Do Wrestlers Wear Briefs?

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Wrestlers are known for their wrestling singlets. These singlets are made from Lycra or nylon in one piece of uniform, usually tight-fitting. Nevertheless, they are mostly common wrestling wear for amateurs. However, they are allowed to wear briefs as underwear too.

Professional Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, John Cena, and Triple-H have worn briefs over the years. Briefs were used by these and others to express or show their manliness. This may imply that the differences in rules regarding what you wear for a match are just a means or format to set the gap between the amateurs and the professionals.

Why do wrestlers wear briefs?

Briefs are not a must-wear outfit or underpants for wrestlers as their wrestling singlets are tight-fitting enough but as aforementioned, they love to flex their masculinity. We will discuss these reasons further. Check out the Amazon Essentials 7-pack briefs.

To keep their privys intact

Wrestling is a game of combat that allows for any kind of contact while in the ring. You can tell when an opponent would want to kick you in the balls and this leaves your privys prone to damage if hit with too much force.

Briefs will serve as a second layer of protection for a wrestler especially when their privys are not left to ding around in the wrestling shorts or even singlets. This is sole because their shorts and singlets are made or designed in a way that some space is created big enough to accommodate your privys.

This space is usually big and without underpants, your privy organs are left uncomposed. This will also leave you susceptible to picking injuries from clutching your balls with your thighs. Check this Men’s 7-pack briefs out

To flex their muscles

Briefs are skin tight-fitting underwears that clip onto your skin when you wear them. This makes your muscularity aggressively visible. A lot of wrestlers enjoy showing off those muscles to scare their opponents or sometimes emphasize their masculinity.

They are opportune the luxury of showing how built they are as they walk into the ring and flex their muscles.

For instance, when a wrestler like Randy Orton or Chris Jericho makes their entrances into the ring, the camera would focus on their physique and you may see them stuffing their thighs just to show their bodybuild. 

As briefs clip to your skin, they expose your muscles better and create the physical appearance that you may want to give out as a wrestler. This gives wrestlers the zeal and excitement to wear briefs and experience this amazing feature that it has and reflects on them too.

AJ Styles is or would be another example of an ‘I like to show off or flex my muscles’ guy. 

They are elastic

Although briefs are made with cotton material, they are woven with elastic pieces to allow for an easy stretch and make them breathable, thereby allowing for easy airflow. 

When a wrestler attempts a flip stunt, kick, or sometimes a jump from around the top edge of a ring, they sometimes jump with their legs open or stretched. When you wear a slightly elastic but tight-fitting singlet ( not minding the kind), it might tear off easily. 

With briefs, you can stunt as far as your muscles can take you and they will just stretch out along and come right back to their fitting. This makes it a perfect underpants or wrestling wear for some wrestlers, especially the professionals. 

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They are comfortable

The softness of the cotton material that I’d used to make briefs gives them a comforting feeling when you wear them. When briefs are neat and worn under lightweight clothes, they don’t allow for chafing and surely never cause your inconveniences.

When wrestlers wear briefs, they tend to have the same feel as you would when you wear briefs. The comfort could even be better for them. Do you know why? It is because it will allow them to explore the ring and combat well. 

Briefs are breathable underpants and allow for good airflow through to or around your privy areas. Therefore, it doesn’t bother a wrestler who wears briefs under his wrestling singlets that he wouldn’t get enough air around his private part during a match.

They allow for easy stunts

The elasticity of briefs allows for easy stunting during a match. When they make flips and throw kicks, briefs stretch along with their body movement and come right back with it.

Imagine Randy wearing wrestling singlets when he manta to perform his superkick that often ends the fight. If he wore long pants than briefs, it would have been difficult for him to successfully generate the amount of force he may want in the kick. This may jeopardize his chances of winning. 

A lot of other wrestlers depend on the elasticity of their underpants to perform their key stunts perfectly. This makes briefs a preferable choice for them.

They are easy to adjust

As briefs are elastic they can easily expand and come back to their original form and position on your skin without much stress.

Some wrestlers may come into wrestling slim but after a couple of weeks or months, they will add up weight as a result of gym exercises or a change of diet. This change can make them lose the fittingness of their wrestling singlets.

When they lose weight, it can also be the same but briefs are elastic enough to fit into any new shape a wrestler takes. And also, when you are hit on the floor of the ring or thrown out the ring, your fall may adjust the position of your briefs or that is your main outfit but you would just need to drag it a little bit into the right position.

Sometimes, you wouldn’t need to even do that because they will adjust by themselves. So, it makes briefs perfect underwear or main wear choice for some wrestlers.


How do wrestlers protect their private parts?

Usually, they wear a guard that is shaped like a G-string underneath to protect their private parts or privy organs. This has been in existence for ages, dating back to 200AD.

What do WWE wrestlers wear?

A lot of wrestlers that have amateur backgrounds always prefer to wear singlets. Some wear the single strap singlets just like Andre the giant to serve as back support. 

Others wear singlets that are cut to look like trunk shorts. This brings about the different variations of wrestling singlets. 

Do wrestlers wear anything under singlets?

For the females, you are permitted to wear a sports bra under your wrestling singlets. For underpants or underwear wrestlers are allowed to either wear a jockstrap, regular briefs, or nothing at all. The ‘nothing at all’ choice is simply for the fact that their singlets are often skin tight and may not really require underwear but these wears or underpants can also come in handy sometimes.

Can you wear shorts in wrestling?

Yes, you can but there are rules guiding it. You can wear shorts designed for basketball into the football pitch to play a match and so it is for basketball. You have to wear the shorts that were made for the suiting of a particular sport.

This also applies to wrestling, the rule states that you must wear shorts that are specifically designed for the purpose.

What are wrestling shorts called?

The wrestling shorts or outfits are called wrestling singlets. Whether they are single strap singlets or cut to take the form of shorts, they are still referred to as wrestling singlets.

What do wrestlers wear on their ankles?

For every tournament, there’s a set of ankle bands with the home team wearing the green and the red color band is for the visiting team. They are a must-wear for each match. These sets of ankle bands’ color must rhyme with the color arm that is signaled by the referees. 

Why do wrestlers not wear cups?

Wrestling does not just allow for contacts but also permits combat which is the basis of it. This means that the chances of sustaining injuries are highly possible. That is why female wrestlers often wear thicker sports bras to protect themselves and save the discomfort that they encounter during the game.

Wearing cups to protect bust is quite discomforting because they are rigid in nature.

Do Wrestlers Wear Briefs – Conclusion

In the ring, wrestlers combat for a belt, and the winner of the match is titled a champion. Winning requires your skills and efficiency. Some stunts cannot be achieved while wearing wrestling singlets. Even if it is the most common wrestling wear for wrestlers.

Tight-fitting wrestling singlets are often worn by amateur wrestlers and briefs are often a thing for professionals. They understand the value better I think or it is just a show of difference between the seniors and the juniors.

Professionals wear what they may want within the professionally stated rules of wrestling though. They all have their signature outfits and stick to them until the end of their career. Some professionals like Andre and Big Show wore singlets as back support. 

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