Why Do Divers Wear Briefs?

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Diving is an extreme sport because you have to do dangerous flips at great heights to land into a pool of water, in order to be as safe as possible, you have to wear the best gears possible to make the activity easier. Briefs are worn because they are lightweight, which means they won’t slow you down underwater and they cling to the body, unlike boxers which will cause drag in the water.

The briefs worn by divers are not the regular underwear people wear, these are made with a water-repellent fabric that is super elastic and light.

Here are a few other reasons divers wear briefs


The briefs used by divers are elastic, they do not restrict movement, which is ideal for an activity that requires you to be nimble or flexible, since you have to do flips and any form of gymnastic moves you need to.

Restrictive underwear is not practical when engaging in athletic activities, it will cause you to underperform and may even lead to serious injuries.

The best briefs to use when participating in a form of water-based sport that involves swimming are the Hanes Ultimate Men’s Briefs.


They are very comfortable, it provides support for your crotch, the fabric is soft and has an amazing skin feel. Compared to other types of underwear, like Boxer shorts which have a loose-fitting and get very uncomfortable especially when it does not fit properly.

The comfort level of briefs far surpasses that of other kinds of underwear when it comes to ideal pieces suitable for swimming, it comes highly recommended by professional athletes.


It is very compact in the sense that you can wear the briefs under a bodysuit, in order not to confuse you at all, bodysuits are a sort of attire worn by scuba divers to protect them from the cold and harsh conditions they may encounter underwater while diving.

The bodysuits are tight, they cling to the skin ideally to make it easier to move in the water, the make your body streamlined, wearing a normal pair of boxers in these bodysuits will feel very uncomfortable because those are way bulkier, it would seem like you’re wearing a diaper or something.

Briefs, however, are very compact and when you wear them underneath your bodysuit, it is barely noticeable, you may be thinking, why wear underwear at all underneath a bodysuit? The fact is if you wear just the bodysuit without any type of underwear, the silhouette of your privys will definitely show because of the tightness of the outfit.

Reduction of water drag

I once wore my boxer shorts to the pool one day, and I’ll tell you, it was one of the most embarrassing days of my life, not only was it a cringe-worthy day, I almost drowned because of my boxers kept soaking up water as it flapped around me. It came off at one point, which was the embarrassing part.

With a pair of briefs, since it fits ideally while clinging to your skin, there isn’t any form of drag from the water, you can move around with ease.

If you feel like briefs are too short, you can try a larger piece of underwear with similar features as briefs, which are Trunks, I highly recommend the New Balance Men’s Trunks.


Well, I would assume divers would wear briefs for the discretion it provides, let me explain. With regular underwear, although they also cover up your privates and whatnot, the briefs are more discreet in the sense that, when you wear them, they are way less noticeable underneath your trousers than boxers. 

They just go seamlessly and fit ideally in all the right places.

Dries quicker

The fact that it’s made with a lightweight fabric gives it the edge when it comes to quick-drying, after you have finished swimming, even if you don’t have an extra pair of underwear, you just have to chill for a couple of minutes and it will dry off completely. With other types of underwear, like Boxer shorts, there is no way they’ll dry off enough for you to put on your pants.

However, it is not ideal to wear wet underwear, even if they dry off on your body, you have to air wash them properly to get the pool or ocean water out of the fabric and dry it off properly in a dryer or under direct sunlight.

To be Modest

Modesty is the goal I suppose, you could dive naked if you want to and it would feel amazing. However, due to the fact that you are on the planet without other individuals, it makes no sense to expose yourself in public that way, well, unless you’re at a bare beach then go for it, knock yourself out.

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Why do male divers wear Speedos?

Speedos are a brand of briefs, if you didn’t go through the reasons I stated above on the multiple reasons why divers wear briefs, here’s a brief recap, no pun intended.

Male divers wear speedos because they help them swim better as the piece of fabric is elastic and compact which makes their body streamlined, speedos are also compact and they help hold the privys in place while swimming, as opposed to your privys and balls swinging around in the water.

What is the point of Speedos?

Speedos are designed to be water repellent and have a low viscosity, which means while you’re in the water you glide through without any form of drag from your swimsuit.

Speedos are also very elastic and can withstand any form of strain applied to them, however, it does not make them “one size fits all”, that means if you’re skinny and you own a pair of speedos, you should not allow anyone who’s chubby to wear them because they’re elastic.

You should not be sharing your speedos, period!

Is it OK for guys to wear Speedos?

Yup, although many millennials make fun of guys that wear speedos, it is totally ok if you wanna wear them, as long as you’re confident and comfortable in your skin, you don’t need any form of external validation.

I know some guys that wear speedos and they say it is the most comfortable swimsuit you could ever have, and I value their opinion so, I think you should go for it if you want to.

In fact, here’s a recommendation: you should try out Speedo Men’s Swimsuit.

Why are diver’s Speedos so small?

That’s the aesthetic of speedos, they are made to be compact and lightweight, however, I know what you mean, there are some people that tend to get their speedos several sizes smaller and because speedos are so elastic, they still fit, but then they are all stretched out and it seems like the speedos are begging to be put out of their misery.

Know your waist size and always buy all of your underwear in your exact fit.

Do Olympic swimmers wear jockstraps?

No, I think not. Do you know what those are? They are a sort of guard worn to protect you from the impact on your balls and privys, jockstraps are predominantly worn by American footballers and rugby players, the similarities between those sports are that they are very violent and they are contact sports.

For an activity like swimming which does not require you to make contact with other swimmers, wearing a jockstrap is impractical, also I will limit movement in the water which can lead to drowning and take away the entire point of competitive swimming.

Should I wear speedos to the beach?

Wear speedos to the beach if you wanna, however, there are a few things to take note of before you do so, first, make sure it covers your privys properly, and I mean all of it, exposing yourself in a public setting like a beach is illegal and you’d end up in jail.

Secondly, make sure you get the elastic kind that’s very sturdy like the Speedo Men’s swimsuit briefs, so you don’t end up ripping your speedos and exposing yourself. Remember what I said about exposing yourself in a public space in the first point? Yeah, take notes

As long as you can check all these boxes, you can wear your speedos to the beach if you want to.

Why Do Divers Wear Briefs – Conclusion

Diving can be a very dangerous activity, whether it is athletics or scuba diving, it comes with a lot of unpredictable situations no matter how good at it you are, therefore, you need to be fully prepared and have the right gear to make the activity easy which will keep you safe.

Outlined above are the multiple reasons why divers wear briefs. If you’re thinking about taking up diving in any of its forms as a hobby, then you need to do in-depth research so you’re fully prepared.

Whatever you decide, I hope it pans out, good luck and Godspeed!

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