Can You Wear Boxer Shorts In Public?

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You should not wear your boxers in public, they are called “underwear” for a reason, they are meant to stay under your clothes. Exposing them in public may be considered indecent, however, there are situations and activities that may excuse you to wear your boxers in public, without exposing your privys of course.

The only places you may wear your boxers in public are outlined below, remember, cover yourself properly and try your best not to expose yourself and get arrested.

But first, let’s go through some of the reasons why you should not wear your boxers in any sort of public space.


Depending on how tight your boxers are, it may reveal the silhouette of your “privates” which isn’t ideal to show in public, especially when there may be kids around, you know how kids stare a lot. In order not to appear indecent in a space that’s made for everyone, dressing in your underwear and making people uncomfortable is simply selfish.

Dress decently when you leave your house, if not to be considerate, do it because there is a fine line between “indecency” and a “misdemeanor”.


In cold weather like during the Winter, wearing boxers out in public makes no sense, because they have very minimal coverage and are impractical to protect you from the cold. If you don’t want to fall sick with the flu or with even worse illnesses like Pneumonia, then I suggest you always wear trousers when going out and cover up properly to stay warm. Check this Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cotton Underwear

Just Odd

You’re gonna look like a total weirdo if you’re out in public in your boxers, no matter how fancy they may be, don’t get tagged that weirdo that always walks around in his draws because you’re trying to look cool.

Put on pants or shorts when you’re stepping out of your house.


Unless you’re jobless and you don’t have any sources of income that require you to show up to a workplace every day at a designated time, do not wear your boxer shorts in public, you can show up to work in your underwear, you will get fired on the spot.

Even if your job states that casual outfits are allowed, your underwear is several levels outside the realm of casual outfits, that’s your bedroom clothing.

I’m pretty sure even in the comfort of our homes, most of us aren’t comfortable walking in our boxer shorts when there are other family members in the house. You should not be doing it in public then.

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Places you can wear your boxers in public

There are a few places where you can be excused for wearing your boxers in public, and that’s because they act as an alternative to the real thing, check this out Calvin Klein’s Classic Cotton Boxer Shorts.


If you’re spending the day at the beach and you don’t have swimming trunks, then you can always use your boxers when you need to get in the water.

Best to wear a pair that dries easily though, because if you wear wet boxers in your clothes it will lead to the formation of bacteria.

Swimming pool

You can also wear your boxers to the pool if you need to, the best kind of underwear to use is boxer briefs because they are more “skin tight and they are very ideal for swimming, they dry quickly and won’t come off while you’re in the water.

I can’t speak for boxer shorts though, they are bulky and aren’t really ideal for swimming, they can easily come off when you’re in the water. If you need to wear it, you have to remain poolside, swim at your discretion.

Public bathing spaces

Although these are not really common, there are public baths which you pay for and you get to use their hot springs to your satisfaction. For these kinds of spaces, it is not uncommon to see people in their towels or underwear, some even walk around fully bare, not that it’s allowed though.

Unless you’re in a public bathing space such as a gym, you should not be walking around in your underwear for any reason.


If you’re visiting a sauna to relieve stress or simply need to detoxify your body, saunas have many health benefits which makes them popular, they are usually used without clothing on because the goal is to let the steam penetrate your skin and make you sweat, although some hot saunas allow you go in fully naked, you also have to option to go in your towels or your boxers.

This is what makes saunas one of the public places where you can wear your boxer shorts without judgment or you look like a freak. 

Halloween costume party

I’ve seen a lot of crazy costumes during Halloween, which makes it an ideal time to wear your boxer shorts in public. If you need to, you can simply make it a part of your costume, whatever that is and people will roll with it. In fact, half the time, no one will pay mind to you or what you’re wearing as long as it’s Halloween.

Therefore, if you wanna show off your cool or expensive boxer shorts to everyone that cares enough to stare at you, then the best place to do so without being weird would be a Halloween costume party.


Why do guys wear boxer shorts?

I can’t speak for everyone, but some guys wear boxer shorts because they feel it’s the underwear that’s cool and manly, some wear it because they feel it’s what’s most comfortable and appropriate for them.

But, I would say the main reason guys wear boxer shorts it’s because you should not leave your house commando when going to work, it’s not ideal and it’s not practical.

If you can afford to, purchase your pairs of boxer shorts and try them out to figure out why they’re popular.

How many boxer shorts can I own?

You can own as many as you need to, the more the merrier, in order to be hygienic you need more than two pairs of boxers, not just for health reasons but also for the fact that the more boxers you own the more they last.

When you own multiple pairs you can switch them every day and give the others some downtime, however, don’t own so much that you litter your house as you lose track of them.

Do boxer shorts increase sperm count?

Uh, I don’t think so, I can’t speak confidently from a medical standpoint, about whether your underwear affects your sperm count in any way, however, I’ve heard rumors and whispers about tight boxers made with a particular fabric that cause low sperm count.

Don’t take my word for it though, next time you’re in a hospital or in the presence of a medical practitioner, you can get your answers firsthand.

What is the best way to wash boxer shorts?

The best way to wash boxer shorts would be to follow the manufacturer’s guide that is transcribed on the tag in the seams of your underwear. Follow the instructions to the T and you will maintain the integrity of the fabric for as long as it can hold out, digress and you will change underwear every month.

Washing your underwear wrong can lead to them ripping or the fabric fading and becoming brittle after a while.

Is it illegal to go outside in boxer shorts?

 No, it’s not, as long as it covers your privys properly and you’re not exposed in any way at all. But, you shouldn’t though, why would you wanna go out in public in your underwear? You’d be tagged a pervert and a weirdo. This isn’t legal, but it’s super embarrassing.

Get some regular shorts or put on some pants if you need to go out.

How should boxer shorts fit?

It should fit you properly so it’s not falling off your waist, and also loose enough so it’s not restrictive on your movement. Boxers are not supposed to be tight, especially if the material is not elastic, it will cause them to rip while you’re walking. The boxers should not be loose either because they will roll down constantly, I don’t know which is more annoying, to be honest.

Always purchase your boxer shorts in your exact size, when they break-in, they may loosen up a bit in some places but they will still fit.

Can You Wear Boxer Shorts In Public – Conclusion

Do not wear your boxers out in public if every other person in the said vicinity is not in some form of swimsuit or bikini of some sort, like the beach for example. There is a fine line between being confident in your skin and being an offender, and exposing your privys in public is the quickest way to achieve the latter.

Dress properly, wear clothes that you’re confident in without being a pervert, underwear is underwear for a reason, get it? Anyway, best of luck out there. Cheers!

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