Why Do Old Guys Wear Speedos? Let’s Find Out

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There are lots of funny sights to behold in a beach environment, but one of them that topped my list was seeing aged men with protruded bellies walking around the beach with speedos briefs. Common man! These dudes don’t just want to accept the fact that they are ageing in any way.

I spoke to one of them whilst sourcing for research material for this article and his answer was “age is a thing of the mind”. Hmmm, so why do old guys wear speedos?

Based on the many interviews I conducted, one of the answers that seem to be uniform from the lips of all the men interviewed was comfort. In summary, they felt the speedos briefs gave them something extra in terms of enjoying their time on the beach, as well as extra leg mobility.

Aside from the reason spelt out above, here are other reasons some OGs gave based on my interview:

Reasons why old guys/men wear speedos

They look flattering

According to a swimmer I met on a beach in Florida who would prefer to be anonymous, said and I quote “I feel the speedos you see me wearing has the tendency to bring out the sexiness of my youth, and a perfect example would be you being already attracted by what you see.

I tried letting him know I was carrying out research on this subject and was not by any means attracted to him because of his briefs, but he wasn’t having any of it. I simply thanked him for his time and fled the scene before he accuses me of asking him out on a date.

They are very comfortable

Speaking to a grandpa who simply wants to be called Ben, he said “I felt the normal swim trunks were enough for me, but unfortunately I tend to get a bit dragged down when inside a pool. I spoke to a colleague about it and he recommended the speedos swimsuit.

Ever since I tried it on, I haven’t experienced any sort of drag or weight down. I now enjoy my swimming, and it’s something I literally look forward to doing”.

Ben speaks the mind of most OG and everyone in this regard. Speedos briefs are known to be very comfortable and fit regardless of one’s body shape or size. It’s no wonder they are a household name when it comes to swimming trunks.

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They speak volumes in terms of confidence

Grandpa Daniel feels the reason for putting on speedos is mainly down to the confidence he has in his body “I’m 75, but do I look 75?” I answered with a negative nod, then he continued, “well, it’s all down to my personal lifestyle and personal choices.

Even at my age, I have a great body because I look after myself and what goes inside me. You mind find it hard to believe, but I get passes from younger girls as well as compliments from people in my age group.

While this makes me feel great about myself, one way to keep up with the good work about myself is to simply wear something that shows the world the result of my hard work and endurance, and what better way than the speedos briefs?”

In all honesty, grandpa Daniel has a good body build, and I honestly doubted his age when he first told me. Anyone who had the sort of body structure he has would definitely feel the urge to showcase it once in a while, especially when you consider the kind of hard work he put in.

They lift the butt area

A man who would prefer to remain anonymous and in his late seventies had this to say “my age has got my bum looking like a sack of tomatoes which would have been something to be ashamed of, but when I discovered how speedos trunks tend to elevate my bum and give it the required fit that made it look like how it was twenty years ago, I couldn’t help but embrace it.”

True to his words, speedos are designed to cinch the butt and keep it tight in such a way that fits the wearer. You might not have a great butt, but with what Mr John Doe had to say; you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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Easy to pack up

Some tourists ranging between 50-75 years of age based on my estimate generally preferred packing speedos briefs to other types of swim trunks because they said it occupies less space in their backpack. According to Mr Richie, who should be in his late fifties, “I prefer speedos to other swimsuits because they are very light and comfortable to wear, and they do not occupy much space in my backpack when packing for a trip”.

They have lovely patterns

Mr Juan felt the reason he settled for his choice was because of the pattern and looks “can’t you see how lovely they look? I mean, one can’t help but notice these lovely designs. I know it sounds weirds, but these are the main reasons why I picked this speedos brief – besides, they are very comfortable and relaxing especially when I am out of the water. They dry quickly too”.

Most of the speedos I have come across tend to have bold colours, so I was a little set back when he said the briefs he was putting on were speedos. They didn’t look too fancy to me, but as the saying goes, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Click here to see an example of what he wore.

After my research, I couldn’t help but notice how happy the “old guns” were in their attire. I still find it weird though, but at least, I bought into their various reasons of comfort and wanting to relive their youthful experience even though it made some of them look hilarious, to say the least. Well, it’s their moment, not mine or anyone else’s, so they have every right to feel the way they want to feel.

(sorry, I wasn’t granted permission to upload the pictures of these men as they weren’t comfortable with the idea; only pa Daniel was down for it, but my cell phone died. Kindly bear with me).

What else can old guys wear?

Other swim trunks spotted on older gins include square legs swimsuits, swim trunks, and swim jammers.

Square legs

Square legs are very similar to speedo briefs in terms of style and material design, however, they offer more coverage than the regular speedo briefs. Old guys who aren’t too tall should go for smaller seams of say 3″ inches to look smart and catchy as they would like.

Swim trunks

Swim trunks come in various sizes and colours, however, they can be worn for comfort and versatility. It would be really weird to see a senior citizen walking about in speedos briefs, especially when he isn’t close to the water, but with swim trunks, you tend to wander off easily without getting any weird stare or looks.

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Swim jammers

Swim tights are ideal for senior citizens who have certain masculinity they want to expose. They bring out the full structure of the middle section of the body just like swim briefs, and they are also very ideal for swimming without any risk of chaffing. In terms of coverage, they offer more coverage than swim briefs, and they can also be worn around the swimming area comfortably.

Here are other dress codes suitable for old people in case you want to make a suggestion to your grand-dad when you go visiting:

Dress code ideas for old guys

Going for an occasion other than swimming with someone elderly will leave you with some unanswered questions regarding their cloth choices. Here are some clothing ideas you can suggest to them, that’s if they are willing to listen because I know my own grandpa to be a very strict individual.

Smart outfits (formal)

Smart outfits such as a nice pair of white long sleeve t-shirts are ideal when it comes to going out to a father-daughter dance or graduation. Depending on the weather, he can choose to wear a suit with matching trousers and black shoes.

Classic wool suits aren’t out of place either, however, velvet suit jackets also come highly recommended for such important occasions.

A semi-formal look

If the looks describe above feels too expensive for your purse, you can opt for something more semi-formal like a simple dinner jacket followed by black tie and normal pants. You could also choose to spice things up a little by including a cool eyes glass and a belt to match the colour of his shoes (all men should know this).

Casual dressing

If the event is carried out in a place where there will be loads of fun activities such as a park, you could opt for a T-shirt so that he doesn’t overdress for the occasion.

He could match this up with a pair of plain trousers and comfortable shoes. You could even take things up a notch by including a hat and a pair of sunglasses if the said event would be carried out outdoors, but ensure his sight is stable else, he would be better off with his medicated glasses.


I don’t know how cool your grandpa is with wearing a wristwatch, but they sure look very good on the elderly. Most grandpas I know tend to have a favourite leather watch which they wear all the time. Ensure the colour of his shoes matches the watch if he isn’t required to tuck in his shirt.

You can choose to go for shorts for your dad, but these are only ideal for outdoor events. On formal occasions such as birthday parties, a formal dress code is required to make him look sharp and consistent with the events happening around him.


Is wearing a speedo weird?

Personally, I don’t think it’s weird at all, but I think it has a lot to do with the setting of the environment. Take, for instance, it’s easy to spot people wearing speedos briefs in a beach and public pool setting, however, people are likely to see you as creepy if you wore the same speedos to a pool mostly visited by children – some might even say you are immodest.

Then there are the swimming activities too; using speedos for lap swimming is very effective in terms of enhancing one’s performance and productivity when compared to trunks.

Do guys wear speedos under board shorts?

Yes, they do, but this is down to some factors. First off, board shorts are known to come with lining or netting as the case may be, but despite this, guys are known to remove the netting involved due to the discomfort they feel as a result.

On the other hand, some board shorts do not come with netting or lining which is bound to leave a lot to the imagination, and as such, guys are known to wear something underneath. Sometimes, it could be swimming boxers, and in some rear cases, they just use their speedos swim briefs.

Do Olympic swimmers wear jockstraps?

Jockstraps are worn by competitive swimmers – be it in the Olympics or in any other event – but they can also be worn by normal individuals who just take part in a swimming contest.

Do swimmers wear speedos?

Yes, they do. As a matter of fact, speedos were first worn in the Melbourne Olympics and actually got the name “speedos” from the company making them which has stuck to this day. Speedos are designed for competitive swimmers to give them the edge inside water by reducing drag and friction.

Why do swimmers wear their speedos low?

This is usually very common with amateur swimmers. They feel it provides more comfort when low as it helps when bending their bodies which makes it easier to dive.

Why Do Old Guys Wear Speedos – Conclusion

If you are like me who once found it weird to see senior citizens walk around in speedos especially on beaches, then I hope the personal account of some of these men would help ratify your notion on this subject – like it has ratified mine. Kindly drop your comment and observations in the comment section. Cheers!!!

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