Why Do Track Runners Wear Bikini Bottoms?

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To many, the word “bikini” is easily associated with swimming and other aquatic events which have made many ask why do track runners wear bikini bottoms during competitions.

For those who might wonder what a bikini is, a bikini is a swimsuit mostly worn by women but with the changes going on in the world today, there are actually male versions available, although it’s not exactly called a “bikini” for the guys.

Back to the question, Why Do Track Runners Wear Bikini Bottoms? Track runners will do everything to maximize their speed, and it’s one of the reasons that top the list when one wonders why they wear bikini bottoms such as this Nike Solid Performance Sport Bikini Bottom

Aside from being fast, track runners also want to be comfortable for as much as they can during the events. These clear facts haven’t stopped criticism from pouring in either as some persons have simply placed the choices of athletes who wear a bikini for simply “fashion”.

They argue that while bikinis can help improve athlete performance, some have chosen to wear it simply because it reveals some sensitive body parts which should be kept hidden.

One example they have chosen to back their claim has been the viral photo of two professional volleyball athletes who excel in their field – Doaa Elghobashy of Egyptian origin and Kira Walkenhorst of German origin.

The photo shows Doaa completely covered from head to toe, albeit with movable clothing which owes to her faith, while Kira was simply wearing a bikini.

The critics argue that the clothing Doaa adorned didn’t stop her from performing at the very top in the beach volley tournament whereas, Kira simply felt the urge to expose her sensitive parts all in the name of playing sports.

However, what these critics have failed to understand is that Doaa is a revered Muslim, a faith that mandates her to dress the way she did, and another factor they didn’t put into consideration is the sport involved – beach volleyball.

Tracks runners are not looking to outsmart an opponent by smacking a moving object around, rather, they try to maximize their speed, acceleration, and comfort in the best way possible, and one of the best ways to achieve such has to be the clothing attire.

No one might stop you from wearing baggy pants to sporting competition, but don’t complain when your performance suffers as a result.

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Why you should wear a bikini bottom or something similar

Here are some of the reasons why track runners wear bikini bottoms:

1. Reduce wind resistance, increase speed

The same reason why the tip of an airplane isn’t flat or pointy, sports cars are shaped in a way that makes them look like a needle, birds that fly have pointy beaks and not flat ones are the same reason why a runner should wear a bikini bottom – to reduce wind resistance

Have you ever tried running in baggy short? It’s downright exhausting – to say the least. Then try running with something skimpy like a bikini and see the world of difference it makes to your performance. No track runner will want to work against his/her success, and since bikini shorts maximize speed it becomes easy to see why they are the preferred option.

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2. For comfort

For track runners, comfort is something they look out for when choosing their apparel due to the effects it has on their psychology. When runners are comfortable in their apparel, they have the right weapon in their arsenal to boost their confidence and motivate them to win.

Bikinis might leave certain parts of your body exposed, but it also means that the leg area is not covered with sweat and constricted by clothing materials. Leg muscles are more relaxed when they don’t run out of oxygen.

Although we have sweat-wicking apparels used by joggers on early morning runs, professional athletes have found the bikini more rewarding and comforting due to the amount of air it allows the leg and other parts of the body necessary for a successful performance to enjoy.

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Another way a bikini comes in handy for the ladies is when it comes to breast movement when running. The bikini top helps to put the breast in places when running on the tracks. This is a rewarding experience ladies enjoy since the random movement of the breast when running can be very detrimental to one’s comfort and performance – especially when they are big.

3. The less the clothing, the better

Not that I’m advocating for athletes to start running naked, or anything of that sort, what I simply mean is that athletes will do more when there is little holding them back – the same way everyone will do well when they are fewer bills to pay.

As stated earlier, less clothing gives you more advantage when running which has a psychological effect on your winning mentality. This claim is also backed up by the British Journal of General practice when it stated that “habits are defined by actions that are triggered automatically in response to contextual cues that have been associated with their performance.”

We all want a better way of achieving the best result and one way the world has gone about it is to make things smaller than they use to be – we have seen such changes in the technological aspects of our lives such as TV sets getting slimmer and slimmer by the day, cell phones becoming slicker by the hour, and basically everything else you see around you.

Athletes are also looking for ways to improve their performance and boost their productivity, and one of the easy places to start has to be what they wear.

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What other outfit can athletes wear to boost their performance? (things to consider)

Aside from bikinis, any cloth that gives your muscles the freedom to express themselves should be encouraged. However, aside from muscle freedom, there are lots of things a track athlete should consider when choosing their sporting gear in general. Some of these considerations are listed below;

Compressive tops

Compressive tops are greatly encouraged for track athletes because they help streamline the body to move in sync with the wind. However, there are lots of things to consider when choosing compressive tops – for a fact that a cloth hugs your body doesn’t necessarily make it ideal for running.

Moisture-wicking properties

A clothe shouldn’t just hug your body for the sake of showcasing your sexiness or showing off your 6-packs, compressive tops should be able to wick sweat away from your body and provide your skin with a cool atmosphere to feel more relaxed and perform better than expected.

Muscle recovery

Such cloth should also have the ability to aid muscle recovery and ensure your muscles are not completely suffering from the effects of running. This also includes shorts or pants that can be worn during practice or early morning workouts.

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Compression clothes and are known to have other attributes such as breathability and stretchiness. They might be expensive, but the benefits they bring to your running game will definitely outlive their price range shortly.

Running socks

I don’t think there is anyone out there who intends going pro in the tracks game and still runs without the appropriate kind of socks – you might as well just consider ending your career before it even kicks off due to the blisters you might suffer as a result.

The right type of running socks (click here for more details) should be able to wick sweat and moisture away from your foot which are the primary foundations for blisters to occur. Also, good running socks will be equipped with the right padding to fit properly with your running shoe.

Another factor you should look out for when choosing your running socks is the synthetic blend – just like socks that help wick away sweat and moisture from your feet, socks with synthetic blend also help to prevent blisters such as socks with a combination of polyester and cotton.

The style of socks to wear is entirely up to the runner. Some might choose low-ankle socks or high ankle socks, but my candid advice will be to choose the socks you are more comfortable in. Generally, pro athletes will prefer to run in lower socks during the summer and higher socks length during the winter.

Sun protection

Before an actual race, track runners have to practice, and this practice is likely to take place outdoors than indoors. Aside from wearing compression clothes to help wick away sweat and moisture from your body to give you a more comfortable feel, consider using a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or more. Sunglasses will prevent your eyes from UVB and UVA rays.

Track runners are also advised to use stick formulations because they prevent the sunscreen from getting into the eyes.

Visors or a hat will be a good investment – aside from preventing damaging sunrays, these sorts of hats also help to absorb sweats from the head area that also prevents the sun. Try getting a pair of sunglasses to help guard your eyes against damaging rays from the sun.

Running shoes

After considering what to wear, the next most important – if not even the most important – is your running shoe. Having the right kind of running shoe on your feet will not only enhance your performance on the tracks but will also prevent you from unnecessary injuries especially if you run sprint races.

Sprint racing shoes are usually lighter than long racing shoes, so depending on your type of race, get the shoe that fits the occasion.

Factors to consider when choosing your running shoes?

Cushion and lightweight

A runner who should be concerned about the cushion of their shoes should be a long-distance runner. Short distance runners should rather be concerned about the lightweight of their shoes above everything else – the more cushion a running shoe has, the less lightweight it becomes. Just like I stated earlier, use the shoe that suits your kind of running.

Tread of the shoe

Running shoe trends will also differ depending on the surface on which they are used. Shoes with deep and rough threads such as this are very ideal for running on very rough terrains that require a certain level of traction while running shoes with a shallow tread design are very ideal for track and road runners. Running shoes with deeper treads also tend to have more cushion compared to shoes with shallow treads.

Sport Watch

I don’t have to emphasize the importance of a Sports Watch, although I don’t recommend it on you while running in a competitive completion, especially the short distance races – one has to remain as light as possible. However, it is advised that track runners have an idea of how much they were able to accomplish during a training session in other to improve on their stat and also challenge themselves to do more – you can achieve all that and more using a sports watch.

Sport Watches come in different designs and brands, but this sports watch, in particular, comes very highly recommended by track athletes across the globe.


Why do female athletes wear crop tops?

Same thing for why female athletes wear bikini tops – for enhanced performance and productivity. While some might feel offended by the too much skin being on display, everyone should note that the male community will also feel the need to expose certain parts of their body as long as it becomes beneficial to their performance.

Why do female athletes wear undershorts?

Some female athletes see the need to wear undershorts because of panty lines that get too visible when worn underneath very tight compressive shorts. However, some compressive shorts are designed to cover panty lines regardless of how tight they might appear.

Why do girls wear short shorts?

For easy movement and performance. Short shorts will help the athlete express herself however she might want to react to a particular situation.

Why Do Track Runners Wear Bikini Bottoms – Conclusion

Bikini bottoms have helped evolve the performance of athletes in running sports as a whole. While they should be some sort of decency in how female athletes portray themselves, it is important that we also look at how these outfits can help improve the overall performance of the people who wear them. Cheers!!!

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