Can You Wear A Pad With A G String?

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The issue of wearing g strings with pad is an issue most women will have to deal with in there lives. Some people use G strings and thongs interchangeably, they are majorly used by women to avoid “visible panty lines”. It really will not make a lot of sense if you are able to wear thongs on days you are not on your period, then boom on your period days you have to wear regular panties and have VPL.

So, Can You Wear A Pad With A G String? The answer is YES. However, one big issue most women will have to deal with in their lives is the hassle of getting a pad to fit comfortably on a thong, while serving its purpose well.

Dos and don’ts of wearing a pad with a G-string 

Only on light periods

As we’re talking about wearing thongs with pads during your period, you really must consider it on light days only. To wear a pad with a thong on a heavy flow can cause a lot of trouble, namely leaks.

Those light days of a period gives you an opportunity to use a pad with a g string, allowing you go about your daily activities without fear of leaks or your improvised pad shifting. If on heavy days that there is need for a bigger pad then use of a G string should be skipper.

Use a regular panty liner with a thong

There are specially designed panty liners for thongs which can be used, if you don’t use this then there is an improvisation for you. That option is to take a regular, normal pad to wear with a thong, with a few adjustments needed to make it work.

By all means, it won’t work for everyone as body shape or the type of thong underwear you’ll be wearing can make or break this simple solution – for example, a fuller thong is better than using the gusset of skimpy G-string. 

To use a pad with a G-string simply remove the strips to the sticky side and apply the normal panty liner to the thong as you would with a sanitary towel to a full panty.

Then crinkle up the edges to make it into a narrower shape, thus allowing the pad on thong to press against the honeypot without causing a mess as you move about. The pad then fits inside the lower bottom, between the bum and over the boothole.

Go for smaller sizes of pads

Steer the path of caution when going for a G-string during your period go for a smaller size of pad. Never make the mistake of going for the one meant for a heavier flow, that is the bulkier one.

Moreover, the gusset of a thong will only allow for a super thin pad. So no use of large sanitary towels on heavy flows or the kind that are used overnight, for example.

Not using a thin pad meant for light days can lead to several mishaps such as the pad being seen through the crotch of your trousers or leggings, then secondly it is easier for a bigger pad to dislodge. 

Remember nothing is guaranteed 

Having said it all, the reality is that there is no guarantee that a pad will remain attached to a thong. This is especially true if you use the regular pad with a thong option because really it can come unstuck, or simply dislodge, especially if one is really active.

Please avoid G-strings on your heavy days

It is really ill-advised for you to wear a thong on a heavy flow day. It is just too much hassle and stress. There is still a possibility of wearing say a pad for light days with a thong but you’ll still need reinforcements.

That could be doubling up with the use of a tampon with a thong, then with the pad used merely as a backup to catch any leakages.

Just go for a tampon instead

If you wear a tampon frequently or you are an exclusive tampon wearer and still asking how to wear a thong on your period, you’ll be pleased to know you’re perfectly equipped already. The tampon is inserted and our of the way and can be worn with anything.

If you’re a tampon wearer but need to switch to pads on heavy days; you can still wear a thong by using the tampon with a pad or thong panty liner to back you up.

Thong wearer’s number one choice would always by just the tampon and with that out of the way you’re free to wear the biggest thong to the skimpiest G-string.

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Reasons girls wear G-string 

One may wonder why girls will end up wearing something so skimpy that leaves nothing to the imagination. Truth be told there are some really good reasons why girls do that, and these are as varied as we have different faces. The reasons include


One of the major reasons girls claim to wear tongs is the comfort it gives them. They do not have the extra bands from regular panties biting into their bum or thighs. They are usually made of thin and skimpy materials So are more gentle to the skin.

Causes them to feel cute

Compared with panties G-strings are made with very little and soft material. Most ladies claim that wearing a G-string makes them feel cute. They say that the feel of the string in between their thighs can even turn them on.

Helps prevent visible panty lines

This is one of the major reasons most girls started to wear G-strings. It is usually a big fashion mishap to finish dressing up gorgeously only to have the whole outfit ruined by your panty lines deciding to say hello to the world. One easy way to avoid this is by the use of G-strings. 

It makes them feel feminine

Femininity is always associated with something delicate and dainty. When it comes to underwear lacy pants, tongs, fabrics that leave nothing to the imagination are deemed feminine. One of such things is a G-string.

This is exclusively a feminine piece of underwear, although some crossdressers get to wear them but then looks somehow on them to.

So for girls putting G-strings on, it makes them feel feminine and beautiful. Some crossdressers who also want to get in touch with their femininity can also wear G-strings.

How to wear a G-string 

G-strings are a must-have for any female most especially those that are fashion conscious and want to avoid visible pants lines. Some simple tips on how to wear one include:

Change your thong on a daily basis

One of the problems that sometimes occurs with wearing G-strings, is that they may spread bacteria faster than regular underwear, which can cause infections.

The reason for this is that the G-string travels between the v and the boothole all day and so can spread infections easily. Extra care needs to be taken. When one is prone to yeast infections or others.

Avoid wearing G-strings every day

Since wearing them predisposes one to bacterial infection as mentioned earlier, they should only be won when it is needed. There is no need of wearing it to go to bed, for exercise or when wearing a thinker material such as Jean.

Prevent spreading germs in a G-string by wiping the right way

The right way to wipe is to wipe from the front backward because you want to prevent the spread of germs from the boothole to the v.

This can cause certain infections for example a urinary tract infection. Wearing a G string puts more at risk hence the dire need to do things the right way.

Some people prefer wiping with a damp wipe rather than dry toilet paper, but this isn’t required.  Just make sure you’re clean. You will most like feel very uncomfortable if you put on your thongs on when you are not clean enough.

Difference between a thong and a G-string 

A thong is an undergarment worn by women as underwear or a swimsuit bottom it is more popular as a swimsuit in many countries. 

 A G-string is a type of panty which is worn in order to make sure there are no visible panty lines or to increase one’s appeal.

A thong contains less material making the hips more visible. G-string contains even less material at the hip region where it is just a string that attaches the front to the back.

Another difference is that thongs are specially designed to hide sensitive areas and privy hair but show parts of the bum, while G strings are for the sole purpose of making people look pretty, hides just the pubic hair.

Thongs can generally but not always be worn by women, while G strings can be worn by both men and women.

Can You Wear A Pad With A G String – Conclusion 

G-strings are a great addition in the fashion industry as it helps to prevent fashion blunder such as a visible panty line when wearing figure-hugging clothing.

It is better to avoid them during a menstrual period, but should they be used some improvisations can be made. Despite all precautions being taken it should be remembered that Accidents can still happen and should they happen one had better be prepared. 

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