer your questions about this topic. In Summary, swimming in your normal shirts is not a good idea. It reduces your movement in the water, thereby increasing your chances of being drowned.

There are specially designed swim shirts you can buy if you are not very comfortable with wearing the regular swimsuit. I will be happy to hear from you about what you feel about the subject matter. Kindly leave your comments and questions in the comment box and I will take it from there.

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