Is It Okay To Wear Bikini Bottoms As Underwear? Find Out

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Underwear is made with different designs and different fabrics like lace, and they are also different styles of underwear in form of lingerie, thongs, etc. While also having bikini bottoms that are mostly worn at the beach, in the pool, but some persons have literally asked “If it’s okay to wear bikini bottoms as underwear?”

Yes, it is okay to wear bikini bottoms as underwear. Although the fabric used to make the bikini bottom is better to be worn when the body is wet, and that’s why you would mostly see women or ladies wear bikinis at the beach or pool.

Both bikini bottoms and underwear have almost similar designs and they are covering the same private areas but underwear tends to be more comfortable when worn underneath the clothes than bikini bottoms when it is worn as underwear.

Reasons why you should not wear bikini bottom as underwear

Bikini bottoms are not made with breathable materials except the old ones that were made from cotton or wool. Medical doctors advised that tight underwear or underwear with unbreathable materials should not be worn because they allow germs and bacteria to grow in the genital area which is bad for the health, and these germs and bacteria can result in bacteria or yeast infections.

Bikini bottoms are mostly worn at the beach or pool because that is what they were designed for. Although those bikini bottoms made from cotton or wool can be used as underwear.

Alternatives to wear as underwear

Underwear is being worn by men and women, ladies and guys, and boys and girls. For ladies, their underwear is bras and panties while for guys, their underwear is singlets and shorts.

In this article, I’d be emphasizing underwear alternatives for ladies. In the state of looking gorgeous, many ladies would have panty lines showing through the skirt or dress they wore, I can tell how awkward that would be. This occurs because most ladies go for the basic panties when purchasing underwear.

As a lady, you tend to pick the right bra for the outfit that you want to wear but why can’t you do the same with your underwear? There are strapless bras for tube dresses and there are seamless panties for skirts as well, but some ladies tend to pick the wrong panties. Below I’d be listing alternative underwear and what you can wear them with.

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This underwear works with everything you want to wear because they are low-rise and they have wide coverage on the sides. You can wear them with panties, trousers, skirts, dresses, low waist jeans, etc.


These are underwear that can be worn with outfits that have issues with panty lines showing like pencil skirts or body con dresses.

French cut panties

These are like the panties worn in the 80s because they have high cut which makes them very comfortable. You can wear them with high waist jeans. Click here for more info.


These panties are just like thongs but they do not have coverage like thongs. You can wear them with leggings and body con dresses.

Control brief

These panties are very comfortable and they are designed with a tight elastic waistband. You can wear them with high waist denim and body con dresses.


Ladies should have more seamless panties than other panties because there is no form of stitches on them which makes them very perfect for any attire you intend to wear.

Boy shorts

These are like men boxers and they are very comfortable and you can wear them with your flared dresses and skirts.

How to wash underwear

Washing of underwear can be difficult, unlike the normal clothes we wash because you have to make sure that there are no living bacteria, germs, or stains on the panties before spreading them out to dry.

This is why washing panties or underwear with a washing machine is not advisable because you would have to ensure that the delicate parts of the underwear are being washed properly.

Storing underwear for days after being worn could increase the number of germs and bacteria in it, and that is why it is always advisable to wash your underwear every day. In this section of this article, I’d be listing out the three ways on how to wash your underwear properly.

  • Eliminate stains.
  • Frequent washing of underwear.
  • Cleaning the delicate parts of the underwear.

Method 1 – Eliminate stains

In this method, I’d be listing the steps to follow on how to eliminate stains off your underwear.

Step 1: Make use of stain remover

Do not ever try to wash your underwear without removing the stains on them. Make use of a stain remover like OxiClean or any stain remover of your choice and apply it to the stained part of your underwear. Then allow the stain remover to settle for a few minutes. After it has settled, you can go ahead and wash your underwear.

Step 2: Use salt to remove blood stains

For ladies, underwear is used to support the sanitary pad and there would always be bloodstains from heavy flow from the sanitary pad on the underwear. Washing that underwear can be a bit difficult because of the bloodstain. To make it easier, use a pinch of salt to rub the part where the bloodstains are located, and dip into the cool water.

Never try to wash your underwear with just soap and cool water without removing the bloodstain because the water would make the blood stain set and it would make it difficult to wash off.

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Step 3: Mix liquid dish soap and hydrogen peroxide with 3%

Light-coloured underwear shows sweat stains. So get your dish soap and hydrogen peroxide of 3%, mix them and apply it on the areas showing the sweat stains and let it settle for a few minutes before washing.

Method 2 – Frequent washing of underwear

In this method, I would be listing the steps to follow on how to frequently wash your underwear.

Step 1: Set the washer on a gentle cycle

For those who choose to wash their underwear with a washer, set the washer on a gentle cycle to prevent the underwear’s fabric from damaging.

Step 2: Get a mesh bag and put in your bras, slips, and any wear with straps in it

Putting your bras, slips, or straps into a mesh bag prevents them from twisting or pulling while in the washer. It also prevents the fabric from stretching out. You do not need to put underwear with straps in a mesh bag.

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Step 3: Wash all your underwear together

It is advisable to wash all your underwear separately from other clothes to keep them safe. If you decide to wash your underwear with other clothes, you might see holes or tears on the fabrics caused by buttons or zips from other clothes.

To prevent this, it is better if you wash your underwear separately and if you have a lot of underwear to wash, split them into two and wash them set by set to prevent damage.

Step 4: Flat dry your underwear on a drying rack

Flat dry your underwear on a drying rack pinning them on each side and allow them to dry for at least two-three hours to prevent them from shrinking but if you are in a hurry, you can make use of a dryer at a low temperature to dry them.

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Method 3 – Cleaning the delicate parts of the underwear-

This method is one of the most important methods you need to follow to take off the hidden germs or bacteria in your underwear. So in this article, I would be listing the steps to follow on how to clean the delicate parts of your underwear.

Step 1: Put aside the underwear with delicate parts away from the other underwear

Underwear always comes with an instruction tag on the inside. You can read through the tag, most underwear that you have to wash with your hands would be indicated on the tag with a symbol of a hand and a bucket or most tags would just indicate in words “hand wash only”.

However, if you look through your underwear and you do not find any tag, make use of your thumb to proof check the fabric of your underwear.

If it is light, then it is too delicate and it should be washed with your hands.

Step 2: Put the underwear into soapy water for at least 10mins

Fill up your sink or bucket with water, add your detergent, and put it in your underwear leaving it for at least 10mins to soak. For underwear with bloodstains, it’s advisable to make use of warm water to wash off the bloodstains away easily while other underwear without bloodstains can use cool water as the temperature of the water you use to wash your underwear matters a lot.

Step 3: Make use of your hands to twirl the underwear in the water

Do not wash or scrub some underwear because of their delicate nature so they don’t stretch or tear. Carefully twirl the underwear in water for 2mins in a circulation motion.

Step 4: Make use of cool water to rinse away the soap

After twirling this underwear for 2mins, pour away the soapy water and refill the bucket or sink with clean cool water to rinse off the soap away from the underwear.

Step 5: Get a dry white towel to squeeze out excess water

After rinsing off the soap, do not squeeze your underwear with your hands so they won’t get damaged.  Get a towel, put the underwear in them, and roll them together to squeeze out excess water.

Step 6: Flat dry your underwear

Spread your underwear on a drying rack and pin each side with a clip and allow them dry. Do not spread them directly to UV light so as not to damage the fabric of the underwear.


Can you wear underwear as a bikini bottom?

Yes, you can wear underwear as a bikini bottom but not all. If the fabric of the underwear becomes transparent when it is wet, then it can’t be used as a bikini bottom.

Is it okay to swim in a bra?

Well, it is not advisable to swim in a bra. The reason is that most bras are not made to absorb water.

Can I use a bikini top as a sports bra?

Yes, you can because technically sports bras are bikini top and they serve the same purpose which is to support the breast but most times they are usually considered to be different.

Do guys wear underwear under board shorts?

Technically, is not important to wear underwear under board shorts because they have a mesh liner. Although some guys choose to wear underwear under them. The choice is up to you. You can choose to wear underwear under board shorts and you can choose not to wear underwear under board shorts.

Do you wear a bra under a swimsuit?

Do not wear any regular bra under a swimsuit, if you have to wear one make sure it a bra designed for that swimsuit.

Is It Okay To Wear Bikini Bottoms As Underwear – Conclusion

It is okay to wear your bikini bottom as underwear but it is not advisable. The fabric used to make the bikini bottom is better off used on a wet body that is why you see that bikini bottoms are mostly worn at the beach or pool.

It is not advisable to wear your bikini bottom as underwear because the fabric used is breathable materials. I listed underwear alternatives and what you can wear in the above article and I also listed three methods to wash your underwear properly.

I hope you follow the methods and steps that I listed above and I hope they work out well. Kindly put down your comments and suggestions in the comment section below. Cheers!

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