Why Do Guys Wear Boxers Under Swim Trunks?

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One of the common sites you are likely to see on beaches if you look closely – apart from ladies trying to outshine each other in their new swimsuits – are guys wearing boxer briefs with their swim trunks. Most guys don’t even know the reason behind this fashion trend, they just tend to follow the tide. But, why do guys wear boxers under swim trunks, or why should they?

Guys who wear boxers under swimming trunks do so to prevent chafing. Chafing is a situation that occurs when the body rubs against a clothing material with excess friction, thereby, hurting the surface of the skin in the process. The longer it occurs; the more pain a person feels in the affected area. The boxer briefs help to reduce this; especially in swim trunks without liner or netting as the case may be.

Aside from boxer briefs, there are other clothing items you can wear to prevent chafing from happening; let’s take a look at some of them:

What do guys wear under swim trunks?

There’s hardly a guy out there who wears their swim trunks without putting on any underwear, although, many men are now taking on the initiative of leaving the “middle man” totally free to rumble and jumble as he so pleases. In any case, below are what a guy can wear under a swim trunk without the risk of chafing or any unpleasant discomfort.

Being naked underneath

As stated earlier, you can choose to simply leave your genitals swinging freely as long as you are proud of their size and achievements.

The freedom of not wearing anything underneath a swim trunk is better experienced than explained, however, you might find the netting included in swim trunk designs useful in this regard, due to the support it gives the genital area.

There is a downside to this though; you might have many onlookers looking at your genitals especially if the size is something we should all admire. Nonetheless, if you have nothing to be ashamed of, you might as well just let them fill their imagination with anything they choose.

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Don’t wear cotton

Most of the boxer briefs we have in the market today are made up of cotton which can cause you a lot of trouble when wet. Swimming experts have suggested that you shouldn’t, for any reason, wear cotton under your swim trunk regardless of how comfortable you feel.

However, there are swim briefs that can be worn like regular underwear and are very ideal to be worn under swim trunks without having any chafing concerns thereafter.

If you still need further proof as to why you shouldn’t wear materials made of cotton under your regular swim trunk – except specially designed for such purpose – then you should note that cotton does not dry very fast and is known to aid chafing especially when wet.

Do you want to go right ahead to wear your favourite brief to the beach or pool? Do you don’t just care about the aftermath of your swimming experience? Then kindly ignore this advice and based on the current fact on the ground, you can rest assured you would regret it.

Wearing swim shorts with netting or lining

Another option to consider if you feel your “big man” needs to be specially covered is to get swim trunks or board shorts with lining. While this might sound rewarding or probably the best option available, it should please you to know that 99% of male swimmers do not find the netting design in swim shorts comfortable – to say the least.

I know I can sound hyperbolical at times, but there’s a small chance you will fall under the 1% bracket of men who don’t see anything wrong with netting.

The majority of the complaints have actually been how cagy it can be, especially for the fellas who are “big” down there, and even the fellas who are average or tiny in that region tend to complain of issues I can’t really relate with. Anyways, here’s another option for you – take it or leave it.

Swimming underwear

Not swimming briefs or pants, but swimming underwear. These are probably the best option for anyone who seeks to wear something underneath their swimming trunk when swimming.

A perfect example would be the Volcom swimming underwear which is primarily designed to be worn under any swimming trunk of your choice. Asides from swimming, it can also be worn as casual underwear if you so choose.

Thanks to the body mapping technology imbibed in its design, the underwear tends to react to your body’s physical activity, thereby, making it adapt to any physical change or movement you tend to make – a technology that totally eliminates chafing of any kind.

It is also made without visible seams to provide you with the maximum comfort attainable in underwear. Click here for more details.

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Another option to consider when it comes to swimming underwear is DryDudz. This underwear is designed like compression shorts and can be worn under any swimming trunk of your choice. The fabric technology allows for both machine wash or hand wash depending on your preference.

It actually gets better; DryDudz is designed with the eco-friendly dry-thru tech that helps to wick moisture away from the skin whilst controlling moisture. It can also be worn as swim shorts or swim shorts underwear, depending on your mood or preference at the time.

If you don’t just want to go through the stress of spending twice on both a swim trunk and underwear, then I suggest you try out the following alternatives to swim shorts that require underwear.

Swim shorts that don’t need an underwear

Swim briefs

Swim briefs such as speedo and the likes will not require you to wear underwear beneath since they are already designed to appear as one.

  • The downside: Their designs leave a lot to the imagination, and they can’t be worn very far from the pool or beach area – one would need a towel or a normal short for proper coverage if the need arises to stretch the legs far from the pool.

Square leg swim shorts

Square leg swim shorts offer more coverage than swim briefs, and most are known to come with lining which offers support to the genitals. They have a certain sex appeal when worn by well-built males and are very common among them.

  • The downside: While they remove the stress of having to wear or purchase swimming underwear, guys who aren’t physically blessed with endurance to increase their body mass might end up looking like toothpicks dressed in clothes.

Swimming compression shorts

Swimming compression shorts are probably the best in this category because they offer maximum comfort, decent coverage, and length, and can serve as both swim shorts or swim short underwear. The only downside to this choice is that you might look silly wearing them on ordinary days, a fact that applies to every choice on this list.

Type of men’s underwear

An easy guide to solving the conundrum involved with swimming underwear will be to know the types of male underwear we have available. This knowledge will help you identify the kind of underwear that suits you effectively whilst providing you with several other options available.


Briefs are probably the first underwear made known to mankind. I say so with so much certainty because I have a picture of my great-grandfather in his briefs. They are the gentle man’s option and will look good on probably anyone who wears them. Briefs are classified into three categories namely: full rise briefs, mid-rise briefs, and low rise briefs respectively.

Full rise briefs

Full rise briefs are designed with the waist-high – a little below the navel (belly button). This means that the stomach gets to get a smooth surface to function. They can be worn with our regular wears when going out for formal and informal occasions, as well as, normal contact sports.

Mid-rise briefs

The mid-rise briefs are designed in such a way to fit directly on the waist. Just like the full rise briefs, mid-rise briefs can be worn to any sort of occasion either formal or informal, as well as, any moderate sporting event.

Low rise briefs

Low rise briefs simply go straight to the point by covering the genitals, leaving a major section of the laps exposed. They are only ideal for jeans having a low waist, and shorts.

Boxer briefs  

The boxer briefs take their origin from the original briefs discussed above, but this modern design ensures proper coverage of the thigh while sitting high on the waist region and providing you with the full comfort needed.  They are ideal for a gym workout and can be worn for every sporting activity and everyday outing.

Boxer shorts

If you are someone like me who prefers breathability or in simpler words “air”, to support, then this boxer short is ideal for you.

Boxer shorts are known to be preferred over the majority of men’s underwear designs because they are easy to maintain and are relatively cheaper. They can be worn with any sort of clothing and are very ideal for any sort of outing or outdoor event.

Men’s thongs

I personally find this strange, but men do have their own version of thongs. The design entails a string that’s attached to a fabric serving as the waistband. The coverage provided by the men’s thong is strictly for the genitals, and they are usually ideal for sun-tanning. I wouldn’t recommend it to be worn for any formal or informal event.

Men’s thongs can further be divided into G-string and wider thongs (T-shaped).

Men’s G-strings

G-strings for men are ideal for beach activities and sun tanning, but they shouldn’t be worn to any formal or informal occasion. They are also ideal if you are simply okay with the coverage of your “big man” and nothing else.

Wider thongs (T-shaped)

This set of thongs offer more coverage of the front section than the G-string, and also boasts of having thicker waistbands as well.


Anyone who is involved or hopes to be involved in any sporting activities known for their rigours such as American football, martial arts, or cycling, is strongly advised to adorn jockstraps to fully protect the testicles and environs from any sort of injuries you might encounter in the process of participating in the sport.

The pouch in front in front is designed to provide the athlete with support, while leg bands are present in the design to connect the waist area to the waistband.

They can be worn for any kind of sports involving more body movement and are also ideal for tight pants or sports uniforms.

Other types of boxer briefs include C-string, tights, Tanga, and mankini.


Do guys wear briefs under boxers?

Definitely, but the real intention behind this act is to give a false impression that they are actually putting on boxers instead of briefs. All they need to do is expose the waistband of the brief they are putting on and wola! You are deceived… I really don’t know what’s there to be ashamed about.

What’s the difference between men’s board shorts and swim trunks?

They look almost the same in terms of style and purpose, but the major difference here is the length. Board shorts tend to be longer than swim trunks, and board shorts are usually designed to be more narrow compared to swim trunks. An average board short is usually 7” long, while swim trunks will usually not exceed 5.5” – depending on the size.

Do most guys wear boxers?

Based on statistics taking from clothing stores, the majority of guys prefer boxers, but there has been a good amount who are strictly inclined to briefs. It all depends on the individual though. However, if you mean “do all guys prefer going naked?” then I can emphatically tell you NO – not everybody is insane as it seems.

How do I know if my shorts are swim trunks?

One can easily differentiate between an ordinary short and a swim trunk by the fabric texture. Swim trunks are generally made with spandex or Lycra material, while ordinary shorts are made with cotton. Swim trunks dry quickly compared to ordinary shorts made with cotton as well.

Why Do Guys Wear Boxers Under Swim Trunks – Conclusion

Naked or not, ensure you are comfortable with your decision in the long run. Swim trunks are designed to make you get the best out of water activities regardless of how you choose to wear them. I hope you picked a thing or two from this piece. Kindly drop your comment and observations in the comment section. Cheers!!!

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