Can You Wear Swim Shorts To The Gym?

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For some reason, many have worn swim shorts to the gym simply because they intend to take a dive in a close-by pool. However, many are still not convinced if it’s a good idea, or if they are doing themselves harm by trying to kill two birds with one stone — wearing swim shorts to exercise and swim — but should you? Can you wear swimshorts to the gym? Are there repercussions if you do?

Yes, you can wear swim shorts to the gym, as a matter of fact, you can wear anything you want to the gym. However, wearing swim shorts to the gym with the aim of exercising comes with its repercussions.

What should I consider before wearing swim shorts to the gym?

Swim shorts come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. Of all the different types of swim shorts we have available, board shorts are the most preferred due to the length and style. It would be very weird to be seen walking around in a speedo swimsuit in a gym simply because you intend to swim afterward.

Square leg swimsuits will also be termed too short and revealing to be worn in a gym, but the closest swim shorts that come close to board shorts are these swim trunks. They have moderate length and the required decency expected of guys in a gym environment.

Wear anything else and your intention in the gym will likely be questionable. I just can’t imagine the sight of a fully grown man making some curls with a speedo brief on his waist; it’s probably a sight I will live to remember for the rest of my life.

Does it have netting?

Most swim shorts are known to come with netting which can come in the way of your comfort while exercising. In such instances, I strongly advise you to click here to see how to remove the netting. If you stubbornly go-ahead to exercise in your netting, the discomfort you are likely to feel afterward will be nothing compared to the calories you burnt.

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Pros of wearing swim shorts to the gym


For gyms having a pool as part of their setup, swim shorts will be very ideal as long as you don’t engage in any heavy leg work activity that might strain your muscles. You can literally just jump into the pool after your workout without having to worry about changing into your swimming trunk – cool right?


If you are looking for something fancy to wear to the gym, then your best bet should be swimming shorts due to how colourful they can be, especially when it suits the occasion. Provided you just want to work on your arm or chest region, you have nothing to worry about.

Cons of wearing swim shorts to the gym

Doesn’t fit the occasion

Swim shorts are primarily designed for water activities, anything outside of water will be considered as putting the material under unnecessary stress which can do your muscle more harm than good in the long run.


Chafing is an unpleasant situation that’s caused when body parts rub against the fabric with excessive friction. Wearing swim shorts will increase the risk of chafing especially in the groin area due to the material with which it was made – spandex – that’s why you must wear proper gym shorts, especially if you intend to do intense drills in the gym.

It’s a bit weird

Just as I stated earlier, seeing a grown a*s man wearing speedos in a gym will definitely send shock waves down your spine. Board shorts are pretty much okay to put on, but anything other swim shorts will definitely cause you to be viewed in a wrong way – if you know what I mean.

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Types of gym shorts

Gym shorts are known for their comfort and unique design when it comes to getting the best out of your workout activities – be it in the gym or outdoors. They support the muscles and are known to reduce chafing to its barest minimum. Below are some examples of shorts you can comfortably wear to the gym without causing any harm to your muscles:

Compression shorts

The first on my list by any means have to be compression short. Practically like spandex shorts, compression shorts are comprised of an uncommon stretchy material that wraps up your skin fit. It frames your shape and offers additional help for the crotch, thighs, and hamstrings. They are also available for male and female folks.

A few sporting activities require its competitors to wear compressions shorts. Bicycle shorts swim running shorts, and professional swimming shorts are normally comprised of compression material.

Additionally, this sort can come helpful when you need to shield the skin from chafing. Some hypotheses say they drastically cut down muscle exhaustion when worn after an exercise, forestall strain, reduce irritation; while improving muscle oxygenation and blood dissemination. Many competitive athletes are known to wear compression shorts. A perfect example will be long-distance runners.

Basketball shorts

B-ball shorts for men are mostly made with special materials that make them ideal for other sporting or exercising activities. This is because ball shorts are made to be longer than the standard knee-length, and has more space than most athletic wear.

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Additionally, they are made of compression-like fabric. This will in general be heavier than the most widely recognized polyester material used to make athletic shorts. According to a renowned b-ball legend in the person of Michael Jordan, he has hailed the performance level of longer shorts for mid-professional play and everyone seems to agree.

Bike shorts

Bike shorts might be known to work with the same working principle as conventional compression shorts, but they do vary in a couple of various ways. Bicycle shorts are suggested more for sporting cyclists, while compression shorts are generally worn by bikers who take part in serious competitions such as a marathon.

Bicycle shorts are for the most part made of spandex texture while compression shorts can be made of it or other engineered materials like neoprene, which fits nearer to the body.

Likewise, most bicycle shorts accompany a layer of cushioning sewn in the seat region to give better solace during long rides of cycling.

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Running shorts

Regular running shorts are to be consistently made of light, wicking, and breathable materials paying little heed to the style.

If these features are available in a couple you are hoping to buy or already have, then you are definitely on the right track.

The best fit for men’s running shorts forestall bouncing and chaffing, and other interruptions that could keep you from completely getting the best out of your running activity.

Shorts for all-purpose

All-purpose exercise shorts are normally comfortable shorts that are quite easy to access. Since dynamic athletes need comfortable shorts, looser cotton textures or cotton mixes are suggested. This is as they give ideal solace amid heavy weight training sessions.

Additionally, probably the best exercise shorts designs are made with synthetic material that wicks away dampness or sweat while working your heart out during a wellness schedule. These types of all-rounder shorts wash well and require little care to last their life span.

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It is the most ideal choice to buy a looser fit for flexibility, permitting a lot of development. The best rec centre shorts are typically those with solid drawstrings, tumbling to the mid-thigh or sometimes a bit longer.

Despite this, you need to pick some exercise shorts that are not very large during your rec centre meeting. This is because this kind of exercise shorts can get stuck in a gym machine and cause you an accident that could have easily been avoided.

Having known all these, there are other factors you should consider when buying your gym shorts, and I will be explaining some of this shortly.

Factors to consider when buying gym shorts/clothes

Some shorts are ideal for some sports while others aren’t. However, if you intend to go to the gym to spend quality time, here are some of the things you should consider before making a purchase on the cloth to wear.

Quality and durability

The first thing you should consider before buying your gym cloth – either offline or online should be the quality and durability of the fabric. Although, you might think you can’t know of such information without purchasing the item, however, there are sure things you can take a look at to pass judgment if the quality is up to the required standards.

If you intend to shop at the actual store, carry out a test and check whether the crumbles disappear without any problem. Furthermore, stretch the texture, and check whether it slackens.

Also, check little things like buttonholes, slick sewing with more tight seams, as well as covered zippers. These facts might seem little, but they mean a lot if you intend to enjoy your gym shorts or clothes.

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If you are buying your gym clothes online, take time to look at the pictures of the item as well as the features, see if it’s what you already know or can align with, then ensure you pick the right size before making any purchase.

Wicking ability

If you don’t break any sweat when exercising, then you haven’t probably started anything. However, this sweat can make your workout harder if you don’t control it, and that’s where the moisture-wicking ability of your cloth comes in.

Workout clothes with breathability are very ideal for the gym, and one of the manufacturers of the items use in making this happen is the dry-fit technology. Ensure your gym clothes have the characteristics just like this one.


Your gym shorts and clothes, in general, need to be designed to allow continuous airflow to continually keep your muscles refreshed and dry. While synthetic materials are known to possess this attribute, the combination of cotton and polyester will serve you better in this regard.

Good airflow will also mean you don’t have to worry about a bad odour that can be caused as a result of sweat accumulation, and also means you don’t have to worry about chafing in the groin region.

Online reviews

The reviews online are of great importance if you intend to shop online. While there are lots of fake reviews that can be made by the product’s competition, you must take note of personal reviews from customers who have actually made the purchase.

You can satisfy your curiosity by googling about the said product to read the reviews on the product’s main website and other platforms. The more reviews you read, the better.

What you do in the gym more often

If you use the running mill more often, then you should consider buying runners short which are known to fit the muscle in the leg area properly. Weight lifters should consider shirts with good airflow to keep the muscles properly refreshed. Know your workout schedule before making a purchase.


Can I run in swim shorts?

This depends on the kind of race. If you mean pro-racing or any competitive racing, then I wouldn’t recommend it. This is because normal swim shorts have lots of leg space that might resist the runner from penetrating the wind as he/she should. Rather, try this running short for the best performance.

Can you wear swim shorts in public?

This depends on the kind of swimshorts. Board shorts can be casually worn in public without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. However, swim shorts in the category of square legs or speedos may not be worn in public due to how far they are from the knee.

Why are swimming shorts banned in France?

Swimming shorts are banned in swimming pools located in France because the authorities feel they aren’t hygienic. Instead, speedos are the more preferred option.

How do you tell if shorts are for swimming?

The fabric of the shorts in question is what differentiates them. Normal shorts are made up of mostly cotton material and will take a lot of time to dry when wet while swimming shorts are known to have mesh on the inside, and they also dry very quickly once you leave the water.

Can You Wear Swim Shorts To The Gym – Conclusion

Depending on the occasion, it is advisable to wear something more exercise-worthy when going to the gym or engaging in any exercise activity. Swim shorts or not, your comfort is what should come first before anything else. Kindly drop your comment or observation in the comment section. Cheers!!!

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