Is It Okay To Wear Used Swimsuits? Let’s Find Out

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In this post, I will be discussing used swimsuits. There has been a lot of misinformation about used swimsuits otherwise known as ‘second-hand swimsuits’ and I would like to give answers to some of the questions I regularly see people ask about used swimsuits. Is it okay to wear a used swimsuit? Are you likely to get STI and STDs from wearing them? How do you store your used swimsuits? These and more will you get answers to as you read through this post. Let’s get started!

Is it okay for you to wear used swimsuits? Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying and wearing a used swimsuit.

Although many people tend to avoid wearing used underwear and swimsuits, research has shown that this fear is unfounded.

When asked if used swimsuits can cause harm, Dr. Streicher Lauren, an obstetrician and Gynaecologist Professor at the Northwest University said it’s more of an ick factor than a true health factor.

She argued that the chances of contracting a Sexually transmitted Infection (STI) or Sexually transmitted disease (STD) from a used swimsuit are very low.

She went ahead to stress that when something is sexually transmitted, it is not because you got it from a toilet seat or from a sheet in a hotel, otherwise, everyone would have STIs and STDs.

Rather, it is sexually transmitted because it is transmitted directly from one person to another.

Just like you can’t get pregnant from sitting in a hot tub, so it is unlikely for you to contact STDs and STIs from a used swimsuit.

Also, another good reason why you should consider shopping for a used swimsuit is that it supports a zero-waste lifestyle.

Due to the fact that eco-friendly swimsuits are not easy to achieve as nobody wants to hit the pool or beach on a cotton one-piece, swimsuits are generally manufactured using materials like polyester and Nylon which are microplastics and non-biodegradable.

Around half a million tons of microplastics find their way to the ocean from the washing of these fabrics according to the international union for Conservation of Nature and Natural resource. One way you can contribute to reducing this amount is to shop and use a used swimsuit instead of buying a new one.

If you are concerned about the quality of used swimsuits, there are sites like The RealReal that have a high standard of quality control. They only accept swimsuits in their pristine condition, that is, swimsuits that are new and still have their tags attached.

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What happens when you wear used swimsuits?

There is nothing likely to happen to you if you wear a used swimsuit. All you need to do is to carefully wash and sterilize the used swimsuit suits using hot water, soap, detergents, and some disinfectant such as:

1. Savlon Clothes Disinfectant And Refreshing Spray

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This comes in the form of spray and can be used to disinfect your swimsuit after washing and drying. Aside from the disinfection, it has a nice fragrance that can keep you smelling nice for up to 72 hours.

2. Persil Liquid Laundry Detergent, ProClean Scent

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It can be used to rinse the swimsuit after washing with detergent, it is gentle on all types of fabrics and has a nice fragrance too. It can help you eliminate all forms of germs from your swimsuit, especially used ones. And also, it leaves no awful smell on the used swimsuit. Rather, it gives the used swimsuit a really great fragrance.

How do you identify used swimsuits?

You can identify used swimsuits in a store from the tag and description. Ideally, used swimsuits will have ‘used’ instead of ‘New’ on their tags. Also, the price of a used swimsuit is far less than a new one.

What to do to ‘used’ swimsuits if you want to wear them?

Before you wear a used swimsuit, you have to ensure that they are properly sterilized and washed properly to avoid the transfer of infection.

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How to sterilize Used Swimsuits:

There is no special method to sterilize or disinfect swimsuits and in fact, there is no need for special disinfection. All you need to do is wash with 1 cup of Vinegar. The vinegar is a natural softener and does an excellent work of removing any kind of smell. It works like a charm, give it a try!

How to wash a used swimsuit:

  1. Don’t throw them into the normal laundry load: Washing machines can be harsh and lead to faded fabrics, bent wires, and rips. The drying machine can also do a lot of damage to swimsuits, so it is better you avoid them.
  2. Give them in rinse in clean water: Except for cotton swimsuits that can be machined washed, every other swimsuit fare better when you hand wash them. When handwashing, avoid aggressive stretching, scrubbing, and tugging. Run them under cold water to retain the fabric and avoid them stretching out under heat.
  3. Use specific Detergents: Washing a swimsuit with ‘harsh’ detergent is one of the mistakes people make. opt for a detergent that has labels such as ‘delicate’ or ‘gentle’ on them. They are specially made without bleach, enzymes, and phosphates which break certain fabrics.
  4. Use Lingerie Bag: If you must machine wash, use lingerie bags. Lingerie bags are simply meshed backs that keep your delicate clothes together when you throw them into the machine along with other clothes. These bags keep your intimates from being thrown around the machine and stretching the straps and elastic bands.

Best way to store your swimsuit after use

You may think that because your swimsuits are just small pieces of clothing that do not take up large spaces they will require little or no effort to store. However, if you are a regular user of swimsuits, you will realize that this theory doesn’t hold. You can’t just remove your swimsuits after use and throw them into a plastic bin.

Doing that will be causing damage in the long run as your bikini straps will get tangled together, your swimsuits will be so wrinkled and you will take forever to find matching pieces that are separated from one another.

Again, swimsuits are always wet after use and because of this, you have to pay more attention to what you do to them after use. Leaving them moist can lead to mildew which is not what you would like to deal with no matter the time of the year it is.

Furthermore, if you remove your swimsuit and leave them after use without proper storage, the chlorine, saltwater from the lake or sea can permeate them causing them to degrade faster. Also, chlorine is a bleaching agent, therefore leaving chlorine trapped in your swimsuit will lead to the fading of the swimsuit at a rate you don’t want to imagine.

To save yourself from these troubles, you have to be very careful with the way you store the swimsuit after use. With proper care and storage in the perfect closet setup, you will be able to make the swimsuit last longer. Below are some tips on how you can store your swimsuits after use:

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  1. Rinsing: Ensure you rinse your swimsuit after each use. This is to remove the trapped chlorine and Saltwater. Chlorine for instance can cause your swimsuit to lose its color due to its oxidizing nature, so you want to make sure you take it out to retain the color of the swimsuit.
  2. Hand Hashing: Swimsuits should be hand washed after some intervals. I recommend hand washing them once in three months using soap that is appropriate for the color of your swimsuit. Hand washing will remove things like sand, sunscreen, and oil.
  3. Air Drying: To keep the swimsuit in shape, it is necessary to allow the swimsuit to dry either after washing or rinsing to avoid mildew.
  4. Store them in an Open Plastic Bin: After Air drying, keep the swimsuit in an open plastic bin which allows for proper ventilation.
  5. Keep them in the drawer when not in use:  The best place to store them when not in use is in a sturdy, high-quality drawer. After you are done with the washing and drying, place each swimsuit in a small mesh bag. This will help you keep the pieces together. A dryer sheet in the dryer where these suits are kept is essential to keep the swimsuit smelling fresh until you need them again.

Conclusion – Is It Okay To Wear Used Swimsuits?c

I hope I have been able to give some clarity concerning used swimsuits. The fact is everything is just one use away from being tagged ‘second hand’. It doesn’t really matter if you are the first user. By the way, no one will notice that you are wearing a used swimsuit unless you tell them.

Let me have your opinions, suggestions, and questions in the comment box. Have you ever bought and used a used swimsuit? Was there any bad experience, where can one get a well-used swimsuit in your location? Let’s keep this conversation going in the comment area.

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