How Many Swimsuits To Bring On Vacation?

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One thing we are almost certain to do during a vacation is to get involved in a swimming activity – be it in a pool or on a beach. Some of the questions begging to be answered in terms of things to bring with you on such trips have always been “How many swimsuits to bring on vacation?”

There is no specific number per see as to how many swimsuits to take on vacation, but based on the recent research I conducted from information gotten from several vacation websites and forums, it can be agreed that having at least 2-swimsuits will be ideal, but you can increase the number to 3 or more if you intend staying longer.

Swimsuits help you enjoy the water activities of your vacation, and having more than one pair is a guarantee of having something to put on in case something happens out of the ordinary. The extra set of swimsuits also helps you look fresh and different anytime you change into them. Below are more reasons why you should go on your vacation with extra sets of swimsuits

Reasons you should travel with an extra pair of swimsuit on vacation

For the sake of having extra

The same way you value having more than one piece of underwear is the same way you should value having more than one piece of swimsuit since you are probably going to wear it as a piece of underwear while you are participating in water activities.

Having an extra pair with you will give you the flexibility of cleaning a pair while you wear the other one to continue your leisure.

A different look for a different pair

An extra pair will always give the option of looking different and special on different occasions. It’s actually kinda boring to be spotted in a single pair of swimsuits all through your vacation; it might even send the wrong signal to some persons that you do not take hygiene seriously.

It gives you more option to impress your crush

Provided you are single and you happen to spot a significant other during your vacation, you might want to look classy; however, there is no better way to impress a person than to look different at the slightest opportunity. Being spotted in a single pair of swimsuits all through your vacation will definitely make your journey to the crush’s heart a complicated one.

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How to prepare for a beach vacation – things you need

Aside from having some pair of swimsuits in your luggage, there are other must-have items you should include in your possession. Some of the items I’ll be listing below might appear unnecessary, but as time would later prove, having them would make your beach vacation worthwhile.

A lighter luggage

Since there’s a high chance you would be spending most of your time on the beach, it is advised that you carry a lighter bag-pack that wouldn’t be heavy to carry. A carry-on will also be advised for your personal belongings such as phones and the likes.

Another bag to consider is the very versatile duffel bag. The sides are extremely soft and are likely to fit into any space they occupy. The design makes it very easy to carry, pack items, and is definitely more durable than a conventional suitcase.

Wheeled bags are also excellent options to consider when it comes to beach vacations. They are perfect for long-distance walks, and if there happens to be a formal event to attend during the duration, wheeled bags are ideal to pack in your formal clothes.

Get your items organized

There are lots of items to go with such as sunglasses, sandals, just to mention but a few, so you must get yourself organized for the events at hand.

Beach essentials can be effectively managed by using cube organizers that help you conserve space in whatever bag you intend to use. In terms of unpacking, these organizers will save you time that would have been spent in carrying out such an activity.

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Keeping your casual dresses and shirts folded will also make you look very smart, and there’s no better way to go about this than using folders.

Using the zip compartment to keep items such as toiletries will make it easier to reach when you need them. You should also employ the use of a jewellery box to keep your necklaces and other pendants in good shape when you need them to be.


Having a pair of sunglasses is probably more important than the entire trip in itself; its importance cannot be overemphasized. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, but they also make you look cool.

Don’t take your health lightly

One of the things that can ruin a good vacation is issues relating to health. Ensure you travel with your drug prescription if you have any, and also don’t forget to include some Band-Aid and other allergy pills.

In these trying times, ensure you carry out all the Covid-19 safety rules by sanitizing and washing your hands effectively to reduce the risk of having an infection.

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Other items that would help you include the following;

  • Towels
  • Umbrella
  • Sarong
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Headphones
  • Underwear
  • Pajamas
  • Sandals
  • Hats
  • Tank tops
  • Camera
  • Shorts
  • A power bank for your cell phone

Always ensure your carry-bag can accommodate your travel documents to help for easy identification where necessary. Students are usually allowed some discount in certain areas, and as such, having your student ID card with you will definitely be a plus.

Having an extra of every basic thing such as toiletries and the likes will prove to beneficial in cases of emergency or carelessness on your part. If you are someone who enjoys entertainment, consider travelling with your laptop for easy Netflix access.

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Safety concerns

If you would be going out at night, you should consider wearing reflective clothing to help the motorist locate your position at night. Using RFID BLOCKERS is also an excellent way to keep your identity safe from stalkers.

Don’t leave your home unattended in your absence. Ensure you hold certain deliveries until you return, switch off all your household electrical appliances, lock your doors and windows, put your light on timers, set your alarm, and board your pets if you so wish.

How to enjoy your beach vacation to the fullest

Getting ready for a beach vacation is one side of the coin, but enjoying the said vacation is always a different ball game. Consider trying out the following tips to have a great time wherever you might want to visit to have a fun time – either on your own or with a loved one.

Visit the dolphins

Dolphins are said to use about 20% of their brain which is a far cry from the 13% used by humans. Take out time to see these wonderful creatures on the shores of your beach, but don’t forget to confirm if your resort location has made any provision available so that you don’t get disappointed on arrival.

Try out Frisbee

Frisbee is a game that’s really fun to play on the beach sand. The props necessary for this game are very easy to get and if you happen to carry your pet along, you guys would definitely have a nice time trying this out.

Have a picnic from time to time

Picnics are usually better when done in the company of someone or a group of persons. Take a break from the local food vendors and try having a picnic with a loved one over a very good story. A picnic is a picnic when everyone contributes the item to be eaten – don’t bear the burden alone except you deem it necessary.

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Try hiking

Most of the popular beach resorts have trails you can explore which would offer you a great adventure if you’re ever tired of basking under the sun. Aside from the adventure and health benefits it offers, you also get to enjoy scintillating mountain views you would live to remember – don’t forget to go with your camera.


I don’t think there’s any worthy beach vacation without getting the feel of eating your catch. Fishing is a relaxing sport that helps you get your mind away from the worries of this world. While some beach resorts might offer you fishing rods for rent it would be rather ideal to travel with yours.

Feed your imaginations with things you want but can’t afford

There’s no crime in going to a store and just having a gaze at things you wished you own. Most of these beach resorts are known to have beach stores scattered all over, and as a means of exploring, you can also take out time to see what the store has to offer that might interest you.

Try out surfing

If you have a penchant for surfing, then there couldn’t have been a better time. Rather than laze around in your sunglasses, try learning how to surf if you don’t know-how, better still, try out other water sports such as kayak, kitesurfing, jet-ski racing, among many others. There is no harm in learning one or two things before returning to your normal mode of life.

Meet new people

Connections and memories can be shared with people we meet during vacations, so don’t hold back on making new friends and enjoying the new company. Beach games such as beach volleyball or beach soccer are one way to go about it. you should also look out for other social gatherings such as bonfires and the rest.

Use your camera at every slight opportunity

No doubt, you’re going to have lovely memories during your vacation, but it will all go to waste if you don’t take a photo or make a video of some of these moments. Ensure your phone or your GoPro camera is always charged and ready for use.

Write your thoughts in the sand

I know it might sound futile since the waves of the sea are likely to wash them after a while, but such moments are known to be priceless, especially if you take a clear photo of them. The waves washing up your write-up is nature’s way of letting you know that she hears all you have to say and will help you make it right.

Beach vacations are known to be fun if you approach them the right way with the right mindset. Here are other questions you might have with regards to this topic:


How many swimsuits should I bring to Hawaii?

Experienced travellers have suggested bringing at least 3-swimsuits so you can always have a dry set available when needed. If you are a lady reading this, then you are advised not to also travel with high heels as a tourist is known to walk mainly on flip-flops and sandals.

How many swimsuits do I need for a 7-day vacation?

This is all down to preference. If you intend to pack light then I suggest having at least two swimsuits at your disposal; this number should suffice for your 7-day stay, but if there is a slight chance that you might extend your trip then packing up three bathing suits wouldn’t be a bad idea.

What can you not bring to Hawaii?

Although very welcoming, Hawaii is known to prohibit setting items from tourists visiting its shores – most especially agricultural produce.

Anyone having the intention of having agricultural produce onboard should ensure that no soil is left on the plant for the sake of transplanting, especially without the prior notice of the officials involved. Some of these agricultural products include the following;

  • Passion fruit plant as well as the seed equivalent
  • Corn that’s still on the cob
  • Pineapple
  • Bromeliad plants
  • Coffee plants
  • Palm plants
  • Pine plant
  • Sorghum, among several others.

How Many Swimsuits To Bring On Vacation – Conclusion

We must take a break from our normal 9-5 routine to ensure we get recharged from our daily hustle and bustle, and there’s no better way than going to the beach to chill out.

Regardless of the number of swimsuits you hope to have with you on board, always ensure you make the best of your vacation, and least I forget, don’t forget to make the memories last forever by having a picture or video reminder. Cheers!!!

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