Can I Wear A Bikini If I Don’t Have A Flat Stomach? Find Out

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I don’t think there is any lady out there who likes a protruded stomach, except the lady in question is pregnant of course. However, some ladies tend to have big bellies due to some activities or habits I will be sharing shortly.

Can such ladies use a bikini if they don’t have a flat stomach? And if you fall into such a category you might want to ask yourself “Can I wear a bikini if I don’t have a flat stomach?

Definitely! They can wear bikini irrespective of whether they have a flat stomach or not. Ladies with large tummies are humans after all, and it’s really sad they have to go through ridicule anytime they feel like expressing their sexiness. I stand for every woman out there who feels the need to look beautiful with a bikini but feels let down by what people will say or might have said in the past.

We all have the right to express ourselves in any way possible, and here are other bikini rules you can choose to ignore going forward if you find yourself in this category.

5 Normalized bikini rules that shouldn’t stand

1. Don’t wear a bikini if you are above the age of 20

This is one of the biggest lies of the century if I must remain honest here. Jenifer Lopez is well past 20, and you and I will both agree that she will definitely look gorgeous in a bikini top or suit if she decides to wear one. Wearing a bikini top should never boil down to how old you are, but rather, how confident you are about your God-given body.

2. Bikinis are only ideal for a certain kind of breast

Some go about propagating the silly idea that bikini tops are only ideal if you have a certain type of breast size – this isn’t true in any way. Bikinis will look great on any breast they cover as long as you get the right size. I know it can be a bit challenging for ladies with bigger breasts, but these bikini tops should do the trick for your extra-large watermelons.

3. Thongs are totally outdated

Your choice of underwear should be completely up to you as long as feel comfortable in them. Be it thongs or something else, the amount of flesh or curves you are willing to reveal to the general public should be completely up to you – not anybody else.

4. Use cover-ups or overall in front of friends and family

Just like the other normalized rules on this list, it’s not a must to get an overall for a bikini because you are with loved ones, except it isn’t okay with them. Just understand your environment and know what attire will fit the occasion in question.

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5. Your skin has to be clear and smooth

This is another lie that has existed for a while. While bikinis are known to expose vital body parts due to the purpose they serve, anyone wearing a bikini and feels confident enough to flaunt their skin regardless of its state should go right ahead.

Everyone has one acne or the other they have to deal with – you are definitely not the first. Besides, I’m almost certain that no one will be focusing on your acne, especially when you ooze confidence.

Please feel very free to rock your bikini regardless of your belly size or body structure – no one will arrest you for it.

How to lose your belly fat

Almost everyone who has belly fat is looking for ways to reduce it completely – male and female alike. It is no secret that a type of belly fat known as visceral fat serves as a major implication for heart diseases and other health-threatening conditions.

Although people with belly fat will unanimously say it’s a tough process to lose fat in the belly region, I have made some valuable research and have been able to come up with effective tips to help you ease the process. These tips have also been backed scientifically, so you can be certain you are doing the right thing.

Tip 1: Foods containing trans fats should be avoided 

Trans fats can be formed in foods when hydrogen is pumped into unsaturated fats. A perfect example would be soya bean oil. Even though many food producers have stopped using this kind of fat, they are known to be found in spreads and margarine.

A study carried out for 6-years on monkeys showed that monkeys who were fed with a trans-fat diet gained about 33% belly fat than the other set of monkeys fed with monounsaturated fat.

To avoid this, ensure you read the labels on any packed food or beverage before making a purchase. This sort of harmful fat is usually called hydrogenated fat by the producers. Also, try staying away from fast foods for the time being.

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Tip 2: Avoid alcohol as much as you can

There are two sides to alcohol – the healthy part and the catastrophic part. Alcohol when taken in small quantity can have some good health benefits, but the problem usually occurs when it’s taken in excess as has been the case with so many people.

Dedicated research has proven that serious or heavy alcohol consumption is a risk factor regarding central obesity which is simply excess fat stored in the waist region. While taking excess alcohol might become a difficult habit to break, try reducing the limit you take in a day.

In a study carried out on at least 2000 individuals, the result obtained showed clear indications that persons who drank alcohol daily but had less than a drink per day, had less abdominal fat when compared to the ones who drank less frequently but took in more alcohol on their drinking days, or the day they choose to drink.

Tip 3: Increase your protein diet

Any dietician will tell you proteins are a key ingredient for weight loss or management. The more protein you take; the more fullness hormone is released into your system which helps to promote fullness while decreasing appetite. Eating more protein will increase your muscle retaining ability and also increase your metabolic rate.

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Recent studies carried out have shown that people who eat more protein have less abdominal fat than does who don’t. Ensure to pack your food with portentous foods such as fish, meat, beans, dairy milk, and beans.

Tip 4: Avoid sugary foods as much as you can

Sugar is rich in fructose which is responsible or linked to many serious health diseases when consumed in excess. These diseases include heart-threatening diseases, fatty liver diseases, and obesity. It’s not just refined sugar that’s the problem, try as much as you can to reduce the intake of real honey.

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Tip 5: Reduce the stress on your body

Try giving your body rest every now and then if you want to have a belly you can be proud of later. Stressing out your body will make it produce a stress hormone known as Cristol which can make you gain belly fat if not managed properly.

Research has also proven that high Cristol will increase your appetite for food, and also increase your abdominal fat storage which is what you want to get rid of in the first place.

Take out time to involve in stress-free activities such as yoga and meditation. These practices help take your mind from stress thereby reducing the amount of Cristol produced in your body.

Tip 6: Engage in physical exercise (Aerobic)

If there is a better way to burn fat already present in the body, then it’s to engage in physical exercises. Aerobic exercises help burn down calories, but it’s important you watch what you eat thereafter to avoid putting in the calories already burnt.

There have been lots of success stories involving aerobics in the removal of belly fats, however, there have been mixed results on which intensity is ideal for the best result – high or moderate intensity. Whichever regime you settle for, note that it’s the frequency or consistency that counts for something and not the intensity.

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Tip 7: Try replacing part of your cooking fats with coconut oil

Of all the fats you are advised to consume, coconut oil has been considered one of the safest for consumption. Research studies have shown that the medium-chain fats found in coconut oil help improve the metabolism and also reduce the fat stored in direct response to calorie intake.

A controlled study also tells us it can even lead to belly fat loss. Men with obesity were placed on coconut oil for 12-weeks and ended up losing an average of 1.1 inches in size without changing their diets or exercise routine.

While using coconut oil, you should note the calorie level of the oil in question. Rather than totally replacing your fat with coconut oil, it’s better to simply replace some of the fats you are consuming.

Tip 8: Try eating fatty fish at least once a week

Don’t be thrown aback by the term “fatty”. Fatty fish is very good for our health. There have also been slight progress in the use of Omega-3 fats to remove visceral fat. The studies carried out in both adult and children alike shows that fish oil supplements help in reducing abdominal and liver fat.   Some of the choices to go for should include the following;

  • Mackerel
  • Sardine
  • Herring
  • Anchovies etc.

Tip 9: Take part in resistance training

Resistance training involves lifting weights, or general strength training. Just like it is in the case of aerobics, resistance training is also a very effective method of burning calories. It also helps to preserve and gain muscle mass.

Based on recent studies conducted with persons having type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and fatty liver diseases, resistance training has also helped in losing belly fat.

Another study carried out on oversized teens showed that when aerobic exercise and resistance exercise were combined on their program, the most belly fat loss was recorded. However, you are advised to seek the advice of a professional trainer to know the regime best suited for you.

Tip 10: Avoid the intake of sugar-sweetened drinks

Just like when sugar is taken in excess, sugar-sweetened drinks are filled with fructose and when taken in excess will make you gain belly fat.

While you are advised to stay away from excess alcohol, studies have also shown us that sugar-sweetened drinks will also cause an increase in liver fat.

A ten-week study discovered that persons who take more sugar-sweetened drinks than normal had more liver fat. The facts on the ground also suggest that sugar-sweetened drinks are worse compared to their sugar food contemporaries.

This is because the brain doesn’t regulate or process solid calories the same way it processes the liquid ones, and as a result, the likelihood of consuming many calories and storing them as fat becomes very high. To totally lose belly fats do your best to avoid beverages such as:

  • Sweet tea
  • Alcoholic sugars with mixers
  • Punch
  • Soda

The importance of reducing or completely cutting out the above-stated beverages in eliminating belly fat cannot be overemphasized.


Is it okay to not have a completely flat stomach?

Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Your stomach is bound to go up and down during several stages of your life. For instance, your stomach is bound to expand after eating a meal or when pregnant with a child – it is completely normal.

Having a flat stomach is not synonymous with being happy or fulfilled. Do what makes you happy, but endeavour to consider the health implications of your decisions.

Why does a woman’s lower belly stick out?

The reason why a women’s lower belly appears to stick out is as a result of an inward curvature called Lordosis. As a result of this curve, the lower belly is forced to stick out than normal, especially in the case of tight hip flexors or abdominal muscles that are weak, which can be caused by sitting in poor positions or postures for an extended period.

To combat this, ensure you in positions that make you relaxed and very comfortable.

What colour bikini makes you look tan?

Experts have suggested that bright-coloured bikinis such as these will go a long way in getting the job done. Warm colours such as dark brown or beige will also do the trick.

How do you not get fat in a bikini?

The following short but important tips will help you look slimmer in a bikini:

  • Buy a slightly bigger bikini size if you are plus size – don’t go for the tighter versions.
  • Use colour and patterns in areas where you desire more attention.
  • Know your body size and type.
  • When trying out your bikini top for the first time before purchase, ensure you do it in the morning before breakfast, or preferably on an empty stomach.
  • Ensure the dressing room has a three-way mirror to have a better view of your bikini outfit.

Can I Wear A Bikini If I Don’t Have A Flat Stomach – Conclusion

The key to looking confident in your outfit is to feel proud of your looks regardless of what others might say. While you might keep deaf ears to their critics, you must follow healthy habits and workout plans to always keep yourself in shape. If you are confident in yourself, then we have no choice but to be confident in you. Cheers!!!

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