Why Is My Bathing Suit Disintegrating?

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Nothing lasts forever. Nonetheless, we always expect stuff we purchase with money to last for quite a while before they start going bad. Do you have a bathing suit, and are you wondering “Why is my bathing suit disintegrating?” Here is an answer for you.

Bathing suits are known to disintegrate from time to time, not because of the fabric or material used in production, but because of the harsh water conditions, and also the damaging effects of fats and oil on the cloth. Another reason — although not primary — is the low level of repeated exposure to chlorine.

Recent studies have also shown that bathing suits worn by individuals in warm water pool sites that are sanitized or oxidized with non-bleach halogens such as bromate compounds will disintegrate quicker than the same suits worn in chlorinated pools.

This is more of an indication that body oils and fat that are usually released due to warm water exposure will make a bathing suit go bad than the ones released when the body is exposed to sanitiser-oxidiser.

However, some manufacturers have looked for a way around this setback by making bathing suits with Antron rather than the conventional Lycra or spandex material. Just like Lycra, the Antron material is durable, shining, and resists fading no matter how much you wash or expose it to sunlight; they also dry very quickly.

How to minimize your bathing suit from disintegrating — making your bathing suit last longer

Now that we know why our bathing or swimsuits last the way they do, there are certain precautions we can take to ensure they stand the test of time.

1. Bath with fresh water before you step into a pool

I’m not talking about just having a regular shower, but having a regular shower with your bathing suit on. Once your bathing suit becomes saturated in freshwater, its ability to absorb chlorinated water reduces to the barest minimum compared to when your bathing suit isn’t properly saturated with fresh water.

2. Wash your bathing suit immediately after usage

Most of us are guilty of throwing away our bathing suits to God knows where anytime we come back from a pool or beach activity. This bad habit can weaken the fabric of the bathing suit material if repeated often.

Always ensure you wash your bathing suit immediately after use with freshwater; this will help remove the chlorine compound that would have gradually worn away the fabric.

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3. Don’t use a washing machine — use your hand

I know the washing machine was invented to replace the stress of washing clothes from our daily life, but except you want to spend more on getting new bathing suits from time to time, try washing your bathing suits with your bare hands.

Washing bathing suits in a washer — no matter how gentle the cycle is set — will affect the overall lifespan of your bathing suit. Washers have been proven to be too aggressive on bathing suits, and you’ll be doing yourself more than favour in the long term by wash your bathing suit by hand, after all, bathing suits aren’t usually very dirty, to begin with.

4. Remove all the water from your bathing suit after washing

Before you proceed to wash your bathing suit, take out time to properly squeeze out all the water contained in the suit to prevent it from smelling and stretching out. Get a dry towel, preferably one that you don’t use often, then squeeze as hard as you can.

5. Employ the use of suit saver on your bathing suit

Have you heard of a suit saver? Do you know how effective helps in neutralizing chlorine residue that is usually found on your bathing suit?

One sure way of making sure your bathing suit lasts longer than envisioned is to employ the use of a suit saver while washing your bathing suit.

They are very effective in neutralizing chlorine residue thereby extending the lifespan of your bathing suit whilst protecting the colour and elasticity compound – you couldn’t have wished for something better.

6. Don’t dry your bathing suit on a hanger after washing

If you have the habit of hanging your clothes on a hanger after washing, then I employ you to desist from such when it comes to hanging your bathing suit.

The reasoning being that hanging your bathing suit will cause all the chemicals on play to migrate to the bottom of the direction you hanged your bathing suit thereby causing it to disintegrate fast. Instead, hang your bathing suit by laying it flat on the floor, or hang them on a wooden chair.

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7. Avoid using a dryer or a spinner

Using a dryer or a spinner, or using any machine at all will rapidly increase the wear and tear of your bathing suit. Most of the spinners you see in a gym aren’t for bathing suits but for towels. The same way chlorine isn’t healthy for your Lycra material is the same way such machines harm your clothes as well. Do well to avoid them for the sake of longevity.

8. Remove the liner if necessary

Some liners are known to reduce the lifespan of a bathing suit, especially the ones with tummy control. The moment you notice any slight failure on the part of your liner, do well to carefully remove it to elongate the lifespan of your bathing suit. Most bathing suits aren’t transparent when wet and as such, you wouldn’t be at a loss when the liner isn’t present.

9. Have more than one pair

You are likely to complain a lot about your bathing suit disintegrating if you only have one pair. Having two or more pairs will ensure that each bathing suit is used less, thereby, increasing the overall lifespan of the pairs in the process.

The same way you aren’t encouraged to have only one pair of underwear is the same way you are encouraged to have more than one pair of bathing suits.

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10. Don’t dry your bathing suit under the sun

Experts have suggested you air-dry your bathing suit rather than hanging it under the sun. The reason being that hanging your bathing suit under the hot sun will effectively bleach and destroy the elasticity of the fabric making it lose its value and beauty in the process. Instead, hang under a shade that has lots of air room. Let the air do the drying – not the heat.

11. Sit down on a towel

Anytime you find the urge to sit down in a pool, don’t sit with your bare bathing suit, rather, sit down on a towel. Sitting down on rough surfaces can cause your bathing suit to wear out, snag, or even tear if it gets hooked to a sharp object sprouting out from the seat.

If you feel carrying a towel around isn’t ideal for you, using a sarong will also help the cause. With a sarong tied around your waist, you never have to worry about where you sit.

12. Don’t leave loose stitches hanging out for too long

The moment you notice a thread or a loose part of your bathing suit sticking out, attending to it ASAP will help prevent it from losing further. Don’t just assume it would fix itself like every other thing in your life. You can simply and gently stretch out the seam sticking out to have an even look.

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13. Keep your bathing suits in a drawer when not in use for long periods

Clothing experts have suggested putting your bathing suit in a drawer or a closet instead of vacuum-packing your suit as it can have a detrimental effect on the elasticity of your bathing suit when you intend to wear them.

14. Treat your bathing suit before you wearing it for the first time

Treating your bathing suit before wearing it for the best time will elongate its lifespan. Simply mix one tablespoon of vinegar with about one quart of water then soak for about 30-minutes. Dry the suit by laying it on a flat surface, and only wear it when it is totally dry.

What should I look for when buying a bathing suit?

There are lots of things that play through the human mind when shopping for bathing suits; you might consider following the normal trends, or better still, deciding if a bikini or a one-piece suit will do the magic for you. However, there are lots of basic things you should consider before settling on a decision, and I will be outlining some of them below:

It has to fit

Forget the design, for now, forget if it matches your skin tone, there’s something that beats all other attributes, and that’s your bathing suit fitting you exclusively – don’t compromise on this fact. A bathing suit has to fit you before you should consider if its design is what you need.

Look out for support

Ladies with large boobs are advised to consider shopping for bathing suits with bands located under the adjustable chest area. Experts have also advised ladies consider bathing suits with straps having a crisscross design behind them due to the function and design they bring to the table.

Have a mental idea of what you need

This comes in handy when you already have a bathing suit. Before setting out to make a purchase, wear the one(s) you already have and have a mental picture of what you like or desire about the bathing suit and also what you would love to improve on if you had another option. This will help you in settling for a choice quicker than you would ordinarily have.

Don’t be handicapped in your design choices

Settling for the norm when it comes to making a design choice will make you lose out on other amazing benefits the other designs might offer you.

If you have only worn a one-piece bikini bathing suit, for instance, consider trying out a bikini and see how it looks and vice-versa. You would be amazed at the changes a change might bring to your overall appearance – the world is changing, and so should you.

Look for features in a bathing suit that exposes areas of your body you are confident about

If you have a breast you want to show off, or you simply want to draw attention to your top half, get a ruffled bathing suit. Anyone looking to draw attention to their décolletage should try out a plunging neckline.

Finally seeking the opinion of others you can trust will also help you settle for options that are fitting since we happen to be our own worst critic.

Don’t rule out online shopping either; online shopping gives you the comfort of having to change from your home and since you have the option of return, you definitely have nothing to lose.


How do I keep my swimsuit from dry rotting?

Keeping your swimsuit from dry rotting is the same as elongating the lifespan of your swimsuit. Having explained it in great detail in the first section of this article, here is the summary of how you can achieve the said result:

  • Don’t iron your swimsuit
  • Rinse your swimsuit in fresh water after swimming
  • Avoid wring-drying or spinning your swimsuit in a dryer
  • Don’t use a washer to wash your swimsuit
  • Avoid using bleach on your swimsuit
  • Prep your swimsuit before wearing it by soaking it in vinegar and water mixture using a measurement of one tablespoon for the vinegar and per quart for water).

Follow the above steps and your suit should be fine.

How do you neutralize chlorine in a bathing suit?

Chlorine can be easily neutralized in a bathing suit by adding about three tablespoons of vinegar to about a quartz of fresh cool water, then soak your bathing suit for about thirty minutes to neutralize the chlorine. You are also advised to take your bath with fresh water whilst putting on your bathing suit before getting into the pool.

Can you fix dry rot in clothes?

You can’t fix dry rot in clothes per se, but you can prevent further rot as long as the pH balance of the said cloth reads between 4 and 5. Simply wash the cloth with a good detergent to prevent the deterioration from spreading further.

Can fabric rot?

Yes, the fabric can rot if it is moist and isn’t given enough room to dry. Fabric rot can also happen when the cloth doesn’t dry completely or is stored in a very humid area or environment.

Why Is My Bathing Suit Disintegrating – Conclusion

Bathing suits are made with special fabrics to fit their use and purpose, and that’s why it’s important to use them properly if you hope to get the best out of them. I hope the guidelines shared in this article will be of great help to you. Feel free to drop your comments or observation in the comment section if you have any. Cheers!!!

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