Why Do Guys Like Bikinis? Find Out

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Bikini is generally seen as female wear for beach and other outdoor events. However, recent trends have shown that a good number of guys have also joined in the use of bikinis. A simple observation of the beach near you will confirm what I am saying, you are likely to see one or more guys rocking his bikini proudly.

So, the question most people ask is why do guys like bikinis? Is there anything wrong with a guy deciding to wear one? Are there specially made bikinis for men? These questions and more will form the bulk of our discussion in this post. Let’s get started!

Why do some guys like bikinis? As weird as it sounds, there are some men who prefer wearing bikinis over conventional swimsuits. Some of the reasons are that they are less expensive on average compared to regular swimwear, they have a little thinner material to make them feel more comfortable.

They are not designed for swimming competitions and so they are a bit freer. Unlike swimwear, Bikinis do not compress or smash everything down to make you look like you have no body parts.

Also, some guys wear bikinis because by appearing different from others, they tend to get the attention of other people and become the subject of the day’s discussion, more like they wear it for fame. 

Can Boys Wear Bikinis?

Well, let me assume that what you mean is the bikini bottom because there is no point in wearing the bikini top as a guy!

Yes, you can wear a bikini bottom as a guy, there is nothing absolutely wrong. Although it is worn by women mainly, there is no rule that prohibits guys from wearing them.

There are guys that prefer to wear bikini bottom as their favourite water sportswear for some reasons best known to them

What Do Guys See In Bikinis?

Men Love Bikini because it is the closest thing to seeing a man being naked. A Bikini Reveals almost the part of the body of the wearer.

For a woman, you can see her stomach, tights, shoulders, arms, and a good part of her breast. The only thing that is covered is just the nipples and the down under.

A bikini is even more revealing than a woman wearing Bra and panties and this explains why they are popular in magazines, social media and entertainment websites and blogs. It is sexy and it is no surprise that men love seeing girls rock them.

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Is It Wrong To Tell People I Like Bikinis As A Guy? 

No, it is not wrong!

It is your choice to decide what you want to wear or not. There is nothing wrong in telling someone that you like Bikini as a guy. There are many people like you all over the world who wear the same for different reasons.

There are also many companies producing men’s bikinis, this should tell you that it is no longer something to be ashamed of.

Are There Bikinis Made For Guys? 

Yes, there are bikinis specially made for men. One of the most famous bikinis among men is the Diets Bondi Bikini. It has a front contoured pouch and comes in three colour patterns of Navy blue and yellow, Black and Red and Black and yellow.

At the front is a thin coloured vertical line in the front that shows information about the fit, style and dimension.

The finest part of this men’s bikini is that it allows you to do strenuous beach activity without being bothered whether the bikini could rip off.

We also have the Brazil bikini, a popular bikini for men made from pure nylon lycra. It is one of the best for beach activities. It is sown with a thong styled back that will heighten the gluteus maximus. It is very good for exercise.

Before now, men were stuck with wearing swimsuits that were not very comfortable to them and are also not sexy. Now, men can also be sexy with style courtesy of this bikini specially designed for them

Can I Show Up To Swim In A Bikini As A Guy?

Yes, you can. The thing is you have to ensure that they fit properly such that your genitals are well covered and you are comfortable. It is not advisable to wear something too small. Your ‘part’ should be well covered.

In terms of colour, I will advise that you go for black or darker colours that will reduce the chances of anyone thinking they are odd. IIn places like Europe, nobody will notice you no matter what you wear.

In some places, however, wearing a bikini bottom would not only get you some funny looks but may attract the attention of law enforcement if the bikini is too narrow such that it cannot adequately contain your male genitals.

Deliberately displaying your genitals is a crime and the charge would be worse if you do this in a place where children are present such as in public parks or swimming pools.

To avoid getting into unnecessary trouble, I advise wearing trunks to public swimming pools and parks to avoid being accused of exposing your genitals to children and old ladies.

Your offence could get much heavier if the police go through your phone or computer and see that you were warned beforehand not to indulge in this.

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The Best Manly Bikinis You Can Find In The Market

I will recommend the following male bikinis for you

1. Molasus Men’s Underwear Soft Modal

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This is made of ultra-soft stretchy modal microfiber briefs that contain 5% Regenerated Cellulose fibre, 5% spandex of men’s 4 pack briefs underwear.

The is designed with a no-fly pouch, double-layer contour pouch for extra support. The breathable full seat bikini briefs create a flattering and smooth shape. The Bikini keeps your ‘genitals’ well placed, full coverage hip and pinch-free covered leg openings for all-day comfort all day.

It also comes with a comfortable covered waistband with a classic molasses logo which is good to reduce the stimulation to the skin. The added stretch gives you more comfort during movement. 

2. Ikingsky Men’s Sexy Brazilian Underwear

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This is made of a material consisting of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex. At the back of the bikini, it is designed such that your upper buttock has good coverage while your lower cheeks can have more exposure. It has one layer of semi-sheer material.

With its unique four-way stretch, it gives you the needed support as well as exhilaratingly exposure.

3. Summer Code Men’s Brief

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This men’s bikini is made with material consisting of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex. It is made to be very soft and elastic and very comfortable to wear with a low rise cut that makes you look really hot and attractive.

It also has a modern style sport cut of brief with a full back and front pouch that is contoured for a better fit.

4. Obviously PrimeMan – Bikini Brief

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Made from a material of 90% Lenzing MicroModal and 10% Lycra, the bikini brief provided adequate freedom of movement for men who are active and lead a dynamic lifestyle.

It has a flattering fit and is specially made to be worn low slung on the hips. It is perfect for active people and sportswear.

This PrimeMen bikini brief is made of a more snug fit with fabric free leg openings. It is produced using incredible light and soft custom MicroModal/Lycra fabric with a brilliantly designed smooth waistband, delivering an amazing underwear experience.

It also comes with their proprietary ANato Max anatomical pouch technology that provides natural positioning with no readjustment required. You are assured of getting the perfect fit that you deserve.

How can a guy confidently rock a bikini to swim? 

It takes quite a little amount of time to develop confidence wearing a bikini as a guy in public. The following tips should assist you in building up your confidence.

  • Act Normal: Put on your bikini as if it is your regular swimsuit.
  • Wear a swimsuit from your home to the beach spot or swimming pool and then change to a bikini after setting up your chair, towel and others. If you stay too long before changing, your confidence will either drop or you will make it too obvious that you are wearing a bikini which will attract undue attention.
  • Be confident enough to walk or jog around the beach or swimming pool with your head straight up. Don’t look down and don’t allow anyone to intimidate you even if you are not feeling very confident, with time, you will get used to it.
  • Wear Sunglasses: This is a good trick to make you feel better. It helps you to evade direct eye contact with others while walking with your head up.
  • Prepare yourself mentally and commit yourself to wear a bikini before you arrive at the pool or beach.

If you repeat these for three or four occasions, Your confidence will go up and you will be able to wear them without feeling shy or uncomfortable.

Why Do Guys Like Bikinis – Conclusion

I hope you were able to find answers to your questions about male bikinis. As weird as it may sound, men are beginning to rock bikinis at the beach.

So I would like to know your opinion about the topic; will you wear a bikini to the beach or pool, what will be your reaction if you see your boyfriend or husband in a bikini?

Share your thoughts, questions and suggestions with us on the comment box and let’s keep the conversation going!

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