Do Millennials Wear Briefs?

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Some do, I can’t speak for the exact number of people who wear briefs and those who do not, however, both parties all have their various reasons why they wear or do not wear briefs which I’ll get into in a moment. Some of the reasons are sound while some others are just ways to justify their choice and get instant gratification.

Without further ado, below are some of the reasons millennials don’t wear briefs, and simply refuse to even consider it.

Too tight

For some people, they feel that the tightness or compactness which briefs provide is a major deal-breaker, which I completely understand. When you get a pair that’s super tight, it sort of limits the airflow around your privys causing you to sweat and make you uncomfortable through the day.

When you begin to sweat around your crotch and it doesn’t get enough ventilation, after a while, it may start to generate an odor.

Also, the tightness limits the movement of the balls which many individuals do not like, they prefer the freedom of the said balls.

Similar to “Tighty Whities”

Although briefs are way better than they used to be before as they have been sort of “modernized”, they have been tagged with the nickname “tighty whities” which is known as underwear that middle-aged and older people wear. Therefore it makes it seem like they’re old when they wear briefs, that is the reason some millennials do not like wearing briefs.

In order not to feel old, or not to be tagged as the guy that wears tighty whities, they prefer to wear other forms of underwear like boxer shorts and trunks.

“Makes me look unmanly”

For some reason, millennials consider briefs “unmanly” and don’t want to wear them at all, call it toxic masculinity or whatever else label you want, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and because you don’t agree with it does not make it wrong. 

I feel like the main reason for this thought is the fact that growing up, as young boys the type of underwear predominantly used were briefs and as the years progressed into the teens, you tend to want to appear more “mature” to your peers and go for boxers.

Not ideal for all seasons

Why own underwear that you can’t wear in every weather? Well, true, because briefs sort of restrict airflow to your privys. It makes it a hassle to wear in the summer when there’s a heatwave, or in any sort of hot environment.

They’d rather go for underwear you can wear wherever, whenever and however you want, without discomfort in any way.

Not cute

Some millennials feel that because briefs are worn predominantly by children and middle-aged adults, it is not attractive to wear them. For people that are active, it may be embarrassing and sort of a turn-off for the opposite gender. Most people would prefer to wear attractive underwear which they can feel confident in.

The best underwear to get if you don’t like briefs for this would be trunks, check out the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cotton Trunks.

Rides up

The one thing that is surely a drawback with briefs is that it rides up a lot, when you wear it with pants or even shorts, you’d find that after a while it would go up to your boot cheeks and begin to cause you discomfort. If there’s one thing I dislike, it’s underwear that rides up, it will feel like you’re wearing thongs.

The lighter the material is of the briefs, the more prone it is to ride up.

Reasons why some millennials like briefs

Under swimsuits

Some millennials prefer to wear briefs because of the compactness, you can wear them under swimsuits without it inconveniencing you in any way, unlike boxers which are a bit bulky and tend to get in the way when you’re putting on pants.

For a diver or a swimmer, the best underwear to use with your swimsuit is briefed.


The elastic nature of briefs allows you to move freely whenever you’re wearing them, apart from the fact that they restrict balls movement, you have a wide range of motion across your hips and groin.

For jobs or activities that require you to be on your feet all day, always on the move, you need a pair of underwear that will help you through the day without causing discomfort or restricting your movement.


Briefs are way cheaper than the average boxers, while a pair of boxers may go for like 8 bucks, briefs come in a pack of 3-5 which may cost you about 15 bucks, which is about 5 bucks apiece, sweet deal right?

Although, it also depends on the brand comparisons, for example, a pair of generic boxers will cost way lesser than a pair of Calvin Klein’s briefs. This basically means that the more popular the brand, the more expensive it is. I suppose this applies to most things anyway.

Skinny jeans

The compactness makes it ideal to be worn underneath skinny jeans, since skinny jeans are tight already, wearing loose underwear like Boxer shorts will make it difficult to move with ease, therefore, the best underwear to wear would be briefed.

You know how much millennials love skinny jeans, well, I suppose Gen Z has taken over on that front.

Easy to wash

Made with a lightweight fabric that dries easily, briefs are very easy to wash, especially when you’re hand washing them, compared to some other forms of underwear, you will have an easy time with these.

Personally, I absolutely detest any form of washing, be it dish or clothes, which makes briefs very ideal for a lazy personality like mine.

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Are briefs popular again?

Briefs have always been popular, however, it is always used by a particular demographic of people, for example, growing up I know a lot of parents used to dress us up in briefs when we needed underwear which makes briefs popular amongst kids and their parents I suppose.

Another demographic with which briefs are popular is Middle-Aged men. I don’t know why they love it so much but it’s very popular with them.

What kind of guys wear briefs?

Guys that want to wear briefs are the kind of guys that wear briefs, I can’t speak for the personality of guys based on the underwear they wear. When choosing any form of clothing item, you tend to choose what works for you and your physique, so if you feel briefs work for you and the kind of activities your work entails, then you should totally go for it.

Do girls wear briefs?

Yes, some girls do. They are way more comfortable in these types of underwear and choose to purchase them over the types that are generically tailored for females. While some just wear briefs while they are having a sleepover with their boyfriends.

Personally, I understand the appeal though, for girls, the case of the restrictions of the balls does not apply, and depending on the brand of briefs it can be very attractive for some guys to see.

Should guys wear briefs or boxers?

Guys should wear whichever underwear they want to, there is no rule stating that one underwear is better than the other, you just have to consider all the pros and cons & reach a decision for yourself. 

However, I would recommend a very comfortable pair of elastic underwear to help you through your day. Like the Gildan Men’s Boxers and the Gildan Men’s Briefs.

What percentage of people wear briefs?

I have no idea, 50%? Who knows, there may be underwear statistics on this out there, but I can assure you that I don’t know it. What does it matter? If you wanna wear briefs, other people’s opinions shouldn’t sway you in any way, do you and be confident.

Are briefs comfy?

Yes they are, when you get high-quality underwear, you are guaranteed comfort and style, therefore, if you’re in need of a comfortable pair of briefs, you should spare no cost and get the best you can find.

As for recommendations on the most comfortable pairs of briefs, every link to pairs of briefs provided above are 100% legit and you won’t regret purchasing them. Consider it an investment.

Do Millennials Wear Briefs – Conclusion

Millennials are weird, everyone seems to have an opinion on matters which they should not have a say on, and what’s worse is that the said opinion isn’t even theirs, to begin with, they simply follow what’s hip and popular. Therefore, in order to form your own opinions on the best type of underwear to use, you need to try each of them out and figure out which best works for you and your physique.

That way you don’t have to worry about “if millennials wear briefs” or not because it won’t matter anymore. Whichever underwear you end up choosing, I hope it serves you well and keeps you comfortable. Good luck!

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