Do Guys Like One Piece Swimsuits?

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Do guys like one-piece swimsuits? Do they? Really? While we have some guys who see no wrong in putting on their wife’s clothing, they would rather do it in private to tease her, than in public. We know the world is evolving, but we aren’t at the point where you see a man in lingerie and feel it’s cool.

So to answer the question in one word; NO, guys do not like one-piece swimming suits. The same way a lady loves exposing her cleavage to gain more attention from the male folk is the same way the man loves exposing his body muscles to attract the female folk.

A man feels confident when he gets glances as a result of his well-shaped biceps and triceps. We spend hours in the gym try to not just keep fit, but also look good in every ramification, so you can easily assume we find it completely weird if an offer of putting on a one-piece swimsuit was placed on the table.

Not only does it cover our masculinity, but it also covers everything we have worked so hard to labor for in a gym. Except a bet is placed or there happens to be a special occasion that requires such a dress code, you are unlikely to see a man with a straight sexual orientation, dress in a one-piece swimsuit.

Why guys don’t like one-piece swimsuits

Of course, certain one-piece swimsuits have been specially designed for the male community, there’s still a long way to go in terms of making it very popular among the male community due to its clear similarities with the female bikini suits.

Below are some valid reasons why you are unlikely to find a full-grown man, or better still, the male community embracing the one-piece swimsuit idea:

There’s nothing masculine about the idea

Men tend to embrace things or items that promote their masculinity, and while I try to rack my brain on how a one-piece swimsuit helps this cause, I just don’t seem to find any.

The one-piece swimsuit is definitely something that interests ladies since they are all about covering two areas and matching tops. Not like we don’t care about things that match and all, but it’s a territory the females seem to have an upper hand.

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Men have nothing to hide

Women wear a bra because there’s a need to cover their breasts in public. The least they can do is to expose the cleavage and leave the rest to the imagination.

Men on the other hand do not have to cover any sort of nipple or breast – while ladies are just okay with covering their nipple, the male community will be more than willing to expose the chest region, especially if it is well built.

Men feel a lot more comfortable exposing their build and anything that tends to restrict our showbiz, especially in the presence of ladies doesn’t usually sit well with our psyche – that’s one of the main reason you are unlikely to see a man with a shirt on in a beach or poolside regardless of how big or flat his tummy looks.

It sends the wrong message

Any man who isn’t associated with the LGBT community will be telling the world the opposite if he is seen in a bra and a bikini because there’s no reason other than a show of support as to why a man who claims to be “straight” or have the normal sexual orientation should be seen with a bra in a public setting.

Don’t blame anyone for giving you a hot stare since you attracted much attention to yourself. You shouldn’t feel embraced either if you start getting passes from men or persons who belong to the LGBT community because that’s their own way of passing out signals to one another.

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What kind of swimsuits do men like?

For starters, men do not really like the one-piece swimsuits even if there are ones specially designed for males. Guys are generally inclined to suits that show off their sexiness in the slightest manner, and any swimming trunk that makes a man confident around the female gender will definitely be appreciated.

The following shorts are known to catch the fancy of men regardless of the age bracket:

Square leg swimsuits

The square leg swimsuit is very similar to most of the male underwear we have today. They are a good fit for persons with good body physique and are usually known to have a good appeal, especially for the opposite sex.

The design on a square leg swimsuit also entails that the butt is not as revealing as some of the swimsuits in the market, yet, it can give you all the attraction and freedom you seek in a swimsuit.

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Swimming trunks

These are probably the most common set of swimsuits you are likely to find on guys on the beach. They are usually made with either nylon, polyester, or a combination of the two fabrics which also makes them highly flexible for leg movement.

The incorporated design of fitting linings on swimming trunks also makes the wearer protected from water pressure thereby protecting the groin area.

Swim Jammers

Swim Jammers are mostly worn by professional swimming athletes as their designs are known to aid and improve all-around performance when swimming. They are mostly made like compression shorts used for cycling with more emphasis placed on aiding swimmers.

Swim briefs

Swim briefs are probably the first set of male swimsuits to be recognized globally thanks to the 1956 Olympics where they were worn under the trademark of “speedo”.

As it stands, the speedo is more like the general name for swim briefs all over. They come in different colours and sizes and are usually more revealing than swimsuits. the design also means that they can be also worn as a pant for persons who design more leg freedom.

Board Shorts

For those who seek more coverage, board shorts will be very ideal as their versatility also means that they can be used to carry out other activities on beaches should you so wish. Board shorts are primarily designed for surfing, but the fabric composition and design also make them ideal for swimming.

Unlike the other swimming suits discussed above, board shorts do not come with elastic bands as their lock mechanism due to their size, rather, they come with rigid lace-up fronts. If this is your choice for swimming shorts, always ensure you lace them up properly before taking a dive or a swim as the case may be.

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How to maintain a swimming suit for men

Swimming suits can cost a fortune if you’re a swimming enthusiast, and that’s why you must take great care to ensure you get your money’s worth from your swimming gear. Here are a few hacks you can use to your advantage:

Treat new swimming trunks before wearing

Some persons treat their swimming suit like normal wear, but it shouldn’t be so; swimming trunks are to be first treated before wearing them if you hope to get the best out of your gear. Try using a pretreat before taking a dive in your new swim trunks to ensure the colours do not fade away.

Simply mix water (about a quarter) and two tablespoons of distilled vinegar in a washing basin of your choice, then allow your new bathing suit to soak for at least 30-minutes.

Once this is done, wash your trunk lightly to remove the smell. Hang to dry and your swimming trunk should be ready to wear afterward.

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Always wash in cold water

Washing your swimming trunk in warm water will make it fade fast due to the saltwater or treated water it comes in contact with within a beach or pool respectively. However, washing with cold water will wash away those chemicals or saltwater that are very capable of degrading the material.

Avoid leaving your wet suit in a bag

The mistake most persons make after swimming is that they change into their dry clothes and simply toss their wet swimming suit in a plastic bag without properly doing the needful – which is – to soak the swimming suit in cold water for a couple of minutes, or better still, use a mesh bag to store the swimsuit until you are ready to wash.

A mesh bag will provide the space for your swimsuit to air-dry before proceeding to wash, thereby, preventing moulds and other microbes from forming on your swimsuit which can be detrimental to the lifespan of the fabric, while a plastic bag will simply provide microbes with a conducive environment to function.

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Are one-piece swimsuits flattering?

They definitely are; as long as it is being worn by the female gender. They make a great view for pictures taken in the poolside and on the beach.

Should you buy a swimsuit one size bigger?

Swimming suits are generally stretchy when wet, so going a size bigger wouldn’t be ideal. Simply stay true to your size, or better still, size down by one. However, if you will spend more time outside the pool or water, you can endeavor to size up by one to feel more comfortable.

Is it ok to buy a used swimsuit?

Please refrain from buying items that have been used by someone else, especially when they sit directly in your private area. Besides, swimsuits will tend to wear out quickly than ordinary shorts, so buying a used one isn’t actually saving money as you might assume.

Do Guys Like One Piece Swimsuits – Conclusion

Let guys be guys. We don’t have to evolve completely into the female world to prove any point. Guys will definitely like a one-piece swimsuit on a lady, but the same cannot be said when a guy tries out one. Have a pleasant swimming experience. Cheers!!!

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