Can You Cut The Netting In Swim Trunks? Find Out

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Swim trucks are shorts worn by men to swim and take part in other water activities such as jet-skiing, surfing, and the rest. Swimming trucks are known to come in different designs, but most are known to come with netting, if yours comes with nettings, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to do so.

Does the netting have any usefulness when left attached? What are the pros and cons of leaving the netting in place? These and many more you’ll be finding out shortly.

So, Can You Cut The Netting In Swim Trunks? Yes, you can cut the netting in swimming trucks if you feel it comes in the way of your comfort. There are many reasons why people go ahead to cut out the netting in their trucks; some of these reasons I will list below:

Why people cut the netting on their swimming trucks (Cons)

It cages the male organ in an uncomfortable way

One of the key reasons you will hear of why people go-ahead to cut their netting is because they frankly feel very uncomfortable when the balls rub against net material. They feel it restricts the movement of the balls in several ways, especially when the wearer takes a walk on the beach or poolside after taking a dive.

A weird unexplainable feeling

According to a twit by @Seanmueller91 who thinks the netting on swim trunks makes his balls feel like “freshly farm produce” many more feel the netting on swim trucks feel completely out of place as some even go as far as arguing the net was there to torture the male genitals for not being faithful to their female folks — lol, how can someone even come up with such a thought?

They get the male genital stuck at times

According to @notamerican_yet, he compared the male genital getting stuck to a netting, to the netting surface of a sort of alien spider.

If you have a plus-size genital, chances are there that your pen*s might get stuck in a very crooked way which might make it feel tangled or strangulated, and might even leave some of the net marks on the surface — a sight that’s definitely not pleasing to look at.

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It gives pebbles room to torment you

Persons who have been to the beach with swim trucks having net materials have almost unanimously said they get into serious discomfort especially when they sit on the beach sand or take a dive on the shores.

The sand grains tend to accumulate on the netting area, thereby, causing it to rub against the scrotum section of the balls which can cause an excruciating pain that can’t be explained with mare words.

If swim truck wearers have had lots of complaints about this feature, so why do the manufacturers insist on retaining it on the design?

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Why the netting in swim trucks? — the pros

According to a former employee of Under Armor who chooses to remain discreet, the netting in swim trucks was inserted into the design to serve as a barrier between pen*s and the fabric of the material having direct contact with themselves.

He argues that as soon as the fabric gets wet, it tends to get heavier which can cause the genital area of males to chafe and feel very uncomfortable. While many will feel this reason is probably not justified, here are other reasons that are likely to change your mind.

Saves you from embarrassment

Men and boys alike will generally agree that the size of the pen*s tends to shrinks every time we take a bath or have a dive in a pool.

Now, imagine the size of your pen*s being revealed at its lowest ebb due to the wet nature of your swim truck revealing what’s underneath — not cool right?

It can be very misleading especially when the size of your middle man is what you take pride in. However, with the net in place, such embarrassment can be avoided as it helps to pack up the pen*s and give it a uniform look.

Keeps the willy in place

People who tend to enjoy the net design in swimming trucks happen to be those having a large fella between their legs. The netting helps to keep the middle man from dangling around in the pool which can make one be termed a pervert especially if it is seen creeping out from the shorts.

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Acts as the ideal cover in certain conditions

According to Twitter user @entrauge, he acknowledged that the netting in swimsuits sucks, but also heaped lots of praise on it for saving him from a very embarrassing moment during childhood.

He claims to have shit his pants by the pool but was saved by the net as it prevented the solid turd from hitting the floor which would have definitely left a permanent scar on both his childhood and adult life. Do you have a similar experience? Kindly share with us in the comment section.

How to remove the netting on swimming trucks

Perhaps you have had enough of the discomfort that is well known with the netting in swimming trucks, removing it will be the next logical thing to do. Follow the simple steps below to do a clean job without having to ruin your swim trucks in the process;

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Step 1: Get sharp scissors

Using sharp scissors will ensure you do a clean and neat job without having to jeopardize the overall safety of your swim trunk. Avoid using any sort of razor blade because it can be unsteady to hold and might ruin your bathing suit or even cut your palm in the process.

Step 2: Pull the net outwards

Locate the net inside the swim trunk and pull it outwards. Ensure it is completely separated from the main trunk to avoid any sort of mishap in the cutting process.

Hold the net facing upwards with the trunk facing downwards to get a clear view of the whole process.

Step 3: Pierce a hole in a corner and cut from there

Once you have the net of the trunk rightly positioned outside the trunk, use the tip of your scissors and create a hole at the tip where the net is connected with the seam. Be careful enough not to cut the seam as this can ruin the waistline of the trunk. Creating the hole wouldn’t be a problem since the lining of the net is made with very light material.

After creating the hole, cut the net from the hole and make it go round. Remember to hold up the net facing upwards and the trunk facing downwards to ensure a clear and clean-cut.

Once the net is removed, do whatever you want with it — you can change it to your personal underwear if you want, or preferably hang it in your personal museum.

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What’s the difference between shorts and swim trunks?

You can say the history between shorts and swim trunks are quite similar due to who wears them — males. Unlike shorts that have evolved over the years especially when it comes to design and size, the only thing that has really change about swimming trunks has been the material used in producing them.

In terms of size, the only change that has been associated with swim trunks are board shorts know to be slightly longer than the convenient swimming trunk as we know it.

How best do they function?


Shorts are built to be worn outside water. The material composition they are made with will only be suited for activities outside water. They can be worn to casual events or simply used to stay at home. The treatments meted on pools make the chlorine additives unideal for shorts, therefore, wearing normal shots to the pool will reduce its life span.

Swimming trunks

Swimming trunks are built for water activities. They are mainly made of spandex materials which are known to be rugged when it comes to enduring the harsh water conditions of the pools and beaches.

What is distinctive in their features?

The features are where you get to see the real difference between a short and a swimming trunk. Swimming trunks are mostly made of spandex as stated earlier and are mostly worn in areas known to have a tropical climate.

Shorts on the other hand can be worn in any area. They are usually made up of cotton and other materials such as polyester. Shorts are known to come in varying lengths depending on the style and design, and these lengths can extend well beyond the knees; whereas swimming trunks barely vary in length with the longest of them all being the board shorts.

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Type of shorts

Aside from what we grew up knowing, there are various kinds of shorts, and below, I would be taking my time to explain some of them so that you can be up to speed with your clothing vocabulary:

Booty shorts

These kinds of shorts are worn by the female gender. They are very short and cover just the butt area of the body. Booty shorts are usually worn under short skirts or gowns. Click here for a perfect example.

Boy shorts

Don’t be deceived by the name. Boy shorts are worn by ladies and are a little longer in length than booty shorts. Click here for a perfect example.

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are usually worn by the male folks, but the females do have their own version. They are way longer in length than the boy shorts, with a cuff design embedded on their outlook. Click here for a perfect example.

Knee-length shorts

Going with the name, knee-length shorts are known to end at the knee region of the leg. They can be worn by both sex, and they come in various designs.

Toreador shorts

These shorts can be worn by both sexes depending on the design and structure of the shorts. They are quite long and would usually have a length that falls around the feet and the knee.

Capri shorts

Capri shorts are very popular amongst both sex due to their design that has a way of bringing out the style and swag in people. Its length is usually below the knee, and it’s made in such a way to hug the calf without leaving any space, but this can vary in design.

Boyfriend Shorts

Boyfriend shorts are usually worn by females, although I have happened to spot it on some males and it looks cool. The length lies somewhere between the laps and the knee, and they are designed to be oversized whilst having plenty of rips.

Chino shorts

These shorts are usually knee-length shorts that are designed with a zip front. The material is mostly made with cotton, and they are very popular among young people.

Combat shorts

Combat shorts also called cargo shorts was primarily designed for the male folks, but recent trends and evolution in the fashion industry have seen females take it for themselves. They are designed to have a loose baggy look with lots of pockets. Combat shorts are very ideal for hiking and long-distance trips.


Skorts are primarily ideal for ladies with no male modification in mind. These types of shorts are primarily shorts attached with a skirt.


Why do some swim trunks not have netting?

Swim trunks with nets are made so that air bubbles don’t form, and the water inside the trunk can easily go out. If the water doesn’t pass out, a huge bubble is formed thereby causing your swimming experience to be extremely slow and tiring.

Do board shorts have netting?

No, board shorts are not known to be designed with netting like the swimsuits we have come to know.

Do you wear undies under board shorts?

Experts have suggested not to wear any sort of underwear under board shorts if you want reprieve in your crouch area.

What’s the difference between board shorts and swim trunks?

Board shorts and swim trunks will basically serve the same purpose, with the major difference being their length. Board shorts are longer than swim trunks with the length almost reaching the knee region, while swim trunks are way shorter than board shorts.

Can You Cut The Netting In Swim Trunks? – Final words

Except you are expecting to have your sh*t trapped by your trunk netting, many have suggested you get rid of it. Follow the steps outlined in this article and you will be free of the netting shackle in no time. Kindly drop your comments, suggestions, and observations in the comments section, I will be waiting to respond. Cheers!!!

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