Can A Man Wear Women’s Bikini Bottoms? Find Out

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Bikini bottoms are worn by mostly females at the beach or pool but recently, men now wear outfits that belong to women as regards fashion and all but is it the same with bikini bottoms?

Can A Man Wear Women’s Bikini bottoms? Yes, a man can wear a woman’s bikini bottom. This is because bikini bottoms are being made in different designs and shapes. So a guy can easily pick up a bikini bottom that suits him – I find it weird though.

Bikini bottoms are of two pieces which are the top and the bottom, they can be sold separately but it is mostly bought as two pieces. A man can purchase a bikini bottom that has a wide crotch with coverage which is the same as a speedo.

Although this seems funny, it is all about fashion yeah? Guys who love bikini bottoms purchase them and wear them – it has nothing to do about one’s sexual orientation.

Underwear options for men

I can tell that putting on the wrong pair of underwear can be a bit uncomfortable during your day at work. The feeling of the fabric and the poor supports it gives to the crouch area can make you lose focus.

Typically, men do not give a lot of attention to the underwear they purchase which makes them pick the wrong type and it ends up giving them that uncomfortable feeling. There is a lot of underwear with different designs and styles available to be purchased in the market or store. So picking the right one shouldn’t be difficult.

In this article, I will be listing the types of underwear you can purchase.


Boxers are comfortable. They do not have any support, and they give more space for breathability. They are good for sports events, relaxation and all. They are a great choice for men. Boxers are made from cotton and they can be worn with trousers, shorts, and pants. You can put them on during summer too.

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These trunks are more popular amongst the men’s underwear category, and they are mostly picked by men who know how to pick the right pairs of underwear.

Trunks are being preferred by men because of the similarity it has with boxer brief. If you are the type that loves briefs, then you would love trunks too because they are square. You can use them to swim or wear them at the beach and you can wear them with any attire of your choice.


Briefs are standardized pairs of underwear for men and you would mostly find this pair of underwear in any man’s wardrobe. There are different types of colours, designs, and styles of briefs in the store or market.

They have support for men who like their underwear with support. This briefs underwear covers the pelvic region and leaves the upper thigh and leg exposed. You can wear them for any occasion, sports or relaxation and they can be worn on any attire.

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Boxers brief

These underwear represent two types of underwear which are briefs and boxers and they also give the adequate amount of support required. They are the comfortable type of underwear that can be worn all day and for any occasion – for any physical activity. They reach the upper region of your waist and halfway down your thighs.

Why men shouldn’t wear female underwear

For starters, it is extremely weird. Fashion has now brought in different types of techniques like making men wear female clothes and panties and women wear male clothes and all. There’s a big danger in men wearing female underwear so, in this article, I would be emphasizing why men shouldn’t wear female underwear.

Typically, this shouldn’t be allowed but you would hear people say they have to make money and anybody can wear what they want not minding the danger that would be encountered, so, why should men not wear female underwear?

  • Most female underwear is made of soft silky materials and the exposure of the male’s pelvic region can result in shrinkage – I don’t think any man in his right senses would want such.
  • If a man continually puts on female underwear, it could affect the male genetic level. This affecting the male genetic level is to the extent of turning the male into a female that sounds funny, yeah, but it’s the fact because with time the man’s y chromosome can elongate like the female’s own. I can’t even imagine the sight.
  • It is made obvious that the female’s underwear is not designed for a male figure, it is nowhere close, and wearing this underwear can result in testicular stress. That sounds pretty bad, right? I can tell but that’s not all. It could also make the man prone to diseases and all kinds of infection, and we all know how harmful infection is to the health.
  • Who does not want to walk freely in the open? A man who puts on the female underwear would not be able to walk freely in the open as it could renounce his position in society.
  • Female underwear is strictly for females. If any male wears them, it could induce menstruation for that man. Hahahahaha.

Importance of wearing the right underwear

There are always benefits to anything useful and that applies to putting on the right underwear. Putting on the right underwear is important to both males and females.

Most people think it is not important to put on the right underwear because they feel it is not something that can be seen anywhere.

Putting on the right underwear would give the adequate support that you need as a female or male, and it could also change some particular aspect of your life like – you won’t have to worry about the underwear cutting into your skin and you would also be able to carry out your normal activity in your neighbourhood or anywhere.  There are other benefits like:

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Health aspect

In the health aspect, putting on the right underwear can improve health in general. For instance, for females that feel uncomfortable when they put on a bra, putting on the right underwear could reduce the irritation you feel on your skin plus it also reduces any form of discomfort.


For the physical aspect, putting on the right underwear would help boost your self-confidence not just in the physical realm but also psychologically.

Enhances performance

For those who love to gym, dance, and do all kinds of sports, putting on the right underwear would help you perform these tasks well.  Putting on the right underwear is not just an understatement, it is necessary.

Putting on the right underwear can help you reduce the situation of your fabric cutting into your skin.

How to wash men underwear

Knowing how to wash your underwear is very important. When you purchase your favourite type of underwear, with the right fabric and the perfect elasticity but after a few washes, the colour of the fabric starts to fade off and the elasticity becomes saggy.

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Well, this happens because of the way you wash your underwear. I know how stressful washing seems to most guys so they don’t bother to check the washing instructions of their underwear and when the newly purchased underwear starts to fade, they would blame it on the brand.

You need to know that investing a few minutes of your time to washing your underwear would save them from the fading off of colours, the saggy part of the elasticity, it would also preserve the fabric of the underwear and elongate the lifespan of the fabric, I know lifespan sounds funny but yeah, it would save you from purchasing new underwear continuously because of the problems caused by you.

In this segment, I would be listing the steps to follow that would lead you to wash your underwear properly. Do not panic, they are not so difficult.

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Step 1: Wash your underwear with proper care

You should wash your underwear with cool water, do not wash your underwear with hot water because hot water set the stains on your underwear and fades off the colour.

Step 2: Apply stain remover

Before you wash your underwear, make sure you remove all the stains on it before you wash. Purchase any stain remover of your choice at the market and apply it on the part where the stain is, let it set down for at least a few minutes, and rinse it off with cold water before you start washing.

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Step 3: Use a colour-safe bleach

There are always bacteria on every worn underwear, so you have to purchase a colour-safe bleach to take off the bacteria on every of your underwear.

Step 4: Wash carefully

It is not advisable to wash your underwear with a washing machine because a washing machine would damage the fabric of your underwear and it also does not wash the important parts of the underwear. So, it is preferable if you wash your underwear with your hands and wash them carefully without applying too much pressure on them.

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Step 5: Turn your underwear inside out

To prevent the wear and tear of the fabric, turn your underwear inside out and wash properly.

Step 6: Dry your underwear

After washing them, rinse the soap off your underwear with clean cool water. When you are done rinsing them, spread them on a drying rack and pin each side of the underwear for them not to fall off.


Can I wear a bra as a bikini top?

Yes, you can wear a bra as a bikini top, but typically, a bra can’t stay in water for long because of the material that is used to make it but you can purchase a bra that can be used for swimming or you can just purchase the bikini top.

Why is cotton not allowed in pools?

Cotton is not allowed in pools because it can hold detergent, germs, or bacteria which can be released into the pool. These germs or bacteria could make swimmers fall sick and it could even affect the clarity of the water and cotton also tend to absorb a lot of water alongside the water chemicals.

Can you wear jeans to the beach?

It is not advisable to wear jeans to the beach because jeans are not water-friendly, so, you have to get dried clothes to wear to the beach and they are already made clothes that are designed for the beach and pools.

Can you wear shorts in the pool?

Yes, you can wear shorts in the pool as long as the shorts are made of synthetic materials like polyester and mostly nylon. You can also swim in the pool in your shorts.

Why shouldn’t you swim with your clothes on?

You should not wear your clothes on to swim because you could get drowned in the water. After all, if your clothes get heavy it could restrict your movement in the water that is why swimsuits were made so it can allow you to move freely in the water and not allow you to drown in the water.

Can A Man Wear Women’s Bikini bottoms – Conclusion

A man can wear bikini bottoms but it is not advisable and hygienic for them to wear them because bikini bottoms are not designed or cut for the male pelvic region and they do not give the right support that is needed for the male pelvic region.

There are a lot of reasons why it is not advisable for a man to wear female bikini bottom and I have listed them in the above article and there are underwear options for men so that they can feel comfortable when they wear their underwear.

It is also important to wash the underwear properly, to prevent the colour of the fabric from fading, kill the bacteria in the underwear and also prevent the elasticity of the underwear from sagging. I hope you follow the methods and steps that I listed above and I hope they work out well. Kindly put down your comments and suggestions in the comment section below. Cheers!

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