5 Best Underwear For Rucking In 2022

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When you decide to ruck, you need to wear things that will offer you comfort. One of those things is underwear. The underwear should be cozy and breathable because you’d be sweating a lot while you are rucking. 

In this case, you’d have to purchase the best underwear as wearing the wrong underwear can be a torturous experience you won’t want to encounter. You might be wondering how you can pick the best underwear. 

So, I’d provide the facets to consider when purchasing your underwear for rucking, and likewise review some of the best underwear. 

If you’re in a hurry to just grab the best underwear for rucking, we strongly recommend the underwear below, as they are most efficient based on several criteria we considered.

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  • MERIWOOL Men’s Boxer Briefs Underwear Base Layer for Men – Check Price
  • Cotton Panties for Women Bikini Underwear Hipster  Lace Briefs – Check Price
  • Balanced Tech Women’s Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini Panties – Check Price

Factors to consider when purchasing underwear for rucking- Buyer’s Guide 

The actual aim is to purchase underwear that won’t cause discomfort while rucking. Here are the factors you should keep in mind to purchase the best underwear.

The size

When you decide to purchase underwear for rucking, fitness (size) should be considered. You won’t want to experience chafing when you are rucking. Do not forget that chafing occurs as a result of the friction between your skin and excess fabric. So, wearing loose underwear can be a pathway for chafing to occur. 

Also, wearing extremely tight underwear can cause discomfort, meanwhile, your sole purpose is to feel comfortable. The level of discomfort could increase if you do more workouts during your rucking sessions with tight underwear.

In this case, you should ensure you purchase underwear that fits you perfectly. Measure your waist with a measuring tape and use the measurement to purchase your underwear. 

The material 

Material is another facet you should keep in mind. The material is like the foundation, and once it is bad or of low quality, the while underwear is not ideal. Typically, underwear is made with different materials that include cotton, spandex, wool, polyester, nylon, etc. 

But since you are purchasing underwear for rucking, you should purchase underwear made with cotton, wool, or synthetic. Each of these materials has its pros when you wear them for rucking. Let’s take a look at them. 

Cotton underwear 

Wearing cotton underwear for rucking is highly recommended because it is breathable and it absorbs sweat to prevent the chances of infection. Aside from purchasing underwear for rucking, cotton underwear is advisable for daily uses. 

Synthetic underwear 

Another great underwear material that is recommended for rucking is synthetic. This is because it helps to maintain the shape of the underwear, wicks away any moisture, and prevents foul smell. Let’s not forget you’d be sweating a lot while rucking which makes this underwear material the best option.

Wool underwear 

Finally, wool material is a lot better. This is because you can wear wool underwear in any atmospheric condition (hot or cold). Also, it is itch-free and it’s odor resistant. Plus, the wool material makes the underwear breathable which is exactly what you need while rucking. 


The maintenance of the underwear should also be considered. You should purchase underwear that is hard to wash. The washing guide should be easy to follow. Luckily, the guide is often added on the underwear label and on the website (if you are buying online). 

Smell resistance

Smell resistance is a factor that is more important than you think when purchasing underwear for rucking. You will be sweating a lot while rucking as a result of the movements you’d be doing. So, you should make sure the underwear can wick away sweat and eradicate the smell. 

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Best underwear for rucking – Reviews

With the factors provided, you can buy the best underwear anywhere, either from an online store or in-store. But to ease you from the stress of surfing the Internet or store, I’d review some underwear below and you can be guaranteed good support. 

1. DAVID ARCHY 3 Pack Men’s Ultra Soft Mesh Breathable Boxer Briefs

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As aforementioned, you need underwear that can offer you comfort and breathability when rucking. These boxer briefs are a suitable and perfect candidate. With this underwear, you can be assured of being cool and dry throughout your rucking sessions. Let’s take a look at its features.


  • Premium fabric- This underwear was made with high-quality mesh material. The material is Ultra cozy and cools on the skin. It is breathable, moisture-wicking, and comfy soft which is what you need while rucking. 
  • Roomy pouch- It has a roomy space to provide better support for your private area and avoids friction to your thighs to prevent chafing. 
  • Odor-resistant- It has a dry pad that was made with absorbent fabric with an ergonomic design of cutting to keep you away from the embarrassment of excessive sweating and a peculiar smell. 
  • Ionic care- In the fabric used, there are ionic additives and natural yarn fibers to block bacterial metabolism, make it inactive, and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria on clothes. 
  • Design- This underwear was designed with the thought of travelers in mind because it is lightweight, breathable, super soft, and fast-drying. So, when you are packing for rucking, you can pack one or two pairs of this underwear. 


  • Breathable, moisture-wicking, and skin-friendly material.
  • Dry pad that inhibits foul smell due to excessive sweating.
  • Fast drying and super soft.
  • Prevents the reproduction of bacteria or yeast infection.
  • Accessible in different colors.
  • Roomy pouch for better support.


  • The pouch is kinda different from the regular pouch design.

2. MERIWOOL Men’s Boxer Briefs Underwear Base Layer for Men

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Rucking is a low-intensity workout that requires the need for weight on your back when hiking or walking which is why the underwear you choose to wear matters. You can’t purchase or wear any kind of underwear, but the best.

This is why you should buy these MERIWOOL boxer briefs. With this underwear, you can ruck comfortably. Below are the features of this underwear.


  • Fabric- As indicated in the factors to consider, the fabric of the underwear is important. And one of the best fabrics of underwear you can purchase is wool. Luckily, these boxer briefs were made with 100% merino wool. 
  • Super soft- The fabric used is 100% all-natural and super soft. The wool has silky-smooth fineness for maximum gentleness on your skin.
  • Breathable- The underwear keeps you cool in summer and warm during the winter. It fits snuggly and provides gentle support. Do not forget that while rucking you need underwear that is breathable and does not cause discomfort. So, this makes the meriwool boxer briefs the best candidate. 
  • Easy care- These boxer briefs can be easily washed which means you don’t have to worry about going through stress to wash them. You can machine-wash this underwear on cold settings, and it is safe to tumble dry on low heat. 
  • Moisture-wicking and odor resistant- This underwear wicks away moisture such as sweat while you are rucking. It also has odor-resistant properties to make you smell nice and keep you cool and dry. Merino wool is the most breathable fabric and absorbs moisture better than any other fiber.
  • Customer care service- The brand has a customer care service you can reach if you have issues with the underwear within 90days. However, you’d have to provide your proof of purchase. 


  • A craft that fits your thighs.
  • Moisture-wicking and odor-resistant properties to keep you cool and dry.
  • Designed for comfort and breathability.
  • Made with ultra-soft, skin-friendly, and itch-free material.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • The sizing is inaccurate. 

3. New Balance Men’s Premium Performance 6″ Boxer Brief Underwear

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Another pair of underwear you can purchase for rucking is new balance boxer briefs. This underwear is similar to the rest of the underwear I’ve recommended. With underwear, you can conveniently ruck. You can be assured of the best underwear to offer you comfort and support. Below are the features of this underwear.


  • Fabric- This underwear was made with skin-friendly fabrics to offer you comfort. Fabrics such as 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The fabrics are moisture-wicking and are fast drying.
  • Versatility- It can be worn for rucking and other types of sports activities such as hiking, gyming, training, and so on. 
  • Seams- It has minimal seams and is tagless to keep you comfortable throughout all your activities. 
  • Easy to maintain- This underwear can be easy to wash as you wash it with a washing machine. 


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Accessible in different sizes and colors.
  • Ideal for different sports types.
  • Made with skin-friendly and high-quality fabric.


  • The waistband logo is defective. 

4. Cotton Panties for Women Bikini Underwear Hipster  Lace Briefs

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Rucking isn’t just done by men but is also popular amongst women. It is very popular amongst women who were or are in the military. 

So, are you preparing to ruck and need the best underwear? These cotton panties were designed for women and will provide you with the comfort and support you need while rucking. Let’s briefly look into the features of this underwear. 


  •  Material- The material of the underwear is always important as stated in the buyer’s guide. Surprisingly, this underwear was made with the best materials noted above such as 95% combed cotton and 5% spandex. 
  • No visible panty lines- These panties were designed with a perfect comfort waist and 100% cotton crotch. These panties offer a flawless look under your clothes without showing visible pant lines. 
  • Comfort- It was made in a comfortable style, so you can move freely while you are rucking, working out, biking, and so on.
  • Waistband- The waistband was made with wide lace trim with a delicate and luxurious flower pattern, rather than the traditional elastic waistband in other types of underwear. 
  • Guaranteed satisfaction- With this brand, you can be assured of comfortable underwear. However, if you are satisfied, you can reach out to the brand’s customer care service for a refund or replacement of the underwear. Although it has to be within 30days of purchase. 


  • Manufactured with breathable and comfortable material.
  • Lacy’s waistband that’s different from the traditional band.
  • It doesn’t show visible panty lines. 
  • Stretchy, skin-friendly, and cozy.
  • True to size.


  • Limited color

5. Balanced Tech Women’s Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini Panties

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Another underwear that women can purchase for rucking is this balanced tech underwear. This underwear is one of the best underwear you can purchase for comfort and breathability. Let’s take a look at its features. 


  •  Fabric- This underwear was made with several fabrics that aid your comfort and breathability. The fabrics used for the space dye of this underwear are 65% polyester, 27% Nylon, and 8% Elastane. While the solids are made with 92% Nylon and 8% Elastane. 
  • Moisture-wicking properties- It has odor-resistant and moisture-wicking performance technology to keep you fresh and dry throughout your day or while you are rucking. 
  • Premium feature- The underwear was made with tagless labeling and a seams design that eliminates chafing while minimizing no-show panty lines and features full coverage. 
  • Fast-drying- This underwear ensures fast-drying and is perfect for rucking and traveling. 
  • Freedom of movement- It is ultra-comfortable and allows the freedom of movement and conforms to the body for great mid-rise support. 


  • Manufactured with breathable and comfortable fabric for freedom of movement.
  • It has moisture-wicking, fast-drying, and odor-resistant features.
  • Eliminates chafing and doesn’t show pant lines. 
  • Ensures full coverage and conforms to the body for support. 
  • Easy to maintain.


  • They might come in different styles as displayed in the picture.

Conclusion- Best Underwear For Rucking 

You can purchase the best undergarment for rucking when you know the facets to consider. Without these factors, you might end up purchasing the wrong underwear. Those factors you need have been listed in this blog post with more explanation. 

Likewise, some underwear was reviewed to make your purchase easier. So, kindly click on the links provided to check their prices. Although you don’t have to worry as they are all affordable. Best of luck while you ruck. 

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