What Do Guys Think Of Thong Swimsuits?

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Thong swimsuits are the sort of swimsuits ladies wear to expose a large portion of their behind. While some guys might feel satisfied with this new fashion trend due to the view it grants them, some feel irked by it especially if it’s worn by their better-half or partner. If you’re a guy reading this, what do you think of this trend?

Would you be okay with your spouse exposing their behind for public view especially in a public setting? As a lady, you might even ask “What do guys think of thong swimsuits?”

Based on the research I conducted from several websites, it could be easily deduced that guys would generally find thong swimsuits fascinating, as long as it isn’t worn by their significant half or girlfriends.

The reason is simple; guys are generally attracted to things that are revealing such as the cleavage of a busty lady, the exposed flesh of a big-butt lady, and so on, so while they will want to feel attracted or drawn to such women, they wouldn’t want other men to be attracted to a lady they are already friends with.

Men and women alike are generally jealous and protective of things and people they hold dear, so you wouldn’t want to blame them for wanting to see the behind of a lady but seem reluctant to allow their lady expose hers – speaking from a man perspective, we feel it’s only for our eyes alone.

As a lady, if you feel the need to put on a thong swimsuit in the public eye, do well to run it through your partner if you are in a relationship and see what they think.

However, if you are single and looking for ways to draw some sort of attention to yourself, then a thong suit should be something you put on especially when you visit a beach or a public pool setting.

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Do men wear thong bathing suits?

Small bikini bathing suits are becoming very popular amongst the women community, but I can’t say the same for the male.

Definitely, some men wear thong bathing suits such as the G-string but are ready to get a few sniggering from some homophobic folks here and there.

Based on an online forum I visited called tripadvisor.com, many male folks who wore a throng swimsuit to the beach didn’t feel bothered about receiving side comments, and some even received some compliments from their male counterpart, but it’s really a rear sight to see amongst guys.

It all boils down to your self-confidence and charisma; If you are someone who doesn’t give a hoot about the opinion of others, you might as well go in your tuxedo to the beach, but if you do allow comments or words from strangers get to you, or affect your feelings, just stick to something more conventional like this trunk.

However, certain beaches allow total nudity, and wearing something so revealing like a thong for guys wouldn’t be a problem.

Types of swimsuits for men and their features

Just like ladies, men also have lots of swimsuit styles to pick from. Below are some of the styles you can roll with as a male – any time, any day.

Swimming trunks

The first and mostly the conventional swimwear you are likely to find among the male folk is the swimming trunk. Men of probably all age groups feel very comfortable in swimming trunks when going out for any outdoor swimming activity.

Swimming trunks, just like other swimming apparel are made from either polyester, nylon, or a combination of the two. The choice of fabric makes the trunks non-absorbent in water.

They are also very comfortable especially around the groin area to make room for easy movement and flexibility. They come in different colour varieties as well as designs depending on the occasion you deem them fit to attend. Lastly, they are known to protect you from water pressure by providing a fitting lining inside the trunk.

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Square leg swimsuits

The square leg swimsuit has its original design that lies between the swimming trunks and swimming briefs. Square leg swimsuits are very similar to boxer brief underwear and are known to have a very fitting appearance on the body.

Anyone looking for something more fitting to wear on a beach wouldn’t do better than this square-leg swimsuit. The design entails a straight leg that gives you a very stunning look, as well as a box-like look that makes it less revealing when compared to some angled swimming briefs.

Swim briefs

First made popular in Australia by speed during the 1956 Olympics, the spandex briefs are now very famous under the trademark name speedo despite having lots of different manufacturers. Notwithstanding their obvious simplicity, swim briefs are known to come in different styles and colours.

They are known to transform from the normal covering they give; to the thong, we have been known to be associated with the female folk. This is because they are usually body-sticking especially when you get the appropriate size for yourself and are known to be mainly designed in a V-shape form that leaves the thighs slightly exposed.

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Just like the name implies, Boardshorts are primarily built for surfing. However, men are usually spotted in these shorts when going swimming, be it in pools or in the swimming pools. This can be attributed to the obvious versatility in its design that makes it ideal for every form of water activity.

There seem to be no age limits when it comes to Boardshorts. Unlike some of the male swimsuits, Boardshorts are not usually designed with an elastic waistband, instead, a Velcro fly or a rigid lace-up front is preferred as its lock mechanism. This means you have to be sure you tie them properly before going for a swim to avoid your shorts floating from underneath you.

Swim Jammers

Jammers shorts are mostly ideal for swimming athletes who are professionals due to the design that helps improve their performance.

Swim jammers can easily be called compression shorts that look like cycling shots as we know it, with the only major difference of it designed to suit swimming. The design also makes the body more streamlined, especially when compared to the other options discussed in this article.

Having known the types of suits available for males, one also has to be acquainted with the factors necessary in making the ideal purchase regardless of the option you hope to pick from the options above.

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Things to consider when buying swimsuits for men

Knowing your body type

One unique characteristic as humans is how different we are built regardless of how close we look alike. Understand your body shape and size before settling on a choice.

For instance, persons who are down to earth will fare better in a square leg swimsuit, while the large guys who have everything to be confident about especially when it comes to the middle region can opt for swim briefs since they won’t fall off easily.

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Your swimsuit should serve more than one purpose

There are lots of activities you can participate in while relaxing on the beach which can range from sunbathing to surfing. If you are likely to undergo lots of leg movement, it’s advised you go for swim briefs since they give you the required freedom to move more freely. However, swimming trunks might not be so rewarding in such exercises.

For persons who are simply going to swim and not involve in lots of other activities, then the square leg swimsuits would prove a very good option in this regard. However, if you intend to spend time under the sun to suntan, then it’s suggested you get the Boardshorts to prevent exposing your bodies to severe sunburns.

Who will be at the beach or poolside?

Who are you looking to impress at the beach? Are you hoping to see a crush, or spend some time with a business associate? An answer to the first question would be to dress in a swimsuit you are comfortable in. This case would require you to dress in nice colours that suit your skin and your physic as well.

The fabric

As I stated earlier, swimming suits are mostly made from nylon and spandex, but the recent improvement has also seen the introduction of polyester and Polyamide. Regardless of your desired design, always ensure the fabric in question is very durable, supports your body muscle, and also serves its desired purpose. You should also consider the price range – the more expensive a swimming suit, the more durable it’s likely to become.


Do guys think thongs are attractive?

As stated earlier in the course of writing this article, guys are generally attracted to this that feeds the imagination, and since that’s what thong underwear is capable of doing, then it’s easy to assume they love the idea – as long as it’s not a fellow male wearing it to get them seduced.

What does it mean when a girl wears a thong?

A lady who feels the need to wear a thong can be easily termed confident because she feels good and comfortable enough to lay bare certain areas of her body. The more confident a lady becomes, the less bothered she becomes about what people have to say about things that concern her.

Can a 12-year old wear a thong?

Taking age into consideration, teenagers below the age of fifteen should not be allowed to wear thongs, especially in public settings, until, they are ready to up their hygiene. This is to help manage menstrual cases that thongs might not help manage.

What Do Guys Think Of Thong Swimsuits – Conclusion

Clothing asides, I believe guys are easily attracted to ladies who are confident and know their self-worth, and if wearing a thong will help drive home your point, feel free and comfortable to eschew your charisma for all who cares to see; after all, no one can think more highly of you than yourself. Keep winning. Cheers!!!

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