Is It Weird For A Girl To Wear Swim Shorts?

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Ladies tend to get away with everything. For instance, you tend to her ladies tell themselves “I love you” and even go ahead to blow kisses without having any sort of resentment towards each other – let a guy say the same words to another guy and you will be certain there would be an exchange of blows if explanations aren’t made to pacify the situation.

So, Is it weird for a girl to wear swim shorts? Even if it’s designed for men? Definitely not! Time and time again, you see ladies wearing the sleeves of their significant other especially when they sleep over.

Some even see it as romantic rather than weird, and it’s no wonder they steal all our hoodies and t-shirts in the name of “can I get something to put on?”.

If you know you intend to spend the night anywhere, the best thing to do is have an extra cloth in your handbag because we are really tired of losing our favourite shorts to you guys.

I know some ladies will be sceptical about wearing swim shorts for mean because of the curves it has the tendency of hiding, but trust me, some swim shorts such as square legs will even give your curves more exposure than you could ever imagine

What do female swimmers wear?

As per the ladies are concerned, they prefer to wear clothing items that can be quite revealing, all in the name of trying to impress the other gender – males. Below are what can be considered appropriate for girls or ladies to wear in a pool:

One-piece swimsuits

Girls and ladies alike tend to prefer the one-piece swimming suit due to its ability to cover certain areas of the body. One-piece swimming suits are also preferred by professional swimmers because of their design that helps streamline the body in certain ways to enhance an athlete’s performance and productivity.

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Bikinis are another type of swimsuit for ladies, but unlike the one-piece swimsuit, they can be quite revealing because they consist of just a bra and panties with no coverage for the belly region. Bikinis are mostly worn in beach and pool parties but are unlikely to be worn in a professional swimming event.


Just like the one-piece suits, tankinis offer more decent coverage to certain areas of the body and are usually worn by individuals who aren’t comfortable with exposing certain areas of their body to the public. They are perfect if you have any scar or stretch marks you would rather keep hidden.


This shouldn’t be weird either. Recently, swimwear manufacturers have decided to give women their own version of swim trunks which looks very similar to the men’s design. These trunks are also ideal for ladies who want to go board-surfing or simply want to walk around on the beach without having to worry about being too exposed.

Skirted swimsuits

These are swimsuits with all the swimming characteristics you can find in any swimsuit for ladies with the only difference being a skirt. The skirt design is made to give the wearer a certain kind of sexiness you will hardly find in other types of swimsuits designed for ladies.

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Swim briefs

Swim briefs are worn by both the male and female gender, although, with certain modifications to accommodate certain changes in the anatomy of the sexes.

To simply put, a male shouldn’t wear the briefs of a female simply because they look alike, albeit, as with many things in life, the ladies tend to get away with this one. Click here to see a perfect example of swim briefs meant for ladies.

Men’s Clothes that don’t look weird on a girl

Maybe I should name this subsection “men’s clothes ladies keep for themselves” because a lot of men’s clothing in a female’s wardrobe was probably hijacked by them. After all, they probably received a warm compliment from the male party when they tried it on. Aside from swim shorts, there are lots of clothes that don’t look weird on a girl at all. Some of these include the following;

Sweatshirts/male cardigans

I know you are unlikely to see a lady leaving the house in a male sweatshirt, however, we can’t deny the fact that it looks good on them even if they do.

I personally feel pained about this one because I know how many of my sweatshirts now occupy the wardrobe of my girlfriend. Kindly let me know in the comment section if you know any trick I can use in getting them back – the things we do for love right?

Extra-large T-shirts

Every lady who has slept over in her spouse’s place is probably guilty of wearing a large T-shirt that didn’t belong to her, but apparently now does.

Extra-large t-shirts are mostly worn indoors, especially when preparing omelettes for breakfast after a night that must have been filled with wild ecstasy and name screaming or whispering – depending on how good he was.

Do they look weird on ladies? Apparently not, it’s a sight we’ve all gotten used to, but do they look good on ladies? I think this depends on the physical stature of the lady involved – ladies blessed with mouth-dripping curves will definitely look good in extra-large T-shirts, but I really can’t say the same about slim ladies with little or nothing to show in such sensitive areas – beauty lies in the eyes of the though.

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If you are a lady and you haven’t stolen or stylishly possessed a hoodie owned by your partner, then you probably aren’t in a happy relationship. Hoodies look nice on ladies, especially during cold periods.

One of the reasons ladies give for taking a loved one hoodie is usually “so it can comfort me in cold times when you’re not around” that’s arrant bullish*t in my opinion especially in this age of technology when we can easily facetime on skype and other social media platform.

Simply tell the bro you’re taking his hoodie and you have no intention of bringing it back – you don’t have to emotionally blackmail him.


What do ladies see in the vest of a male that makes them so attached to it? Some ladies who I consider “weird” tell me they need an item to remind them of their partner’s body smell, and the closest clothing that comes in contact with his body is usually the singlet – Ewwww, that was probably the sickest thing I heard this year.

To remind you of his body smell? Really? Common sister, you can definitely do better. You could as well spray his perfume on your cloth if you need a constant reminder to remind you of our homo-Habilis past, or better still, move over to his place!

Face caps/hats

I know ladies have their own versions of hats, but it’s almost normal to see male face caps on ladies, and I’m 99% certain they didn’t buy them or pick them on the floor – once again the male gender has been robbed. So sad, but we can’t deny the fact that it looks extremely good on the ladies.

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Can I swim with a pad on?

Ladies are not advised to swim with their pads on. When a pad submerges in water, there’s a limit to the amount of liquid it can absorb, and when that limit is reached, it leaves no room for the actual flow to pour in. Besides, you might end up with one big mess of cotton spilling all over when you are finally done swimming.

What do swimmers do during periods?

Rather than totally avoid the comfort of a pool or beach, swimmers can use tampons in place of sanitary pads which are known to absorb water. Tampons will also ensure swimmers don’t bleed on their swimsuits when the flow starts, and more importantly, they don’t fall out if inserted properly.

Does period blood attract sharks?

Not just period blood, but sharks can detect any fluid released by the body even if it’s urine. Sharks are known to have a very strong sense of smell and are likely to detect any body fluid released by humans from hundreds of miles away. So, I strongly suggest you watch yourself before going swimming on beaches known to have sharks.

Do swimmers get their period late?

Based on a recent study, researchers have almost drawn a definite conclusion that competitive female swimmers tend to be very vulnerable to delayed menstrual issues and puberty. Although, more research is still ongoing with regards to the root cause.

Is It Weird For A Girl To Wear Swim Shorts – Conclusion

Ladies are creatures made to be loved by everyone including themselves, and as such, men see it as a sense of responsibility to make them happy regardless of what it might cost them. But here’s a message to my ex, if you are reading this, kindly break by my hoodie – I need it now, more than ever. Thank you.

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